Old Fisher Album

These appear to be photos of descendants of George Fisher and his second wife Mary Gochenour (m. 5 January 1791)

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Zoom In: Charles Fisher

"Grandfather" / "Grandmother"
Zoom In: Grandfather / Grandmother

"Sam" / "Noah"
Zoom In: Samuel Fisher

Unknown man on horse / Frank
Zoom In: Frank Fisher

"Annie" / "Sam"
Zoom In: Annie / Sam

Zoom In: Bealie

James Madison "Matt" Fisher / his daughter Mable Clare Fisher
Zoom In: James Madison "Matt" Fisher, husband of Jennie Virginia Casebolt of Miami, Missouri / Mable Clare Fisher, their daughter

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family / "Joe"
Zoom In: unknown family / Joe

Walter Haney Fisher / unknown baby
Zoom In: Walter Haney Fisher, son of Clarissa (Clara) E. Fisher and Jacob "Jake" Haney Fisher of Eyota Olmstead, Minnesata, ca. 1879, age 8 months
Zoom In: unknown baby

"Grandfather Fisher" / baby
Zoom In: Grandfather Fisher / unknown baby

child / woman
Zoom In: child / woman

"Clara" / "Jake Haney" Fisher
Zoom In: Clara / Jacob "Jake" Haney Fisher

man / woman
Zoom In: man / woman

Clarissa (Clara) E. Fisher
Zoom In: Clarissa (Clara) E. Fisher, wife of Jacob (Jake) Haney Fisher

man / man
Zoom In: man / man

woman / "Bealie"
Zoom In: woman / Bealie

man / children
Zoom In: man / children

Zoom In: 31.pdf

man / woman
Zoom In: man / woman

"Billy" / baby
Zoom In: Billy / baby

Zoom In: child

Samuel Fisher, Jr. / "Noah"
Zoom In: Samuel Fisher, Jr. / Noah

"Nettie Grey"
Zoom In: Nettie Grey

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