Luther Ancestry


NOTE: Generations prior to the early-1700s are unverified. Verified generations on bottom half of page.

General Wiczel /Von Lutere/
b. 1345, Germany
d. 1394, Germany
Delia Hatter
b. 1325
Fabian Von Ludder
b. 1380, Mohra Wartburgkreie, Thuringen, Germany
d. 1440, Mohra Wartburgkreie, Thuringen, Germany
General Weigand Von Ludder III
b. 1420, Thueringen, Germany
d. 1470, Thueringen, Germany
Lisa Doring
Noah Luder
b. 1450, Lagensalza, Germany
d. 1500, Germany
Johannes "Hans" Luder
b. 1491, Germany
d. 1558, Nordhausen Thuringen, Germany
Ottie Puchbachin
b. 1489
d. 1520

A book excerpt claims that John Luther (Johannes "Hans" Ludder above) was a brother to the great reformer Martin Luther (Source: Ancestry).

Michael Luther
b. 1540
d. 1590
Gabriel Luther
b. 1570
d. 1630
Albrecht Luther
b. 1620, Strasbourg, Alsac, Rhine, Germany
d. 1654, Dusseldorf, Nordhein-Westfalen, Germany
Anna Maria Frohlich
b. 1625, Strasbourg, Germany
Albrecht Luther
b. 1650, Strasbourg, Rhine, Germany
d. 1683, Strasburg, Germany
Martha Preiser
b. 2 February 1674
m. 2 March 1682, Thomas Church, Strasburg, Sachen -Anhalt, Germany
John Georg Luther
b. 28 March 1683
d. 10 April 1741
Catherine Dorothea Hoffman
b. 1677
d. 1739
Johann Wilhelm Sander
1680, Westerwald Schaubury, Niedersachen, Germany
d. 13 May 1749, Victoria Russell, Kansas, USA
Maria Tonges
b. 1651, Nassau, Doggendort, Germany
d. 20 June 1707, Nassau, Doggendort, Germany
John George (Johan Georg) Luther
b. 15 June 1714/15, Strasburg, Germany
d. after 15 Jun 1779 in Frederick County, Maryland
m. 13 November 1737, St. Thomas Church, Strasburg, Germany Maria Barbara Naegel
b. 1717, Strasbourg, Alsace, France/Germany
  Johann Peter Kols
b. 15 January 1701, Maxsain, Germany
d. 30 October 1755, Frederick Co., Virginia
m. Maria Gertraut Sander
b. 21 November 1705, Germany
d. 12 October 1747, Wolferingen, Westerwaldkrels, Reinland-Pfatz, Germany

↑ Generations further back unverified.

The Stanford source excludes this generation and puts the above one instead. I have reached out to the author about that. Christian Luther
b. 1732, Strasburg, Rhine, Germany
d. 1800, NC, USA
m. Maria Christina Kelp
b. 31 July 1732, Germany
d. in Germany
Verified by DNA connection to 8th cousin K.N.S.                                                                                    

According to The Luther Family of Kerr County, Texas, which cites The Family Chronicles: The Luther family and related lines by Joseph Neal Luther:

Our Luther family came to America in 1759. Official records say this family had lived in Strasbourg. These records say Strasbourg, Germany. But the only Strasbourg is in France - although earlier it had been in Germany. Perhaps the family had lived on the German side of the Rhine, opposite Strasbourg, France. That part of the city on the German side would have been Strasbourg, Germany.

The family probably left Strasbourg in 1758. They most likely traveled down the Rhine to Amsterdam, then to Cowles in England and then on to America. Our family landed in the vicinity of Alexandria, Virginia in 1759. The Luthers lived in Alexandria for six years. This indicates they probably served a bonded indenture in return for their ship's passage.

From various documents, we know the family consisted of the mother and father and at least three sons. The names of the parents are unknown. The three Luther sons were:

1. John Michael Luther. Known as Michael Luther. Born 17 March 1751 in Strasbourg. He was known as Michael Luther. He arrived in America at the age of eight. As with his forefathers, he became a blacksmith.

