Rexrode (Rexroad)/Hevener (Heavener)/Seybert (Seibert)


                Ancestry according to (unsubstantiated - needs research)

Johan Balthasar Rexrode (Recksrodt)
Johan Balthasar Rexrode was a blacksmith in Erbach.
Johanna Lowisa Christina Küchler
* (Kuchler)
Nicholas Haeffner (Havenor)
Nicholas arrived on the ship Davy in 1738. Refer to "Nickel Heffener" on p. 235 of Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume I, 1727-1775. Settled in Berks Co., PA, in the Tulpehockden Settlement. Moved to Augusta Co., VA, in 1758 in an area of what is now Pendleton Co., WV, and changed surname to Havenor.
Anna Elisabeth Seibert (Seybert)
Anna's brother Capt. Jacob Seybert, namesake of the British settler stockade Ft. Seybert (in what is now WV), died in the April 28, 1758, surpise attack on the fort by the Indians (Delaware and Shawnee) under the war chief Bemino there during the French and Indian War. Links: Jacob Seybert, Fort Seybert massacre, Wikipedia article Johann Michael Mallow (Mallo) Arrived 1749 in Philadelphia on the ship Phoenix. Refer to pp. 404-405 of Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume I, 1727-1775. Settled at Fort Seybert, VA (WV).

July 17, 2021, Facebook post from David Bruty RE: Address of O.R. Mallow at first Mallow Reunion, Seneca Park, Pendleton County, W.Va., September 11, 1960
Mary Miller  
b. 11 June 1673
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
d. 16 Aug. 1734 in Erbach, Odenwald, GERMANY
m. 19 June 1710
Erbach, Hesse, Germany
b. ca. 1690/1691
d. 11 Dec. 1726 in GERMANY
  b. 25 October 1707 - Hirscheld, Koblenz, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany
d. 5 May or 20 June 1769 in Brandywine, Augusta Co., VA (Pendleton Co., WV)
More info from
m. ca. 1740 b. ca. 1720
  b. ca. 1723
d. pre-1790
m. b. ca. 1725
According to Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Zacharias Rexroth arrived in 1749 on the ship Albany in Philadelphia, PA. He was a blacksmith.

Newsworthy - Johann Zachariah Rexroad by Nancy Simmons Roberson

Zacharias Rexrode in 1790 Census (Source
Johannes Zachariah (Zacharias) Rexrode (Rexroth/Rexrodt)
(Zachariah Rexrode, Sr.)
Zachariah Rexrode, Sr., was the first Rexrode to come to America, arriving at Philadelphia in 1749. He and his wife lived on the South Fork near Brandywine, VA (now WV).
Source: Find A Grave Memorial
Anne Marie Voegel
(Anna Maria Voegel/Voeglin)

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Walter Eye indicates that Catherine (mnu) was the mother of my ancestors George and Mary, not Anna Marie Voegel (who Eye says died ca. 1760). FamilySearch suggests likewise and that Catherine was a Propst (though a revisit shows that Catherine was the wife of Zachariah Rexrode, Jr., not Sr., and has George Rexrode, Sr. (below) confused with his nephew George R. Rexrode 1798-1877, a son of Zachariah Jr. and Catherine). However, other sources such as Find-A-Grave,, WikiTree and FamilySearch all indicate Anna Maria Voegel was the mother and didn't die until 1806.
Jacob Haeffner (Havenor/Heavenor)
Jacob was a Revolutionary War Veteran, rank Ensign, Rockingham County Militia, Virginia. He furnished Supplies to American Revolutionary Army (Source: DAR)

SAR Record. He is also mentioned in "United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 1 March 2021), Jacob Havener, 27 Mar 1780; citing Military Service, , Citing various published state rosters, United States; FHL microfilm 101711079. Also see South Branch DAR document.
Mary Mallow    
The Kiser and Rexrode familtes lived about 25 miles from each other in Hessen (Germany) prior to immigration to America. b. 22 February 1725 in Erbach, Odenwald, GERMANY
d. before 1 October 1799
Will probated 1 October 1799 in Pendleton County, VA (now WV).
m. 19 November 1751
in Christ Lutheran Church,
Tulpehocken Valley,
Lancaster. (now Berks) Co., PA
b. ca. 1730
d. ca. 1806
  b. 7 August 1744, Tulpehocken Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
d. after 18 December 1810, Pendleton Co., VA (WV)
m. 25 May 1765
(Source: USGenWeb)
b. ca. 1745
d. after 4 Dec. 1804
If Margaret was a Hevener,
then above is her ancestry.
Otherwise her parents are
Conrad and Barbara
Propst Cowger
through their daughter
Mary Rexroad
  Johann George Rexrode

