The Family of William H. and Carolyn Fisher Johnson

Source: James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson, their third son, who knew every person on this page personally

"When Bill and I lived in Asheville, we met many Evangelists. Bill met some at the airport at least once. They came to speak to a group of people. One time we were standing in a line with them, praying. Bill told them that we wanted to come back to VA. Maybe he told them that there was a problem with Walker there. Can't remember. They prayed, Feel a message came through that we would be blessed and would come back. It wasn't long after that, our life changed, Bill could have gone to an office in Wisconsin or leave company. He chose to come here without a job."
~ Carolyn Fisher Johnson on April 19, 2020, remembering the move from Asheville, NC, to Virginia.

The job that brought William H. Johnson to Harrisonburg, VA, was a job at Walker Manufacturing. After marrying Carolyn Fisher, he worked as a plant manager for Walker in North Carolina.

Remembering Pop
(William H. Johnson)

Neil and Pop and Jamie playing dominoes

Last Christmas (2009) with Pop: pictured are Ryan F. Johnson, Bill M. Johnson and Jamie Johnson and in this picture: Lydia G. Johnson, Wm. Arthur H. Johnson, Louise M. Johnson, Leona M. Johnson, Wm. Andrew Johnson and Tina L. Johnson holding J. Avery Johnson

William Herman Johnson
(industrial engineer)
Bill and Carolyn Johnson with sons (left to right) Neil and Billy in early 1970s
Family ca. 1978
(back of photo)
Other 1978 Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Family in 1986
Bill and Carolyn Johnson, ca. 1989
After May 1992 with the addition of Neil's wife Ann-Marie Hodgkins Johnson

Bill & Carolyn Johnson
cruise photo

Bill & Carolyn Johnson
in Spring 2010 just
before his passing

Carolyn June Fisher

"My husband proposed to me the night after we went to their (The Lettermen) concert at Madison College (JMU) in '64. We were blessed with a wonderful marriage for 46 yrs."
~ Carolyn F. Johnson (Facebook post)

"When I had so many babies, all wanted and planned, I went to my parents so Mama could help me. Remember rocking my 3rd one, Jamie Johnson, so much, and rubbing his sweet head, which had very little hair, unlike my other babies. My mom said, "You need to put that baby down" Said "You act like you never had another one". HAHA Of course, I kept rocking and loving. When it came to Carolyn Johnson Paradzinski, my last. Remember not putting her to bed, until she was asleep, even if she slept on the floor at my feet when I was watching TV. Probably didn't do real often. That Bill Johnson "Billy" just wanted to get up in the night to play. Remember lying on the sofa, with one eye open HAHA while he played around me. Especially when he was only 1. He walked at 9 mo. After mid-night on Christmas Eve. he got up to play...He got a small green hobby horse for Christmas and Neil got a large one, I am sure like many of you got. Billy wanted to play on Neil's. He has always been my most active one. Neil was very calm and slept through nights, just had a lot of cuddling."

~ Carolyn Fisher Johnson
remembering on Facebook
21 June 2019

"I love this tree. When I moved here I was so excited to learn that it was a Hickory Nut tree. Remember that my grandparents had one of those on their farm in West Virginia. Granddaddy threw sticks into the tree and knocked the hickory nuts out of the tree. They were very difficult to crack. Loved them. Remember when my mom made cherry hickory nut cakes. So, when my children came here for Christmas I had a great surprise for all of them. I went on eBay and found a hickory nut cracker. I gave my children and probably some of grandchildren hickory nuts. Much to my disappointment, they couldn't eat those nuts from the BITTER HICKORY NUT TREE. Squirrels liked them. Now I know just because a squirrel likes a nut, it doesn't mean that we will like it too."

