Propst Ancestry

Also includes Huffman, Pence, Eye/Au/Owie and Zorn


Propst Family Coat of Arms (Source: A History of the Descendants of John Michael Propst of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye)

Propst Family Coat of Arms Information (Source: A History of the Descendants of John Michael Propst of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye)

Original Propst Settlers: page 1 of 2 and page 2 of 2 (Source: A History of the Descendants of John Michael Propst of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, pp. x-xi)


Alleged Early Propst Genealogy (page 1, page 2, page 3)
Hans Michael Propst
b. 1679
Barbli/Barbara (maiden name unknown)
b. 1680

Propst has also seen as Probst, Props, Propts, Prospts, Propstin; Proops noting the German "oo" pronounced as a long "o" per Brobst, p. 4; Brobst - not to be confused with the Swiss Brobst/Probst family; and even Brofpts/Brospts. This Propst line is of German (Saxony/Bavaria) origin, not Swiss origin. "[T]he German names 'Probst' and 'Propst' all have the same occupational meaning: a prelate, pryor, abbot, estate manager, overseer, or lay administrator or superintendent of a Roman Catholic Church diocese (in Germany) ... 'Probst. A provost, superintendent, or official head of an institution.'" (Brobst, p. 3).

According to Waggy, "...Brobst became Propst..." (p. 9), but this has been debated. Bill Brobst, in his short book Propsts in America indicates that there were "two Johann Michael Probsts who arrived in Philadelphia about the same time 1732 and 1733. Early research had confused the two. One of them, born in 1701 and who arrived in 1732 on the 'John and William' ... settled in Berks and Northampton (now Lehigh) Counties, in eastern Pennsylvania. He had come from the Palatinate, where he had been livng in the little town of Minfield, near Kandel. When he arrived ... the English clerks ... wrote down the phonetic spelling of the name, and it came out 'Brobst' ... The other was Johann Michael Propsts who had come from Bonnigheim, Wurttemberg, Germany, in 1733 on the 'Samuel'. The confusion was increased when the Samuel's papers showed a clear signature 'Probst', not 'Propst'. Other related documents just as clearly showed 'Propst', which has since proven to be the case. With his parents and sister [Anna Barbara per pp. 4, 10], he settled first in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he married Anna Maria Keller! Later, after she died and he remarried, the family then moved southwest to found the village of Propstburg, in Pendleton County, West Virginia. So Johann Michael Probst (1701) became part of a long line of Brobsts in America, and Johann Michael Propst (1712) started a long line of Propsts in America. ... What happened to Anna Maria [Keller] is not known for sure, but she probably died as a result of childbirth in July 1738 with Johann Michael, Jr., who also died as an infant" (pp. 1, 6-7).

According to WikiTree: Barbara (Brandter) Propst, Barbara (to the left) had the maiden surname Brandter. It is also echoed at MyHeritage. However, this is unlikely. According to a FamilySearch discussion, there is concern about documentation and there are duplicate children listed, three born when Barbara Katrina Brandter/Brand was over 60 years old. Further discussion on casts further evidence that Barbara Brandter is not in the Propst ancestry.

John Michael Propst, Sr., arrived in Philadelphia in 1733, age 21, on the ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, Master from Rotterdam. Refer to pp. 110-111 of Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume I, 1727-1775. They went to Bethlem, PA and then into Lancaster before moving to Augusta County, Virginia, ca. 1749, the part of which later became Pendleton Co., West Virginia (Source: Brobst, pp. 5-6).

According to A History of Highland County, Virginia by Oren F. Morton, B.L., © 1911 The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co. (p. 363), John settled 3 miles South of Brandywine, Pendleton County, VA (now WV), in 1753.

The Propst pioneer settled in 1753 in the South Fork bottom, 2 miles above what is now Brandywine, West Virginia.