(Notes: Michael Luther served in the Revolutionary War in the Frederick County, MD, Militia. For this service he received Pension # 920. ...)

Extensive documentation for J. Michael Luther verifying his service in the American Revolutionary War (Daughters of the American Revolution application, war pension, deposition, etc., including the possibility that he was among the men who crossed the Delaware with George Washington)

Sons of the American Revolution Patriot Research System Record for Michael Luther
Daughters of the American Revolution Record for Michael Luther

John (Jan) Michael Luther, Sr.
(known as Michael Luther)
b. 17 March 1751, Strasbourg, Germany

Patriot of the American Revolution

After the war, he settled at Black Mountain, Randolph County, North Carolina, in 1790 (remnants of homeplace)
d. 10 October 1834, Randolph Co., North Carolina
The rounded tombstone is thought to be his burial place in the Old Luther Cemetery, Randolph Co., NC.
m. ca. 1774, Frederick, Maryland

After the death of his wife Betsy, Michael married Mary Kindle 19-20 December 1789 at the German Reformed Church, Frederick, Maryland.

Michael Luther estate: The Genealogical Journal, Volume XXVI, No. 3, Fall 2002, "Randolph County Etates, Lucas to Luther" by Carol L. Vidales: p. 52 and p. 53

Will of Michael Luther from Randolph Co. Wills, 1829-1848: bottom of this page followed by this page.

North Carolina, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998: Michael Luther

Michael Luther' Heirs: The Genealogical Journal, Volume XI, No. 4, Fall 1987: page 2, page 3, page 4
Elizabeth "Betsy" (maiden name unknown) "Jan Michael immigrated to America with his father and mother in 1759, entering at Alexandria City, Virginia. He settled in Frederick County, Maryland where he married twice. In Dec 1776, he and his brother George joined the Maryland Militia and served two tours of duty before being discharged In June 1781, he was drafted into military service in Maryland, being discharged in April 1782. His total service during the Revolutionary ware was 20 months.

In the last two decades of the 18th century, related members of the Auman, Luther, and Slack families moved from Frederick County, Maryland to south-central Randolph County...including Michael, George, and Christrian Luther and Michael Auman and his wife Barabara Luther.

1 July 2011 Brown and Luther Families of Randolph County, North Carolina Page 59 In 1788, Jan Michael purchased 150 acres on Bumpass Fork (the stream the covered bridge straddles) of the Little River in Randolph County, North Carolina. By 1790, his family had moved to Randolph County, North Carolina where the 1790 census lists him with 4 males under 16 and 1 female. His household is listed in the 1800, 1810, and 1830 census reports. In 1832, Jan Michael applied for a pension as a Revolutionary War veteran. In 1840, his widow Mary also applied for his pension." (Stanford, pp. 58-59)

Michael was married first to Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) who was my ancestor. He later married Mary Kindle. He was not married to Elizabeth Auman, who actually married his brother George. Sources for marriages:

North Carolina in the Revolutionary War (North Carolina's Lost Souls Revolutionary War Project) |

John Michael Luther, Jr. was the first child born to John Michael and Elizabeth Luther, Sr. John Jr., called "Michael," was born in Frederick Co., MD, ca. 1775. In Randolph Co., NC, ca. 1794, he married and unknown woman. John Jr. and his wife had 3 children: George (b. 1796), Godfrey (b. 1797) and Rebecca (b. 1800?).

On 15 October 1807, in Randolph Co., NC, John J4. married a second time to Polly Vinson. Recorded as Michael Luther and Polly Wilson. Witness: William Thornbrugh. Bondsman: Josiah Lyndon. Source: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868. Polly was born ca. 1787. John Jr. and Polly had 5 children (children and dates are estimated according to census data, not necessarily proven): Margaret (b. 1808), son (b. ca. 1809), son (b. ca. 1810), Elizabeth? (b. ca. 1810) and Abraham (b. 7 February 1815).

