This is information that Hazel Jane Eckard Fisher gave to Carolyn Jane-Marie Johnson Paradzinski (Hazel's granddaughter):

"When my Grandma Smith [Martha Jane Waggy Smith] was just a child she remembered coming into the house and seeing a lot of Union soldiers. They were picking on her mother [Susan Kiser Waggy], but she didn't remember what about. Then, one of the soldiers grabbed her and pushed her to her mother and said, "Go be with your mother, child." Then they left. I reckon her father [Adam Waggy] was in the Confederate Army because he wasn't around while this was taking place. That is what normally happened."

"I remember hearing a story about a group of children outside playing. They saw Confederate soldiers approaching, so they ran to hide. One boy jumped into a brushpile. One of the soldiers took out his gun and just shot him. He killed him as if the boy was just a rabbit. That soldier had no heart."

"Grandma [Martha Jane Waggy Smith] lived at Possum Trot, a mile from Cherry Grove."

Original documentation of what Hazel shared written down by Carolyn Jane-Marie Johnson (Paradzinski) when Carolyn was in school.