Kuchler/Küchler/Abiß/Aubis/Löw Ancestry


Matthes Küchler
b. ?
d. in Neundorf (now Klötze), Saxony, Germany
m. ?                        
  Oswald Küchler
b. in Neundorf (now Klötze), Saxony, Germany
d. 1609, Wiesa, Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany
m. 15 Jun 1595 in Wiesa, Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany Dorothea Köhler

Translation of a portion of an article entitled Die Odenwalder Verwandten des Reichenmeisters und Bergbeamten Adam Ries (i.e., Relatives of the master accountant, and mine clerk Adam Ries from the Odenwald) written by Heidi Banse and published in a German periodical:

On 8 December 1651 the miner Christoph Küchler was accepted as a new burgher in Michelstadt in the Odenwald. He originated from "the Wiesen in the Electorate of Saxony, nowadays the spa town of Wiesenbad, in the Annaberg District of the Erz Mountains. It is situated in the Miriquidi - that mysteriously dark forest in the extremely romantic Zschopau Valley. Apparently he left his home in the Erz Mountains towards the end of the Thirty Years War, fleeing the misery that war left behind in this place as well. As a miner he was not subject to serfdom. Miners were able to choose their place of employment, and the recommissioning of former mines brought with it special privileges. Chances are that such was also the case in the mines of Michelstadt. He arrived in Michelstadt with at least four children, in search for employment and better living conditions. Already on 5 December 1659 his son Antonius, a wool weaver and well digging supervisor, was accepted as a new burgher, and was referred to as "the son of a burgher". This son, Georg Christoph, was married in Michelstadt on 3 February 1686 to Anna Barbara Abiß (also called Aubis), the daughter of Caspar Abiß (or Aubis), a coworker of his father who came from Charamaigne/Charameine (?) in Alsace. Anna Barbara was named after saint Barbara, patron saint of miners, a typical name of miner's daughters. Georg Christoph Küchler was a master saddler to the Count's Court of Erbach. In the year 1695 he bought half of a house for 350 Gulden in Michelstadt, nowadays located at the Große Gasse 12. When Wannemacher reported on the district of Erbach in 1708, Küchler owned property at the Steinerne Steg valued at 24 Gulden, and his business was estimated at a tax value of 35 Gulden. His third daughter Johanna Louisa Christina Küchler was married on 19 June 1710 in Erbach to the burgher and master smith Johann Balthasar Rexroth.

In the Rexroth Family tree in the Deutsches Geschlechterbuch Volume 94, Page 202, her father was referred to as Georg Christoph Kepler instead of Küchler, a master saddler to the Count's Court of Erbach. Due to this mistake the connection to the Küchler family from Wiesa in the Erz Mountains had not been possible thus far.

Article contributed by Mary Ross: Heidi Banse, Vorfahren der Familie Banse (http://www2.genealogy.net/privat/h.banse/ "Heidi Banse" fam.banse@t-online.de. Translation funded by Bill Rexroad.

Source: Ancestry of M. Paul Hawes: Christoph Küchler

Christoph Küchler
b. 17 Nov 1596, Wiesa, Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany
d. 3 Feb 1674/75, Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany
m. (2nd) Barbara Bauer
b. Tannenberg, Saxony, Germany
              Wendel Löw
b. 1605,
Steinbach, Hesse, Germany
m. pre 1645 Magdalena Mantel
      Antonius Küchler
b. 25 September 1633
d. 8 March 1702/03,
Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany
m. Anna Margaretha Wanckel
b. 4 April 1636
  Caspar Abiß
b. ca. 1640,
Alsace, France
d. 1704
m. 1668 Margaretha Löw (Low)
b. 1648,
Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany
        Georg Christoph Küchler
b. 4 Mar 1663/64
Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany
d. 19 Oct 1735,
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
m. 3 Feb 1685/86
Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany
Anna Barbara Abiß
b. 4 July 1669,
Michelstadt, Hesse, Germany
d. 16 Aug 1729,
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
Johan Baltasar Rexrode (Recksrodt)
  Johanna Lowisa Christina Küchler (Kuchler)      
      b. 11 June 1673 (GERMANY)
d. 16 Aug. 1734 in Erbach, Odenwald, GERMANY
m. 19 June 1710
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
b. 7 January 1690/1691
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
d. 11 Dec. 1726
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
Johanna bore Johann Balthaser seven children. When the youngest was one year old, Johanna died.    

through son

Source: Antecedents of M. Paul Hawes: Mary Rexroad

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