Excerpt from an April 1993 letter from Daniel Bly to Martha Baker Jones:

Just yesterday I made a discovery that I wish I had made six months ago. I was following some leads on Hamman families in central Alsace and in the film of the protestant parish register of Schwindratzheim I found the marriage of our Johannes (Hans) Schnepp, the immigrant and his wife, Barbara. The English translation reads:

7 Feb. 1719: HANSS SCHNEPP, son of Lorentz Schnepp, shepherd of Eckendorff joined in marriage with BARBARA DUTTIN, daughter of Philipp Dutt, shepherd here at Schwindratzheim. (literally, Philipp Dutt, shepherd here at Schwindratzheim's honorable daughter. The "-ens" on his name is possessive case)

. . .


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