Revolutionary War Patriot
DAR Record

FamilySearch record showing George Rexrode in Capt. Peter Hull's Augusta County Militia

South Branch DAR document
Rexroads settled the South Fork of what is now Pendleton Co., WV, in 1774. Rexroad is a German name (Rixroth), which means "red king."

George was among the men in Capt. Peter Hull's Co. of Highland Militia in 1779 that had gone to Yorktown according to US GenWeb VA Highland History. See Highland County, Virginia: VaGenWeb Page: Highland Soldiers in the Revolutionary War and p. 194 of A History of Highland County, Virginia by Morton.

I have a DNA match who shares George and Margaret as common ancestors with me. Stephanie Arbaugh Dilley.

Margaret Elizabeth Havenor (Hevener)


Margaretha Cowger

See note about recent research regarding her maiden name as it may have been Cowger instead of Hevener.
Maria Eva Propst

Revolutionary War Pension papers show Henry Huffman to be of Pendleton Co. VA (WV). He was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Cravens of the Regt. Commanded by Col. Harrison in the Militia of line* for Virginia for 10 months...... Allowance total $66.65: Book D Vol 7 pg 123 (Sarles).
This and further history and records are available at
Find A Grave.


David Bruty made an August 6, 2020, post, which included this text and comment: The Dahmer Letter 1968-1982" page 53
"In the year 1830 Henry Amick died upstairs in a house now removed on the Gilbert Pitsenbarger farm. The stairway was very steep and narrow. Several neighbors came and they were trying to think of a way to get him down. Presently Henry Huffman, after uttering a few curse words said, 'I can get him down." Mr. Huffman then got Mr. Amick by the bootheel and went bumpity, bumpity, bump on the stairsteps. Now from my understanding Henry Amick and Henry Huffman serviced together during the Revolutionary War. Also with Henry Mallow: He (Henry Huffman) has no documentary evidence of his service never having received a printed or written discharge but believes he will be able to prove nine months service by Henry Mallow of this county who served with him during all of that tour. Who I was told was the same person that was born on the Mississippi River 18 Nov 1758. He was the son of Michael and Mary Miller Mallow Sr. ... From Henry Huffman 1832 pension recorders. "That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as is herein stated--He was born in the county of Rockingham Virginia in the 1757 and he entered the service of the said County on or about the 8th of January 1778 as a substitute in the room of John Armentrout a private who had been drafted to perform a tour of three months against the Indians on the frontier settlement in a company of militia commanded by Captain Robert Cravens."

Henry Huffman, Sr.

Revolutionary War Patriot
DAR Record
SAR Record

Mentioned in the Pension roll of 1835 for Pendleton Co., WV

Pension application for service in the Revolution
(local copy).

Extensive records about Henry Huffman are available here.
    b. ca. 1754-1760
Tulpehocken Valley,
Berks Co., PA
d. ca. 1815 or after 1840
Pendleton Co., WV/VA

Some have the years as b. 1754 and d. 1834.

Research Note: According to the late William D. Rexroad's book George Rexrode Senior of Virginia (2007), in chapter 4 (George & Margaret), he states on page 24 that Margaret's name is unknown (no document) although some family histories say Hevener. A footnote says that Jeff Carr's hypothesis is that she is Margaretha Cowger (b May 1758 to Conrad and Barbara Propst Cowger). Jeff found that there was no Margaret Hevener (she was too young) that could be George's wife, but there was a Margaret Cowger. George & Margaret Rexrode had a son Conrad. Would he have been named after his grandfather Conrad Cowger (Johann Conrad Gauger)? If this is true, then Hevener, Jung, Mallow, Mayer, Miller (at least on this portion of my family tree), Seibert (Seybert) and Spengler are not necessarily in my ancestry. Also see email from Jeff Carr to Glenn Huffman from August 2015.

