War - part 1


9 or possibly 11 of my ancestors were veterans of this war (and not all on the same side):

• A. "Harris" Johnson
• T. "Winbourne" Johnson
• Godfrey Bischer
• Jesse B. Hill
• Abraham Luther
• Winburn W. Cranford
• "Wads" H. Nash
• Absalom Eckard
• Ephraim Simmons (pending verification of service)
• William L. Smith (pending verification of service)
• John Waggy (who was on the opposite side of the above)

What is the American Civil War?
(John Waggy, my great-great-great-great grandfather, was my only Civil War veteran ancestor who fought for the Union)


Private Godfrey Bescherer/Bisher, 7th Regiment, Co. F, NC, my great-great-great grandfather, participated in several of the greatest battles of the Civil War including Manassas, Harpers Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and this 3-day battle where he charged across the killing grounds in the main wave of the assault that has been memorialized as "Pickett's Charge."

What is Gettysburg?


Pvt. Titus Winbourne Johnson, Co. B, 48th North Carolina Infantry, my great-great grandfather, was wounded this many times during the American Civil War yet survived the wounds and his capture and lived until 1913.

What is wounded 3 times (near Sharpsburg, MD, Sept. 17, 1862; Dec. 13, 1862, in Fredericksburg, VA; Reams' Station, VA)?


During the French and Indian War, Capt. Jacob Seybert, brother of my alleged great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother Anna Elizabeth (Seybert) Hevener, was massacred along with others by Delaware and Shawnee Indians (under the war chief Bemino) at this British settler stockade named for him.

What is Fort Seybert, in what is now West Virginia?


On December 7, 1941, my 6th cousin, twice removed, Milton Reece Surratt, was among the sailors who perished aboard the USS Oklahoma during this attack in World War II.

What is Pearl Harbor?

War - part 2


19 -- possibly 22 -- of my ancestors were veterans of this war in the late 18th century:

• John Johnson
• John Reese
• James Lamar
• Benjamin Morris, Sr. (pending service verification)
• Richard Loflin
• J. Michael Luther, Sr.
• Thomas Nance, Sr.
• Lawrence Snapp (Lorentz Schnepp)
• Peter Snapp
• Lt. Col. Thomas Nash
• William Nash
• Philip Eckard, Sr.
• George Simmons, Sr.
• John Simmons, Sr.
• Philip Waggy, Sr.
• Johann Michael Kiser
• Johann George Rexrode, Sr.
• Henry Huffman, Sr.
• Henry Grogg (Heinrich Gruck) (pending service verification)
• Frederick Propst
• Christopher Stophel Eye
• Jacob Heavenor (pending verification of ancestry)

What is the American Revolution?


J. Michael Luther, Sr., my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, was among the hundreds of men who did this with George Washington (as depicted in a painting).

What is crossed the Delaware River?


The years 1632-1636 were the worst years of this war (which occurred 1618-1648) for Alsace, a time when many villages were deserted and my ancestors fled Waltenheim and took refuge in Strasbourg or the vicinity during this war.

What is the Thirty Years War?


Between 480 B.C. - A.D. 19, my Y-DNA ancestor was part of the La Tène Celtic peoples who fled Gaul from these conquerors.

Who are the Romans?


Vinzenz Zuppinger, my 13x great grandfather (my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather), was a mercenary for the French King during these years when France was at war with Italy.

What are 1513-1515?

oldest & oddest


Among the photographs I have on this site is one of my great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine Coffman Funkhouser who was born this year, 5 years prior to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

What is 1784?


This century is the furthest my current tree traces back with certainty.

What is the 5th century?

To the about the year 480 to Leutfrid, duke of the Alemannians, an ancestor of Hildegard who was a wife Charlemagne. (It took years of research poring through books and reputable and curated documentation of the ancestry of Robert the Bruce and Charlemagne to make this discovery.)


