Eddie and Addie were leaders in the church and community. Their family belonged to the Denton Methodist Protestant Church where he taught a class of young boys. He taught the same group of boys from youth to young men. He saw many of "his boys" off to World War II. He continued to teach for several years - always interested in and keeping in touch with the boys through the years. The class was known as the Eddie Hill Class, and there is still an Eddie Hill Class at Central United Methodist Church which is taught by Eddie's grandson Max Hill. He also held many offices in the church. Addie Hill was a member of the Ladies Aid Society and very active in the church.

For many years school teachers lived at their house as "boarders" during the school months. Addie was very busy with the cooking, washing, ironing, milking, churning, canning, (doing all of this the hard way) and the many chores of taking care of a family and boarders. They always enjoyed hearing from their former boarders after they moved from Denton.

Eddie Hill served on the Town Board of Commissioners from 1910 to 1912. His oldest son, Wade, served as a commissioner from 1920 until his death. J. Edward, his youngest son, was also active in the church and community. He held many church offices and sang in the choir for many years. He served on the Board of Commissioners from 1930 to 1940, and was also on the local school board for many years. He was owner of the Hill Motor Co. Three of Eddie's grandsons have also served on the Town Board of Commissioners, and one served as Mayor.

William Eddie Hill died at the age of 70 and Mary Addie Hill died at the age of 92. They are buried in the Denton Cemetery.

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*Geraldine (Jerrie) Hill Johnson Lomax