In November 2017, I came across the MyHeritage Family Tree of Lewis Armstrong, great-great-great-great-great grandson of Nicholas and Anna Elisabeth (Seybert) Hevener, my alleged great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents, making me possibly Lewis Armstrong's 6th cousin twice removed via the Hevener ancestry. What is interesting is that this challenges research suggesting that my ancestry is through Cowger instead of Hevener. However, MyHeritage predicts we are 1st cousins twice removed to 4th cousins, which is much closer than the estimate when just considering the possible Hevener connection. Thus, he and I are likely related via another route and the question remains if my ancestor was a Cowger or Hevener.

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If Hevener: b. ca. 1755 or 1764 (though USGenWeb has 1766)
If Cowger: b. May 1758
d. ca. 1815
  b. 1751-1758
m. WFT Est. 1765-1815

I have a DNA match with whom I potentially share common ancestors Henry Huffman and Maria Eva (Propst) Huffman. Victoria Erbe.

b. 1757 in Rockingham Co., VA
d. ca. June 1835, Mitchell, Pendleton Co., VA (WV)
Burial: Rader-Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell, Pendleton Co., VA/WV
Find A Grave
      John (Johann) George Rexrode, Jr. (George Rexroad) I have multiple DNA matches who share George and Lizzie as common ancestors with me. Drena Weaver, Sheldon Simmons, John Linaburg, Joe Watson, George Faber and Stephanie Guiler. Susan "Lizzie" Elizabeth Huffman    
According to p. 25 of Warren Crummett's Ancestors of Lillie Lieu Smith, George spent his life in Pendleton Co., VA/WV, and was active in Wildfang Church. b. September 1781, Pendleton Co., WV
d. September 1852, Pendleton Co., WV
According to Bill Rexroad's book above, George's life ended on a sad note with his being in jail as a lunatic and dying there. He would have been diagnosed as having Dementia or Alzheimers.
m. 1802 b. 1784, Brandywine, Pendleton, West Virginia
d. BET. 1849-1917, Pendleton, West Virginia, USA
  The name Mary Ann Rexroad appears as one of the confirmants in 1839 in St. Michael's Lutheran-Reformed Church, Pendleton County, West Virginia, Church register/baptismal book. Mary-Anne (Mary Anna) Rexrode

DNA Evidence: I share these ancestors with multiple DNA matches. Sharon Wiegel, Ashley Sukes, Deandre Hedgespeth, Robert Irving Smith, Cheryl Jolley, Melissa Tausig and Lance Wonderley.
William Lewis Smith

William L. Smith may have fought for the Confederacy (VA Infantry) in the American Civil War.
            b. 5 March or 26 May 1825 in Pendleton Co., VA (WV)
d. 12 Dec. 1881 in Stony Run, Pendleton Co., WV
m. 7 December 1848, Pendleton Co., in what is now WV
Register of Marriage
(source: West Virginia Division of Culture and History via FamilySearch)

picture of the couple
b. 9 March 1825 in Pendleton Co., VA (WV)
d. 2 Sept. 1886 in Stony Run, Pendleton Co., WV

