Descendants of Elizabeth Strickler

 has the father
of Mary Strickler as
Jakob Peter Ruffner.
While it is a Master
Profile, it is not sourced
well. I've asked for sources.

Thommen is a Swiss name,
patronymic from a short
form of Thomas.

Much appreciation to Daniel Bly who provided me this information.

Note: Some trees use or Forerunners: A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Families Their Kith and Kin, by Harry M. Strickler (Harrisonburg, Virginia: 1925). However, that source is questioned and a better source is at is a better resource. After checking with genealogist Daniel Bly, he had this to say about that source: "I read through the article and it looks like some good research. I am always skeptical of the old genealogies, like Harry Strickler's Forerunners, because they did relied a lot on oral tradition, which can give great clues, but unless are often not reliably accurate. This researcher does seem cautious and relies on documentation, but I still did not see enough to state with such certainty that he was an early Indian trader, though it appears he may have been here earlier than thought. I checked Richard Davis's work, and it looks like this researcher took a lot from Davis's outline, regarding the timeline and documents regarding his time in Virginia."

Descendants of Elizabeth Strickler

Luray Valley Museum - includes history about the home of Abraham Strickler, his Bible, and a meeting house used by the Strickler family

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