John (Johann) Michael Propst (Props), Sr. "In 1746-47, Robert Green, an East Virginian, received a monopoly of nearly thirty square miles of the best land along the South Fork and South Branch of the Potomac. Fifteen years later Michael Propst, Jacob Ruleman and Sebastian Hoover bough land from Mr. Green and built their homes in the South Fork valley between the present villages of Brandywine and Sugar Grove. ... Since most of the settlers in this part of the valley were Lutheran, a Lutheran church was built. On December 18, 1769 Michael and his wife, Catherine Propst, conveyed three and a half acre site "for the congregation of the South Fork of the Potomach for five shillings current money of Virginia." This church became known as the Propst Lutheran Church. Serving on the church council were Michael, Jacob and Sebastian." (Waggy, p. 21)

DNA Evidence: I share these ancestors with DNA match Sandra Propst.

Sandra Propst (above) shared a possibility that our shared Propst line is descended from Martin Luther, the Reformer, according to a February 28, 2019, article in The Pendleton Times (related Facebook post) and an accompanying chart. However, while the claim is a relation to Martin Luther through his great granddaughter who married Peter Hans Propst, she doesn't agree with the relation as her genealogy records (page 1, page 2, page 3) show that the Hans Michael Propst in our line descended from the brother of Peter Hans, Rudolph Propst (1595-1853), which would make us cousins to Martin Luther's Propst descendants as opposed to descended from him. Yet, she mentions her information could be wrong and that she could use some help on the earlier Propst line. Paula Mitchell, author of the February 28, 2019, article, indicated she used for sourcing as opposed to authoritative sources. I have asked for sources in the comments at Martin Luther - Yes, THAT Martin Luther – 52 Ancestors #13 | My Search for the Past. So, more research is needed.
Catherine Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)   Stofel (Stophel/Stophil) Au

Eye Coat of Arms (Source: A History of the Descendants of Christopher S. Eye of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye)

Origin of the name Eye (Source: A History of the Descendants of Christopher S. Eye of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye)

unknown   Jacob Andrew Zorn (Zornes) Jacob's first wife was Anna Maria Gotteskind (1722-1741) (Source: Find-A-Grave)

Discussion regarding Maria Catharina Ruhlmann indicating Maria Catharina (Ruhlmann) Eckard was not the same as Maria Catharina Zorn. The research of Jeff Carr, mentioned to the right, seems to put the discussion to rest.
Mary Catherine ______
(Maria Catharina ______)

Per research by Carr, it is doubtful that Jacob Zorn's wife was a Ruhlman/Ruleman, but he suggests her first name was Catherine. He mentions while there is a circumstantial connection between Jacob Zorn's widow Catherine and Jacob Ruleman, there is no documented evidence of Jacob Zorn's wife being a Ruhlman/Ruleman. Carr indicates that after her husband Jacob died, Mary Catherine Zorn married widower Harry Stone as documented in Augusta Co., VA Order Bk. 8, p.396 [March 1764].

Frederick Huffman,
born on the high seas when his parents were coming from Germany to America. This is referenced in Phoebe Ann Carr's 1904 letter.

NOTE: Multiple Huffman families came to Virginia near Rockingham County, something I discovered in looking at a Huffman Family Tree website, Larry Huffman's site and in correspondence with other Huffmans, one sharing about Christian Hoffman, a progenitor mentioned in a book by Clifford Huffman in 1967 (with more detail in this PDF about Christian and John Huffman followed by this PDF about Jacob William Huffman).