- Carolyn Fisher Johnson
remembering on Facebook
29 July 2020

  1) childhood

2) Bill in the 1970s in Mt. Sidney, VA

3) with mother/sisters

4) Bill with his cat Pippin and another one
b. 17
1929, Hickory, NC
d. 11
2010, Harrisonburg, VA
Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery, Harrisonburg, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial

First date:
January 18, 1964.
m. 7
Wedding Announcement
Wedding Invitation
Fisher-Johnson Pair United

Marriage Certificate (another here, source: FamilySearch)
Carolyn F. Johnson on honeymoon in Williamsburg, VA, June 8, 1964: 1, 2
b. 28
1) childhood

2) picture: pregnant with her firstborn - Neil

3) Carolyn in the 1970s

(Click her name for more pictures)
"Bill passed away, May 11, 2010. He was wonderful. Beautiful life. He knew God. I am sure he has/had something to do with the life I have now. When 2 of our 4 children were married and we didn't have any grandchildren, Bill had aneurysm surgery, 15 yrs. after my Daddy had same. Daddy died 3rd day after his surgery, while I was talking to him. I WILL NEVER get over that. Bill told our 2 oldest sons sometime before he passed away, that during his aneurysm surgery, we went to the light, toward heaven. He could have gone on, asked to come back to see all of his grandchildren. Our last one was born 10 yrs. ago ... months before Bill passed. He knew he was going and was ready, and asked our children, and me to leave the room. Our children were lined along the wall beside his bed. The room was small. "This room is small, it is getting hot in here. I am going to sleep, and I can go quicker, if you are not watching me". We left, except, our ex-son-in law went in. I had left with one of my sons. After awhile we went back. Son-in-law and son wondered if I wanted to go to lunch with them. I decided to stay alone. Went to peaceful Bill. Wasn't sure he was alive. Called nurse in, who said she wasn't sure.. She called in head nurse. She said he was gone, and couldn't tell how long. Of course first nurse knew that he was gone. Family thought he waited to go when I got back to his room. I don't know. I saw an Angel in the car with me 1 mo. after he passed...I was set free of grieving. Sad yet beautiful experience with God." ~ Carolyn Fisher Johnson, May 1, 2020
Neil Fisher Johnson
(computer security)
  Ann-Marie Hodgkins   William ("Billy"/"Bill") Marshall Johnson
(physical therapy)
Bill is named for his father and where his parents stayed as newlyweds: Marshall's Tina Lynn HicksTina Johnson Children of Bill and Carolyn Johnson, December 1977: Carolyn, Neil, Jamie and Billy
(a second take)

ca. 1986
James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson (web developer, builder and researcher of this site) Soon after Jamie met Louise:

Louise Mae Johnson

Louise's middle name is from her Sylvia "Sally"/"Great Nan-Nan" Mae Stonesifer Carolyn Jane-Marie Johnson Carolyn's first name is from her mother and her middle name is from her two aunts: Thelma Jane and Mary Lou. Patrick Jay Paradzinski
b. 14
m. 16
Otterbein United Methodist Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia
b. 14
Anna Horst holding Billy Johnson as Neil Johnson looks on.
"Anna Horst helped me when Billy was born. I stayed next to Mama and BowWow's. Anna spent nights with me. Neil would stand up in a crib and look out the window toward Mama's in the morning. Anna's brother is Reuben Horst. Anna says: Look how sweet those boys are! I know I loved looking after them!"
~ Carolyn Fisher Johnson
b. 6

(pictures from 1970s)
m. 24
Otterbein United Methodist Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia
b. 21
Jamie is named for the late evangelist Jamie Buckingham at the suggestion of Linda Morrison (both family friends) and for his great grandfather Arthur Eckard.

b. 26
Their FamilySearch Tree

30 June

m. 30
Rose garden of Wayside Inn, Middletown, Virginia

Louise and Jamie as children
b. 26
  b. 14
At Fisher grandparents' house:
image 1
image 2
m. 27
Otterbein United Methodist Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Separated 2016.
Divorced 2018.
b. 22
Neil is named for R. Neil Sexton (note on back of photo), Bill Johnson's (his father) cousin and boyhood best friend, son of Nannie Hill Sexton, sister of Gertrude Leona Hill Johnson. Neil Sexton died at age 11. The Fisher is from Neil's (Johnson) mother's maiden surname.            