I am connected to both sides of this historical event via marriages. On my mother's side (via Coffman), I am related to Joseph Coffman, the husband of Abigail Lincoln Coffman, and brother to my great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine Coffman Funkhouser. On my father's side (via Surratt), I am likely 3rd cousin 6 times removed to John Harrison Surratt, Sr., the late husband of Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Surratt, who was hanged for taking part in the conspiracy of this event
(Some Surratt/Sarratt Families in the United States 1715-1980
by Laura and Norman H. Sarratt, pp. 1-14).

What is the Lincoln assassination?


Because my father's mother is his father's fourth cousin once removed, this makes my father his mother's fifth cousin. This means that I am this degree of cousin to my father.

What is 6th cousin?


My possible Viking ancestor Erik the Victorious, while a historic King of Sweden, has an ancestry mostly in legend and myth including a giant and giantess, Odin, Brunhilda, and Beowulf character Hrothgar as well as the figures Frodo, Durin and Dwalin who influenced the naming of characters in these literary works (which later became movies).

What are J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?



My 10x great grandmother Otillia Hagman Zuppinger had 11 children, most dying in childbirth. Her son Conrad survived and is my 9x great grandfather. Further, he also survived as an infant when this hit the village of Oberlangenhart, Switzerland, in 1629.

What is the plague?


My 10x great grandmother Elizabeth (Simpson) Nicholson and her 2 sons (including my 9x great grandfather Christopher Nicholson) were Quakers and were tried as witches in a town next to this town where the infamous Witch Trials occurred 30 years later.

What is Salem, Massachusetts?


My great-great-great-great grandfather Micajah Lassiter, Sr., stood together with Miles Lassiter, the only known African-American Quaker in North Carolina at that time, and they wept over this
(Miles Lassiter (circa 1777-1850): An Early African-American Quaker from Lassiter Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina: My Research Journey to Home by Margo Lee Williams).

What is being sold as a slave? (Seeing the tears, no one bid for Miles, except for his wife, "a free woman of color" who bought him so he could be free).


Due to this, my Stauffer ancestors (ancestors of Stovers in the Shenandoah Valley ) were among those who faced everything from monetary fine to imprisonment, branding, working as slaves in the galleys of Italy, banishment, beatings with rods and death by fire, hanging, drowning or guillotine during the 16th and 17th centuries in Switzerland.

What is Anabaptist persecution?


My alleged ancestor Maud de St. ValÉry de Braiose was imprisoned with her oldest son William in a castle tower where they were starved to death by this king who is also the villain in the Robin Hood legends.

Who is King John?

Notable & Famous


My 7x great grandfather Hans Peter Steffen, who was later called Peter Stephens, and my 6x great grandfather Jacob Stover's brother Peter Stover founded these 2 Shenandoah Valley, VA, towns.

What are Stephens City and Strasburg?

(Bonus triva: Near Strasburg is Fishers Hill, named for my great-great-great-great grandfather David Fisher)


I am a distant cousin to this former U.S. President through his maternal grandmother. Specifically, he is my 10th cousin, once removed, via our common Dutt ancestry with our common ancestors being Georg and Anna (Kern) Dutt. They are my 9th great grandparents and his 10th great grandparents.

Who is Barack Obama?


This Scottish King made popular in the movie Braveheart is my 22nd great grandfather (as well as possibly my 21st and 23rd great grandfather).

Who is Robert "the Bruce" (King Robert I of Scotland)?
(He is also descended from King Henry I of England and William the Conqueror;
So, I am, too.)


Many in the West with any European ancestors are descended from this man (and other royalty). He is possibly my 36th great grandfather 4 times, possibly my 37th great grandfather 8 times, possibly my 38th great grandfather 9 times, definitely my 39th great grandfather 1 time (possibly 6 times), possibly my 40th great grandfather 3 times, definitely my 41st great grandfather 2 times (possibly 8 times), definitely my 42nd great grandfather 1 time (possibly 6 times) and possibly my 43rd great grandfather 2 times. (And those are certainly not all the possible ways!)

Who is Charlemagne?

(More info: https://ancestralfindings.com/are-we-all-royalty-mathematics-seems-to-prove-it/)


This well-known American Idol winner and now celebrity singer is my 7th cousin, once removed, our common ancestor being my 6x great grandfather Philip Waggy, Sr.

Who is Kelly Clarkson?

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