Email from Jeff Carr to Glenn Huffman mentioning John Michael Propst b. 1712 in Bonnigheim, Wurttemberg, Germany (Bavaria)
d. 1789
Last Will and Testament: page 1 | page 2
(Source: A History of the Descendants of John Michael Propst of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, pp. 1-2)
m. 1745 after the death of his second wife Maria Margaretha Correll who died giving birth to her 4th child. Johann Michael, Sr., had been married before to Anna Maria Keller who died in 1738 soon after giving birth to the first Johann Michael Propst, Jr., who died as an infant. With third wife Catherine Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), they had six children -- Catharina Barbara, Maria Elizabeth, Frederick George, George Peter, Maria Eva and Heinrich -- though it is possible some of these children were children of Maria Margaretha Corell. (Source: Brobst, p. 7) b. ca. 1715
d. 14 December 1804
  b. ca 1710 Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
d. in same location
Had 3 sons: Frederick, Gerick and Christopher shown below.
Note: On this page, I once had Stofel d. ca. 1710, but that doesn't make sense given his son's birthdate and the birth dates of his contemporaries. I may have accidentally put 1710 for death when it should have been birth. I assume that is the case and have moved the date where it makes sense.
  b. 1718
"Various Internet sites make claims about [his] parentage and origin in Germany, but I know of no proof to support these." He arrived at Philadelphia on the ship Friendship (Carr).
d. November 1755
The first immigrant to die in Pendleton County, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial
m. ca. 1750, Monongalia County, Virginia (what is now West Virginia)
Find-A-Grave Memorial
Yet, this is questioned by Carr since a genealogist he knows desceneded from the other Zorn family who settled in Monongalia County.
b. ca. 1726, Germany
Find-A-Grave Memorial
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Research: Does this have any useful Huffman/Hoffman info? |
  Ancestry according to
  Henry Huffman, Sr.
(also seen as Hoffman)

Revolutionary War Patriot
DAR Record
SAR Record

Mentioned in the Pension roll of 1835 for Pendleton Co., WV

Pension application for service in the Revolution
(local copy).

Extensive records about Henry Huffman are available here.


David Bruty made an August 6, 2020, post, which included this text and comment: The Dahmer Letter 1968-1982" page 53
"In the year 1830 Henry Amick died upstairs in a house now removed on the Gilbert Pitsenbarger farm. The stairway was very steep and narrow. Several neighbors came and they were trying to think of a way to get him down. Presently Henry Huffman, after uttering a few curse words said, 'I can get him down." Mr. Huffman then got Mr. Amick by the bootheel and went bumpity, bumpity, bump on the stairsteps. Now from my understanding Henry Amick and Henry Huffman serviced together during the Revolutionary War. Also with Henry Mallow: He (Henry Huffman) has no documentary evidence of his service never having received a printed or written discharge but believes he will be able to prove nine months service by Henry Mallow of this county who served with him during all of that tour. Who I was told was the same person that was born on the Mississippi River 18 Nov 1758. He was the son of Michael and Mary Miller Mallow Sr. ... From Henry Huffman 1832 pension recorders. "That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as is herein stated--He was born in the county of Rockingham Virginia in the 1757 and he entered the service of the said County on or about the 8th of January 1778 as a substitute in the room of John Armentrout a private who had been drafted to perform a tour of three months against the Indians on the frontier settlement in a company of militia commanded by Captain Robert Cravens."
Maria Eva Propst

"Good Morning, in the 1787 Census for Virginia for Rockingham County there are 2 Huffman families and 2 Hufman families. George and Valentine Huffman and George and Michael Hufman. ... My 3rd Grandfather is Henry Huffman born in 1757 in the area that became Rockingham county, [w]hich I believe his birth was in the area of McGaheysville and Keezletown, Virginia. He was friends with the children of both George and Michael Mallow. Henry stood in for an Armentrout and served under Captain Robert Cravens (Armentrout, Mallow and Cravens lived in these areas). Sometime after the Revoluationary [War] and before 1787, Henry moved to the area of the Black Thorn in current Pendleton County [WV]. [There] he met his wife Mary Eva Propst daughter of Johann Michael Propst Sr. through the church connections between Propst Church, the Old Dutch/Mallow Church and Peak Mountain Church. Also through the commerical trading between the communities of Propstburg, Keezletown and McGaheysville. [There] is a good possibility that he is related to either George and Michael Hufman or George and Valentine Huffman. I don't know of a connection with George and Peter Hufman (Augusta County). In total there are 7 Huffman/Hufman families in Augusta and Rockingham county in 1787 not counting (Huffman) Hoofman Casper" - David Bruty, researcher and descendant of Henry Huffman, as posted (Facebook) on the Virginia Genealogy Network, September 30, 2021.