Pictures of James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson

Birth of James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson

Infant James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson

With parents William "Bill" Herman Johnson and Carolyn Fisher Johnson

With grandparents Otto "Bow-Wow" Woodrow Fisher and Hazel "Mă-Mă" Eckard Fisher and with aunt Thelma Jane Fisher Bourne

Sleeping in crib

New baby James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson

  1. With parents William "Bill" Herman Johnson and Carolyn Fisher Johnson
  2. Grandfather Otto "Bow-Wow" Woodrow Fisher
  3. Brothers: Neil and Billy
  4. "Grandma Johnson" - Gertrude Leona Hill Johnson
  5. Jamie Johnson
  6. Mother Carolyn Fisher Johnson
  1. Brother William "Billy" Marshall Johnson
  2. Brothers Neil, Jamie and Billy Johnson
  3. Johnson boys with parenst Bill H. and Carolyn F. Johnson
  4. Brothers Neil, Jamie and Billy
  5. Neil holding Jamie with Billy nearby
  6. Johnson boys and great grandmother Mollie Clara Nash Fisher
Jamie Johnson baby book family tree

Jamie at 6 weeks held by brother Neil and with brother Billy
(back of photo)

Jamie at 9 weeks old

Jamie at 3 months with parents Bill and Carolyn

Jamie at 3 months with grandparents Otto and Hazel

First Christmas

First Christmas (clearer)

Brothers: Neil, Jamie and Billy at Jamie's first New Years' Eve

Jamie with brothers: Left to Right: James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson, William Marshall Johnson and Neil Fisher Johnson (enhanced version

First birthday pictures:
Jamie held by father Bill as grandfather Fisher looks on

Jamie with brothers: Left to Right: James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson (age 1), William Marshall Johnson (age 3) and Neil Fisher Johnson (age 5)

Jamie as a toddler

Jamie with gingerbread house ca. 1975

Jamie in October 1975

Jamie ca. 1975

Jamie's first signature - "Jamie J." (larger image)

Carolyn Fisher Johnson playing with son James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson at home of her parents Otto W. and Hazel E. Fisher

Jamie Johnson at Christmas

Jamie Johnson at Christmas (2)

Jamie in hat in 1970s Mt. Sidney, VA

Jamie Johnson getting clean

Jamie Johnson towel

Jamie Johnson with Raggedy Andy

Jamie with brothers ca. 1976-1977: Left to Right: Neil Fisher Johnson, James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson and William "Billy" Marshall Johnson

James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson in a suit as a youngster

Jamie with his Dad in 1977

Jamie with his Dad around 1977

As a cowboy ca. 1977

With his sister Carolyn and Santa ca. 1977-1978

Playing in 1978 as his mother Carolyn looks on

Siblings: Neil, Jamie, Billy and Carolyn in 1979

Holy Land postcard from William "Bill" Herman Johnson to his son James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson in 1979:
front | back

Jamie Johnson grade school picture

Brothers: Billy & Jamie

James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson, ca. 1984

Jamie in 1984

December 1987 (left to right): Jamie Johnson, Bill Johnson, Carolyn F. Johnson, Carolyn J-M. Johnson with cat Misty, Billy Johnson with dog Muffin and Neil Johnson

Jamie Johnson with his mother Carolyn Fisher Johnson

Jamie Johnson, 1991 Turner Ashby High School graduate, with parents

Jamie Johnson through the years (ca. 1987, ca. 1989, ca. 1990, ca. 1992)

Brothers in Dec. 1994: Bill, Neil and Jamie

James "Jamie" Johnson at the Convocation Center of James Madison University (JMU) on May 6, 1995, graduating with his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Computer Information Systems

James "Jamie" Johnson celebrating a birthday around August 1998

Jamie with his 1991 Chevy Corsica ca. 1999

Jamie Johnson with his grandmother Hazel Eckard Fisher

Johnson siblings with grandmother: Carolyn, Neil holding Hazel "Ma-Ma" Fisher, Billy goofing off and Jamie