descendants through son David R. Smith via his marriage to Martha Jane Waggy
                        William Haeffner?
                        (b. about 1680)
                              |          Anna
Johan          Johanna     Nicholas     Elisabeth    Johann    Mary
Baltasar    +  Lowisa      Haeffner     Seibert      Michael + Miller
Rexrode     |  Christina   (Havenor)  + (Seybert)    Mallow  |
(Recksrodt) |  Kepler                 |              (Mallo) |
+-----------+----------+  +-----------+---------+  +---------+--------+
|b. 11 June |b. about  |  |b. about   |b. about |  |b. about |b. about|
|   1673 in |   1675   |  |   1710 in |   1720  |  |   1723  |   1725 |
|   GERMANY |d. 11 Dec.|  |   GERMANY |         |  |d. before|        |
|d. 16 Aug. |   1726 in|  |d. June    |m. ca.   |  |   1790  |        |
|   1734 in |   GERMANY|  |   1769 in |   1740  |  +---------+--------+
|   Erbach, |          |  |Brandywine,|         |  |Arrived 1749 in   |
| Odenwald, |          |  |Pendleton  |         |  |Philadelphia on   |
| GERMANY   |          |  |Co., VA/WV |         |  |the ship Phoenix. |
+-----------+----------+  +-----------+---------+  |Settled at Fort   |
            |             |Arrived on the Ship  |  |Seybert, VA/WV    |
            |             |Davy in 1738. Settled|  +---------+--------+
            |             |in Berks Co., PA, in |            |
            |             |the Tulpehockden     |            |
            |             |Settlement. Moved to |            |
            |             |Augusta Co., VA, in  |            |
            |             |1758 in an area of   |            |
            |             |what is now Pendleton|            |
            |             |Co., WV, and changed |            |
            |             |surname to Havenor.  |            |
            |             +-----------+---------+            |
            |                         |                      |
            |                         |                      |
            |                         |                  +---+   
            |                         |                  |
            |                         |                  |
        Johannes     Anne      Jacob Haeffner + Mary Mallow
        Zachariah    Marie        (Havenor)   |
        Rexrode    + Voegel    +--------------+--------------+
        (Rexrodt)  |           |b. 7 Aug. 1744| b. about 1745|
+------------------+--------+  |d. 1810       | d. after     |
|b.22 Feb. 1724/25 |b. about|  |Revolutionary |    4 Dec.    |
|in Erbach,        |   1730 |  |War, Ens., VA |    1804      |
|Odenwald, GERMANY |d. about|  |Furnished     |              |
|d. 18 Oct. 1799   |   1760 |  |Supplies to   | m. 1765      |
+------------------+--------+  |Am. Rev. Army |              |
                   |           +--------------+--------------+
                   |                          |
                   |                          |
Rexroads settled   |  +-----------------------+
the South Fork of  |  |
what is now        |  |              
Pendleton Co., WV, |  |              Frederick Huffman 
in 1774. Rexroad   |  |             +----------------------------+
is a German name   |  |             | born on the high seas when |
(Rixroth) which    |  |             |when his parents were coming|
means red king.    |  |             | from Germany to America.   |
     +-------------+  |             +----+-----------------------+
     |                |                  |
     |                |                  | 
    Johann      Margaret   Maria      Henry    
    George   +  Elizabeth  Eva     +  Huffman
    Rexrode  |  Havenor    Propst  |
             | (Hevener) +------+--+---+---------------+
   +---------+--------+  |b.1751|m.WFT |b.1757 in      |
   |b. about |b. about|  | -1758| Est. |Rockingham Co.,|
   |   1760  |   1764 |  |      |1765- |Virginia, USA  |
   |d. after |        |  |      |1815  |d.abt.June 1835|
   |   1840  |        |  |      |      |Pendleton Co., |
   +---------+--------+  |      |      |(West) Virginia|
             |           +------+------+---------------+
             |                   | Henry Huffman, when 17 and too young
             |                   | to enlist was sent as a special 
             |                   | messenger to General Braddock with 
             |                   | the Army of Virginia under the 
             |                   | command of Major George Washington
             |                   | in November 1755 who took the 
             |                   | expedition to Port Duquesne (now
             |                   | Pittsburgh) to help the colonists
             |                   | capture Fort Duquesne and the Ohio
             |                   | Valley and rescue General Braddock's
             |                   | army.
             |                   |
             |                   |
             |                   |
             |                   |
             John (Johann)    Susan
             George           Elizabeth
             Rexrode, Jr. +   Huffman 
            (George       |        
             Rexroad)     |           
                        |b. 1781  |m.1802 |b. 1784  |
                        |d. Sept. |       |d.WFT Est|
                        |   1852  |       |1849-1917|
                      William   Mary-Anne (Mary Anna)
                      Smith  +  Rexrode
                               |b. 5 March or 26 May 1825 Pendleton Co.,|
                               |   West Virginia/Virginia USA           |
                               |d. 12 Dec. 1881 in Stoney Run,          |
                               |   Pendleton County, Virginia           |
The name Mary Ann Rexroad appears as one of the confirmants in 1839 in St. Michael's Lutheran-Reformed Church, Pendleton County, West Virginia, Church register/baptismal book.