Otto and Hazel Fisher with their daughters and their families in 1978 and 1986

1978 | Early 1980s | 1986


Donald                    Otto               Charles                             William
Wade      Thelma          Woodrow   Hazel    Elwood                              Herman
Bourne    Jane Fisher     Fisher    Jane     Whitmore   Mary Lou      Neil       Johnson     Carolyn
          Bourne                    Eckard              Fisher        Fisher                 June
Nelson                              Fisher              Whitmore      Johnson                Fisher
Wade         Christopher                                                                     Johnson    William
Bourne           Lynn                                                 James                             Marshall
      Laura      Bourne                                               Arthur       Carolyn              Johnson
      Jane                                                            Johnson      Jane-Marie
      Bourne                                                                       Johnson

Early 1980s Fisher Reunion

Front: James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson, Carolyn Jane-Marie Johnson, Carolyn Fisher Johnson, William "Billy" Marshall Johnson, Otto "Bow-Wow" Woodrow Fisher, Hazel "Mì-Mì" Eckard Fisher, Maria Jane Whitmore, Laura Jane Bourne, Nelson Wade Bourne
Back: William "Bill" Herman Johnson, Neil Fisher Johnson, Charles "Elwood" Whitmore holding Jeremy Charles Whitmore, Mary Lou Fisher Whitmore, Donald "Don" Wade Bourne with son Christopher Lynn Bourne, Thelma Jane (Fisher) Bourne


Note with names of persons in the photo