Jamie in December 2004

Jamie ca. 2014

Jamie in September 2022
James "Jamie" Johnson with his grandmother Hazel "Ma-Ma" Eckard Fisher, his daughter Leona Mae Johnson and his wife Louise Mae Johnson

Jamie and Louise Johnson with daughter Leona Mae Johnson in February 2005

Jamie & Louise with daughter Leona in Jan. 2006

Jamie and Louise Johnson with their children Leona and W. Arthur H. in early 2007

Jamie and Louise Johnson with children Leona and Arthur

Jamie, like generations of Johnsons before him, grew up in the (United) Methodist Church. He saw pictures of those before him who married there and his siblings were married there. He remembered the stained-glass window in the back of the sanctuary. However, when he became a Christian in 1990, he saw that the Bible teaching was weak and sometimes absent. He was the first in the lineage to leave the United Methodist Church and seek more Biblical teaching as that had waned by the 1990s in the UMC. He was the only one of his siblings who did not wed in the United Methodist Church. He now is a member of a Bible-believing Evangelical church. Some of his siblings, while ending up in different churches, followed suit.

| |  |||  |||  | | 
William Anthony Johnson

William is named for his grandfathers and Sarah was named by her brother.

Sarah Marie Johnson

"Andrew," like all the firstborn Johnson grandsons, has the William A. nomenclature, the William being from their grandfather.

William Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson
Ryan Fisher JohnsonRyan Johnson Lydia Grace JohnsonLydia Johnson Follow Famous Ancestral Lines

Leona Mae Johnson William Arthur Harrison Johnson
James Avery Johnson
  William Addisen Paradzinski
  Callie Marie Paradzinski
b. 2
  b. 24
  b. 24
b. 2
b. 30
  b. 31
b. 22
b. 9
  b. 9
  b. 7


Andrew's marriage to Cassidy Weaver

Ryan gets his Fisher from his paternal grandmother's maiden surname.

Words from Jamie Johnson to a father expecting his first child - a daughter - and Jamie's reflections on his daughter Leona: Here are my thoughts about my dear Leona: My firstborn was my dear daughter. She is the apple of my eye. I take great privilege in being her father. I was the first man she hugged. I was the first man with whom she danced. I was the first man to show her protection, security and love. I am a model of pure love to her. I am a model of chivalry to her so she can see how a real man is to treat a woman. I demonstrate this in how I love her mother, seeing her as a dear soulmate, not an object. I pray my daughter to find a husband one day who treats her as she sees me treating her mother. I am a shepherd to my dear daughter as I pastor my family and lead them in the Truth of Jesus Christ because the man I model for her to pursue I base on Him in my pursuit of Him. As she grows, I take time to listen to her and talk with her and encourage the excellence and grace and eloquence I see her already demonstrating. She is beautiful like her mother. It is my privilege and my responsibility to help this beauty shine through as I influence her character. I love my daughter. You will love yours, too. Love her well and take on the privilege and responsibility with zeal.

Leona is named for her great grandmother Gertrude Leona (Hill) Johnson and has Mae, her mother's middle name.

Leona Mae Johnson

Leona with grandfather Bill Johnson

Leona with grandfather Bill Johnson

Leona in 2005

Leona with "Uncle Bill" in 2005

Leona Mae Johnson in fall 2006

Leona Mae Johnson and Wm. Arthur H. Johnson in April 2007

Leona dancing with her Dad in 2008

Cousins: Leona Mae Johnson and Wm. Addisen Paradzinski

Leona dancing with her Dad in 2014

Leona dancing with her Dad in 2017

"Arthur" has William for his first name in honor of his grandfather and Arthur from his father's middle name.

William Arthur Harrison Johnson with parents Jamie and Louise and sister Leona

Wm. Arthur H. Johnson held by cousin Lydia Grace Johnson

Carolyn Fisher Johnson with grandchildren Callie Marie Paradzinski and Wm. Arthur Harrison Johnson: 1, 2

Arthur with grandfather Bill Johnson in October 2009

Arthur in 2019

"Avery" has James as his first name from his father and they share the same initials.

