Funk Pioneers of Frederick County, Virginia

Peter Stover

"Jacob Funk (b. 1695 c.) purchased 2,030 acres from Henry Willis for 100 pounds on 14 July 1735. Willis had purchased the 2,030-acre tract from Jost Hite, part of Hite's 40,000-acre tract, and had received a patent from the Colony for it on 21 August 1734. ... This tract is located west of the North Fork Shenandoah River on both sides and at the mouth of Tumbling Run. Continue north to and including all of present-day Strasburg, Virginia and then east of Strasburg on both sides of Virginia Highway 55 to the point where the highway crosses the river. The entire tract is located in Shenandoah County. ... He also sold 438 acres of the 2,030-acre tract to his son Jacob Jr. (b. 1725 c.) for 300 pounds on 7 August 1745. ... Jacob Jr. sold the 438 acres to Peter Stover for 270 pounds. on 2 May 1749" (Funk Pioneers of Frederick County, VA, pp. 370-373).

My ancestor Jacob Stover - brother of Peter Stover who founded Strasburg, VA

Christian Crabill (also seen as Craibill and Creybill and Grabill)

"Christian Craibill/Crabill purchased 110 acres from Jacob Funk for 45 pounds on 23 March 1742/43. ... This tract in present-day Strasburg, Virginia can be accessed by U.S. Highway 11, Virginia Highway 55 across the northeast corner and Shenandoah County Highways 635, 638, 648 and 761. On 14 June 1751, John Creybill/Crabill received a Fairfax grant for 205 acres which John had purchased from William McKenny. The 205-acre tract was part of Jost Hite's lOO,OOO-acre claim. The 205 acres are located east of Toms Brook, Virginia on Shenandoah County Highway 650 and then northeast on County Highway 747. ... John received another Fairfax grant for 72 acres located adjacent south to the 205 acres across the river on 3 January 1752. He sold the 72 acres to Peter Hoghman (Hockman) for 14 pounds on 2 April 1753. John and his wife Mary sold 100 acres of the205-acre tract to Christopher Whitmore for 50 pounds on 23 March 1769" (Funk Pioneers of Frederick County, VA, p. 382)

Deeper in my ancestry - The Ancestry of Christian Crabill (also seen as Craibill and Creybill and Grabill)

Excerpts from Funk Pioneers of Frederick County, Virginia - includes the above as well as other information including maps. If the link is broken, try this one.

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