Brick Walls - Where I'm Stuck

Anyone who has been researching genealogy will hit what we call "brick walls." These are those dead ends that we cannot seem to get past or break through. I revisit mine, always trying to figure out more. In some cases, I've chipped away at them, but not yet broken through. Below are some of my brick walls I cannot get past:

  1. Abraham Johnson/Johnston: While I've been able to determine my Johnsons were Johnstons, I am still unsure which Abraham Johnston/Johnson he was, though I know my Abraham had a son named John who was born in 1757 (and John has been very well-documented to date). Yet, that said, Abraham has been the furthest back my Johnson line has been traced since I began researching (and even before I began research in 1986).
  2. Mr. and Mary Campbell and their daughter Melinda Christine (Campbell) Johnson (my great-great grandmother): Melinda died at age 28 in 1875 and was all but forgotten. Her mother Mary Campbell remarried a Bingham and I don't know what her mother's maiden surname or father's first name was. I have theories, but nothing conclusive.
  3. Sarah "Sallie" (Hicks) Morris' ancestry: I have multiple candidates for my great-great-great grandmother Sarah "Salie"(Hicks) Morris' parents, one possibly connected to my well-documented Loflin ancestors.
  4. Sarah Elizabeth (Brown or Bolton) Morris: I am unsure of the maiden surname of my great-great-great-great grandmother. I also have an alleged photo of her, but I cannot conclusively say it is her without having the photographer's source.
  5. John Culpeper "The Albemarle Rebel": Can his ancestry be confirmed?
  6. Ruth (Riley) Cranford's ancestry: Who were the Rileys?
  7. George and Barbara (Black?) Smith: I have no information on their ancestries.
  8. John Loflin: Does he tie in to my well-documented Loflin ancestors?
  9. Jonathan Mills and Sarah Sarratt: Multiple places indicate them as the parents of my Surratt ancestor. It is said that they had a child out of wedlock who took the Surratt surname (variation of Sarratt). Surratt Y-DNA seems to suppor this (per my 2nd cousin Hal Surratt) and I have autosomal matches who report them as our common ancestors, but I know little about Jonathan Mills.
  10. James Webb: I don't know much about his ancestry.
  11. John and Susanna (Gilbert) Harwood: I have scant information about them.
  12. How is William Esteridge connected to Dinah Etheridge? And how is William's wife Ann Nash, daughter of Dorcas Nash, connected to the rest of my Nash line?
  13. Who is J. Arthur Herbert? I know nothing about him besides a daughter's name. And is Abigail Herbert somehow connected to him?
  14. William and Rebecca (McMullen) Miller: While I may have found Rebecca's parents, there are still questions and I know even less about her husband William.
  15. Barbara Propst Eckard: Does she tie into my well-documented Propst ancestry?
  16. Sarah Propst Simmons: Does she tie into my well-documented Propst ancestry?
  17. Margaret Rexrode: Was her maiden surname Hevener or Cowger?
  18. Barbara Propst, wife of Hans Michael Propst: Was her maiden surname Brandter?
  19. Martin Luther: Is there a Propst connection to him?
  20. Barbara Pence Propst: What is her ancestry? Can her alleged ancestry be substantiated?
  21. Catherine (Zorn?) Eye: Was her maiden surname Zorn?
  22. (Anna Maria) Mary (Eppert or Lingel) Kayser/Kiser: Was she and Eppert or Lingel? Who were her parents?
  23. Finding images of any forebears not photographed who were alive during the time of photography.

Please learn what I do know about the individuals above by clicking on their names. If you know anything about any of them, please use the email link at the top of the page and let me know.

The following resources may be helpful in searching for persons that may be brick walls:

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