Avery being held by his grandfather Bill Johnson on April 10, 2010

Carolyn Fisher Johnson, Tina Lynn Johnson, Bill M. Johnson, Carolyn Johnson Paradzinski, Patrick Paradzinski, Louise Johnson, James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson holding J. Avery Johnson
  "Addisen" has William as his first name in honor of his grandfather.   Callie has Marie as her middle name from her mother.

Cousins in 2010: Left to Right: Sarah Marie Johnson (daughter of Neil and Ann-Marie), Callie Marie Paradzinski (daughter of Patrick and Carolyn), Lydia Grace Johnson (daughter of Bill and Tina) and Leona Mae Johnson (daughter of Jamie and Louise)

April 26, 2014: First Row: Kerrigan Bauserman, James Avery ("Avery") Johnson, Callie Marie Paradzinski, William Arthur ("Arthur") Harrison Johnson, Lydia Grace Johnson, William Andrew ("Andrew") Johnson, William Anthony Johnson; Second Row: Leona Mae Johnson, Sabrina Bauserman, William Addisen ("Addisen") Paradzinski, Sarah Marie Johnson and Ryan Fisher Johnson
(Note: The Bauserman sisters are second cousins to the others)

                          William     Carolyn
                          Herman      June       
              ("Bill")    Johnson     Fisher
              (industrial engineer)
                          |b. 17|m. 7|b. 28|
                          |Aug. |June|May  |
                          |     |1964|     |
 |                       |             |                   |
 |                       |             |                   |
Neil     Ann-Marie  William   Tina    James    Louise     Carolyn      Patrick
Fisher + Hodgkins   "Billy" + Lynn    "Jamie" + Mae       Jane-Marie + Paradzinski
Johnson             Marshall  Hicks   Arthur    Shifflet  Johnson    
(computer           Johnson           Johnson             (pharmaceuticals)
 security)          (physical     (computing)  (fmr.teach)+------+-----+-----+
+-----+-----+       therapist)       +-----+-----+------+ |b. 14 |m. 27|b. 22|
|     |     |       +----+-----+     |     |m.   |      | |August|June |June |
|b. 14|m. 16|       |b. 6|m. 24|     |b. 26|     |b. 26 | |      |1998 |     |
|March|May  |       |Oct.|June |     |Aug. |June |Aug.  | +------+--+--+----++
|     |1992 |       |    |1995 |     |     | 30, |      |           |       |
+--+--+--+--+       ++--++-----+     |     |2001 |      |           |       |
   |     |           |  |      |     +-----+-+--++------+           |       |
   |     |           |  |      |             |  +---+               |       +----+
   |     |           |  +---+  +------+      +-+    +--William      |            |
   |     |           |      |         |        |       Arthur       William      |     
William Sarah   William     Ryan      Lydia    Leona   Harrison     Addisen      Callie
Anthony Marie   Andrew      Fisher    Grace    Mae     Johnson      Paradzinski  Marie
Johnson Johnson Johnson     Johnson   Johnson  Johnson ("Arthur")   ("Addisen")  Paradzinski
+-----+ +-----+ ("Andrew")  +-----+   +-----+  +-----+  +-----+     +----+       +----+
|     | |     | +-----+     |b.  2|   |b. 30|  |b. 31|  |b. 22|     |b. 9|       |b. 7|
|b. 2 | |b. 24| |b. 24|     |April|   |Oct. |  |Aug. |  |Dec. |     |Jun.|       |May |
|March| |May  | |March|     +-----+   +-----+  +-----+  +-----+     +----+       +----+
+-----+ +-----+ +-----+

Carolyn Fisher Johnson, Neil Fisher Johnson, William Marshall Johnson, James Arthur Johnson, Carolyn Johnson Paradzinski, William Andrew Johnson, Ryan Fisher Johnson, Lydia Grace Johnson, William Arthur Harrison Johnson, and James Avery Johnson all were born in Harrisonburg, Virginia, at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.