George Frederick Propst

(seen as Frederick George Propst in some records)

Revolutionary War Patriot
DAR info

Many sources have Barbara's maiden surname as Swadley -- The Family of Michael Propst on The WVGenWeb Project, Find A Grave Memorial: Barbara Swadley Propst, Ancestry, FamilySearch and WikiTree. Others conclude that her maiden surname was Pence --, Find A Grave Memorial: Daniel Propst, Sr, Message Boards: Propst Church location thread: Barbara Propst and Jeff Carr's "Barbara Propst wife of George Frederick Propst" being the most substantiated and conclusive. She is also seen as Barbara Conrad as she later married Jacob Conrad II in 1808.

Barbara Pence

← The strongest evidence suggests her maiden surname was Pence, not Swadley.
  Christopher Stophel Eye
(Christafur Stophil Au/Owie)

Revolutionary War Patriot
DAR Record
SAR Record

FamilySearch record showing Christopher Eye in Capt. Peter Hull's Augusta County Militia
Information from Karl Kiser: Jim Kiser, who researched the old Kiser material (see Mark Arslan's site), believes that Stophel is a short form of Christopher such that Christopher S. Eye would be incorrect. Stophel wouldn't be a middle name as he has found no primary document with the two names--either Christopher or Stophel is used.

Christopher Eye is listed in Capt. Peter Hull's Division in Section No. 180 of Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War McAllister's Data by J.T. McAllister.
Catherine (Katrine/Katrina) Anna Zorn
(Some histories have her name as Elizabeth Zorn)

Surname Zorn is questioned and thus unverified.
Carr questions Christopher Eye's wife being a Zorn, indicating that only Morton suggested it in 1911, while in his 1910 publication, he gave no maiden surname. So, more evidence is needed.
  b. 1757 in Rockingham Co., VA

Revolutionary War Pension papers show Henry Huffman to be of Pendleton Co. VA (WV). He was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Cravens of the Regt. Commanded by Col. Harrison in the Militia of line* for Virginia for 10 months... Allowance total $66.65: Book D Vol 7 pg 123 (Sarles).
This and further history and records are available at
Find A Grave.

d. ca. June 1835, Mitchell, Pendleton Co., VA (WV)
Burial: Rader-Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell, Pendleton Co., VA/WV
Find A Grave
m. ca. 1777; WFT Est. 1765-1815

Henry lived in the Blackthorn or Black Thorn area near Sugar Grove of what is now West Virginia.

I have a DNA match with whom I potentially share common ancestors Henry Huffman and Maria Eva (Propst) Huffman. Victoria Erbe.

Henry Huffman is listed in Revolutionary War Soldiers Rockingham Co., Va. (1976, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society) and in "United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783." Database with images. FamilySearch. : 21 August 2023. Citing various published state rosters, United States.

b. 1751-1758
  b. ca. 1734, Rockingham County, Virginia
d. 1801 at Winfield Propst's in what is now Pendleton Co., West Virginia
Find-A-Grave Memorial

I share a DNA match who descends from this couple.
b. ca. 1748, Pendleton, West Virginia, or Augusta County, Virginia
d. 17 December 1829, Propstburg, Pendleton, in what is now West Virginia
  b. 1747 in Germany
d. March 1797
Find-A-Grave Memorial

m. ca. 1770-1772


According to the reference text "Pennsylvania German Pioneers," by Ralph Beaver Strassburger [Norristown, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934] Christafur Au, along with Fredrick and Gerick Au is included in List 229-A, which comprised the names of all Palatine male passengers, from sixteen to sixty years of age, "imported in the ship RECOVERY [Amos Jones, Master] from Rotterdam & Cowes and arriving at at Wilmington, Delaware, on October 23, 1754." Refer to "Christafur Au" on p. 660 of Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume I, 1727-1775, a continuation of the list for "Ship Recovery, Amos Jones, Mastr, From Rotterdam & Cowes at Wilmington. Humbly presented to the Honble Govr Morris. Octr 23, 1754" (p. 659).