In 1800, the census for Hillsboro, Randolph Co., NC, listed Michael Luther as 16-25. His wife was listed as age 26-44. They had three children: two males under 10 and one female under 10. Listed on the same census page: [uncle], George Luther [age 45 & up], [uncle], Jacob Luther [age 26-44], [brother], Godfrey Luther [age 16-26], Tabitha Lowe, Nathan Lamb, John Laughlin, Solomon Long and John Ledford.

In 1810, the census for Randolph Co., NC, listed Michael Luther Jr. as age 26-44. His wife was listed as age 26-44. They had seven children: two males under 10, one male 10-15, one male 16-25 and three females under 10. Listed on the same census page (nothing certain): [uncle], Jacob Luther [age 45 & up], [brother], Godfrey Luther [age 26-44], [brother], Jonathan Luther [age 26-44], Evan Lanter, Thomas Laws and William Lax.

9 March 1816, John Michael Luther, Jr., received 100 acres of land from his father, John Michael Luther, Sr. This land was located in Randolph Co., NC, on the waters of the Uwharrie River on both sides of Walkers Creek. This land deed was witnessed by Godfrey Luther and signed by J. Michael Luther. Proved in the Randolph Co. Court Session of February 1821.

Source: 1800/1810 US Census data summarized at

John Michael Luther, Jr.
b. 1775, Frederick, MD
d. ca. 1830 in New Hope Township, Randolph, North Carolina.
(Michael predeceased his father. FamilySearch erroneously has the marriage date 1807 for his death date)

"J. Michael Jr. migrated with his father to Randolph County, North Carolina before 1790" (Stanford, p. 60).
m. 15 October 1807, Randolph County, NC

Source: North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979

I have multiple DNA matches with whom I share common ancestors John Michael Luther (potentially) and Polly Vinson Luther. Sierra Tomez, Joseph Killion, Cheryl McNulty, Billy Garner, Tracey Sheffield, Sarah Armstrong, James Boak, Tiffany Killion, and Martha Holmen.

Mary "Polly" Vinson
b. 1787
d. before 1846
According to FamilySearch, Polly (Vinson) Luther's father is Levin Vinson (b. 1763-d. 1817 in Maryland), but no sources can validate this that I can find. Also according to FamilySearch, Ebenezer and Jane (Drake) Vinson had a daughter Elizabeth West Vinson who by Thomas Webb, Sr., was mother to Levin Vinson who was father to Polly, but this is unverified.
                       forum about Abraham and Mary (Shaw) Luther and their family

"Abraham is listed in the 1840 Randolph County census, Page 73. In the 1860 Randolph County census, Page 436, he is lists as living in Asheboro Township.

The 1870 Randolph County census, on Page 401, lists him in New Hope Township, age 55, a farmer" (Stanford, p. 60).

Abraham Luther was a Private in Co. D, 6th NC Senior Reserves during the Civil War (Source: Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of North Carolina, local image). This is the same unit in which my ancestor Allen Harris Johnson served.

Abraham Luther
b. 7 February 1815, New Hope, Randolph Co., North Carolina, USA
d. 13 July 1891, New Hope, Randolph Co., North Carolina, USA
Burial: New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery, New Hope Community, Denton, Davidson County, NC
m. 18 June 1834, Randolph County, NC
record of marriage bond
(source: FamilySearch)

1850 US Census data

I have DNA matches with whom I potentially share Abraham and Mary "Polly" Shaw Luther as ancestors. C.R. Hampton and Kevin Price.

Mary H. Shaw
b. 4 February 1815, Randolph County, NC
d. 28 June 1901 New Hope, Randolph, North Carolina, USA
Burial: New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery, New Hope Community, Denton, Davidson County, NC

descendants through daughter
Mary Ann Luther
via her marriage to
Jesse B. Hill
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