Eckards in the Military

Philip Eckard - Revolutionary War

Highland County Soldiers in the Revolutionary War in Captain Hull's Company, 2nd Battalion, Augusta Militia, 1779, as noted by Nicholas Seybert:

Highland County Confederate Soldiers in Civil War (Job Eckard, Claudius Rader and Martin Smith) as noted by Nicholas Seybert

Absalom Eckard - Civil War

Noah Webster Eckard draft card WWI

Ephraim Pinkney Eckard draft card WWI

Pink Eckard in Uniform, brother of Arthur Eckard

Jesse Eckard draft card WWI

Noah Webster Eckard draft card WWII

Robert Lee Hoover WWI draft card with Noah W. Eckard, registrar

Arthur Eckard draft card WWII

William Absalom Eckard - draft WWII

William Henry Eckard - draft WWII

Paul Vernon ("Vernon") Eckard, WWII Corporal

Letter from Virginia "Ginny" Maude Smith Crummett to her nephew Paul Vernon Eckard ("Vernon")

Ribbons and medals allowed to be worn by Paul Vernon Eckard (son of Arthur Eckard and Lillie Lou Smith Eckard)

P. Vernon Eckard discharge from the Army

William R. Eckard military record WWII

Roscoe Eckard, fallen patriot of WWII

WWII Casualties of Pendleton County, WV

Ancestry of Hazel Jane Eckard Fisher