Descendants of Christian Stauffer Ancestry of Nicolaus Stauffer and Trina (Catherina) Lehman Stauffer

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Excerpts from
The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany, and America
(including Stover and Stauffer)
by Richard Warren Davis

Summary of ancestors -- 4 Stauffer generations -- from the above source supplementing the information to the left:

  • Christian Stauffer (b. ca. 1579-1581) of Eggiwil, Switzerland, and Ibersheim, Germany, was the ancestor of the vast majority of Stauffer immigrants (p. 11). He was married to Adelheid (Adelheit) Oppliger (Obliger) (my ancestor) but was married to his second wife Asmath Frederich (b. 1601 Eggiwil) at the time of being among the refugees in the Palatinate, Alsace and the Jura (p. 3). He was still living in Ibersheim, Germany, in January 1672 (p. 4).
  • Christian Stauffer, born 1615 in Luchsmatt, Eggiwil, christened 19 March 1615, Rothenbach, lived at Berg, Eggiwil. His wife Margret Anthoni was born in 1621 at Eggiwil. She was probably the daughter of Hans and Anna (Stauffer) Anthoni of Eggiwil. Christian and Margret were probably married about 1644 at Eggiwil and had eight children. One was Ulrich Stauffer who was born 1652 in Eggiwil and christened 4 August 1652. More on him below. Christian (Ulrich's father) and his family went to Germany with his father in 1671 and was living at Dirmstein 17 December 1671. By 1 January 1672, he returned to Eggiwil with most of his children. His wife was living at Oberflorsheim, Germany, in January 1672 (age 50). Her husband and seven of her children returned to Switzerland. She had one child still living in this country. The child is probably Ulrich (see below), still living at Dirmstein in December 1671 (pp. 4-5, 45-46)
  • Ulrich Stauffer, born 1652 in Eggiwil and christened on 4 August 1652, was with his family at Dirmstein in December of 1671. He was probably living at Dirmstein in January 1672 while his mother went to Oberflorsheim. He was still living at Dirmstein in 1698 and was living in Mannheim in 1717. His wife's name is not known. He was a Mennonite (pp. 4-5, 45-46).
  • Christian Stauffer, b. abt. 1680, Dirmstein, Germany was living at Mannheim in 1706 and was still there in 1717 but probably left shortly afterward. He was probably a distiller as were most of the Mennonites who went to live in Mannheim. He was in Salford township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania by 1719 and was a member of the Mennonite church there. He probably followed by his father's cousin Hans to the Skippach area of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He was a witness to the will of Claus Obliger (Oppliger) of Philadelphia in 1730. He was taxed on 120 acres at Salford in 1730. He may not have been able to write as he signed his will with just his initials C.S. In his will written in 1734 are listed all his children, naming Matthias Stauffer as his oldest. His last child was Elizabeth and he says she is 4 1/2 years old. On 27 April 1734, he warranted 150 acres at Goshenhoppen (now Balley, Berks Co., PA), but never patented as he died in 1735 (pp. 45-46).

Much appreciation to Daniel Bly who provided me this information.

Excerpts from The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany, and America (including Stover and Stauffer) by Richard Warren Davis

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