Christopher Eye is of record of having served in the Virginia militia during the Revolutionary War.He is mentioned in "Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution: Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, 1775-1783" by John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, VA, 1938. In a second text, "Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War" by J. T. McAllister, a Peter Hull is noted to have been the Captain of a Calvary Troop, 2nd Battalion, Augusta Militia, that fought in the Yorktown Campaign ca. 1779. Christoper Eye is enumerated as a private in Captain Hull's unit. According to, Christopher was on the 1779 Muster Roll of the 2nd Batallion Augusta Militia in Captain Peter Hull's Company. Also see Highland County, Virginia: VaGenWeb Page: Highland Soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

According to A History of Highland County, Virginia by Oren F. Morton, B.L., © 1911 The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co. (p. 357), Christopher arrived in Pendleton County during his youth.

Christopher and his wife Katrina had 9 children. Additional historical information is available from the article "Grandson's Questions Trigger Eye Family History" by Herbert E. Eye, 28 March 1996, The Pendleton Times.

b. 1751
Arrived from Europe to American on the ship Neptune in 1754.
She had been married before to Henry Stone in 1764. Purchased land with Jacob Ruhlman (Rollman) in 1763.
d. 1813
Find-A-Grave Memorial
Christopher Stophel Eye arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Recovery, Amos Jones, Master, from Rotterdam. He has been mentioned living 1721 - 21 Feb. 1797, where the birth year particularly is off when considering his father's birth year. According to Jack Bowers, the correct information for Christopher Stophel Eye is as follows: "1747- Mar 1797, born in Rotterdam/Germany, died in Pendleton County, Virginia, fought in the American Revolutionary War, married Catherine Anna Katrina Zorn, 1751-1813, daughter of Jacob Andrew Zornes and Mary Catherine Ruleman/Ruhlman." Jack Bowers also mentions "two other sons born to Stophel: Frederick and Gerick."
    |       |       |    
    Descendants through daughter Susan Elizabeth Huffman via her marriage to George Rexrode/Rexroad, Jr. -- Rexrodes and Smiths would connect with Waggys. The descendants of Maria Eva Propst and her brother Frederick George Propst would reunite in the marriage of Martha Jane Waggy and David R. Smith. Click here to see that section of the genealogy. Daniel Propst I have a DNA match with whom I share common ancestors Daniel and Elizabeth Sophia (Eye) Propst as common ancestors. Twana Smith. Sophia Elizabeth Eye

(Also seen as Anna Elizabeth Sophia Eye; A History of the Descendants of John Michael Propst of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, p.6, lists her as Elizabeth Sophia Eye as does A History of the Descendants of Christopher S. Eye of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, p. 4).

        b. 1785 in Brandywine, VA (later WV)
d. 1850 in Brandywine, VA (later WV)
A History of the Descendants of Christopher S. Eye of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, p. 4, and A History of the Descendants of John Michael Propst of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, p. 3 both have 1846 as the year of death.
Find-A-Grave Memorial
m. b. 1785 in Sugar Grove, VA (later WV)
d. before 1853
Find-A-Grave Memorial
John Waggy

John Waggy appears to have served in the Union during the Civil War.

I have multiple DNA matches sharing John and Allie (Propst) Waggy as ancestors. Anne Waggy Dyvig, Laura Waggy, Paula Ruter and Jacquelyn Wine Cool.

"The Waggys were pro-Union hence Republican. The Propst ... gave 35 men and boys to the Confederate Army which is more than any other family in the county. For a hundred years they were stanch Democrats.... That does not mean that they were slave owners. Records do not show that any Propst owned slaves. Only one out of ten Confederate soldiers came from a family that was a slave owner." (Waggy, p. 35). Alice (Allie/Ally) Helena Propst    
      b. 16 March 1807
d. 16 March 1882
Find-A-Grave Memorial
m. 21/25 August 1830 in what is now Pendleton Co., WV
Register of Marriage
(source: West Virginia Division of Culture and History via FamilySearch which indicates 25 August 1830)
A History of the Descendants of Christopher S. Eye of Pendleton County, Va. (W. Va.) by Walter L. Eye, p. 9, indicates 21 August 1830.
b. 15 February 1807 in Pendleton Co., VA
d. 3 February 1887 in Sugar Grove, WV
Find-A-Grave Memorial

descendants through son Adam Waggy via his marriage to Susan Kiser
Propst was derived from the German surname Brobst.
The Propst pioneer settled in 1753 in the South Fork bottom,
2 miles above what is now Brandywine, West Virginia. 
John (Johann)    Catherine           Stofel         Andrew    Anna             Mary  
Michael          Elizabeth      (Stophel/Stophil)    Zorn   + Maria        OR  Catherine 
Propst (Props) + (maiden name          Au          (Zornes) | Gotteskind?      Ruleman/Ruhlman?     
               |  unknown)     +------------------+ +-------+--------+
+--------------+-------------+ | b. 1710 Germany, | |b.1718 |b. about|
|b. 1712 in    |b. about 1715| | Rotterdam,       | |  in   |   1720 |
|   GERMANY    |d. 14 Dec.   | | Zuid-Holland,    | |GERMANY+--------+
|d. 1789       |   1804      | | Netherlands.     | |He was the first|
|Arrived in    +-------------+ | d. ca. 1710 in   | |immigrant to die|
|Philadelphia in 1733, age 21| | same location.   | |in Pendleton Co,|
|on ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, | | 3 sons:          | |VA. d. Nov 1755.|
|Master from Rotterdam.      | | Frederick, Gerick| +------+---------+
+--------------+-------------+ | and Christopher  |        |         
               |               | shown below.     |        |
           +---+               +------------------+        |
           |   |                              |            |
           |   |                              |            |
           |   |                              |            |
           |   +-----+                        |            |
           |         |                        |            |
           |         |                        |            |
Henry      Maria    Frederick + Barbara    Christopher    Catharine Anna
Huffman +  Eva      George    | Pence      Stophel Eye  + (Katrine)
        |  Propst   Propst    |          (Christafur    | Zorn
        |                     |            Stophil Au)  |
+-------+-------+  +----------+---------+ +-------------+-----------+        
|Click on their |  |b. about  |         | |b. 1747 in   |b. 1751    | Christopher Stophel Eye has been mentioned living 1721 - 21 Feb. 1797, 
|names as their |  |   1734   |         | |   GERMANY   |m. second  | where the birth year particularly is off when considering his father's 
|descendants -- |  |d. 1801 at|         | |d. March     |husband    | birth year. According to Jack Bowers, the correct information 
|Rexrodes and   |  |Winfield  |         | |   1797      |Henry Stone| for Christopher Stophel Eye is as follows: "1747- Mar 1797, born in 
|Smiths would   |  |Propst's  |         | |Arrived in   |in 1764.   | Rotterdam/Germany, died in Pendleton County, Virginia, fought in the 
|connect with   |  +----------+---------+ |Philadelphia |Purchased  | American Revolutionary War, married Catherine Anna Katrina Zorn, 
|Waggys. Hence, +----+        |           |aboard the   |land with  | 1751-1813, daughter of Jacob Andrew Zornes and Mary Catherine 
|descendants of Maria|        |           |Recovery,    |Jacob      | Ruleman/Ruhlman." Jack Bowers also mentions "two other sons born to 
|Eva Propst and her  |        |           |Amos Jones,  |Ruhlman    | Stophel: Frederick and Gerick."
|brother Frederick   |        |           |Master, from |(Rollman)  |
|George Propst would |        |           |Rotterdam.   |in 1763.   |
|reunite in the      |        |           |             |d. 1813    |
|marriage of Martha  |        |           +-------------+-----------+
|Jane Waggy and David|        |                         |
|R. Smith. Click here|        |                         |
|to see that  section|        |                         |
|of the genealogy    |        |             +-----------+
+--------------------+        |             |
                              |             |
                              |             |
                              Daniel   Sophia
                              Propst + Elizabeth
                                     | Eye (Also seen as Ann Elizabeth Sophia Eye)
                         |b.  1785 in|b. 1785 in |
                         |Brandywine,|Sugar Grove|
                         |VA/WV      |VA/WV      |
                         |d.  1850 in|d. before  |
                         |Brandywine,|   1853    |
                         |VA/WV      |           |
                            John  + Alice
                            Waggy   (Allie)
                                 |b. 15 Feb. 1807 Pendleton Co, VA/WV|
                                 |d. 3 Feb. 1887 in Sugar Grove, WV  |