Charles Florence Fisher Ancestry


The evidence suggests that my Fishers were from Germany, though there were Fishers from England as well as per this article regarding the Fisher surname. My conclusion of the German origin of my Fishers is supported by a letter written to "Gee Gee" on October 11, 1977, where the writer indicates the Fishers "came from an area between the Netherlands and Germany. The family allegedly got into trouble with the authorities for poaching on Royal property." It also mentions an eyewitness account Hessian soldiers in the American Civil War. S.P.D. spoke to a Civil War expert who said that there were German immigrants that fought on the Northern side. The Yankees would recruit them off of the boat in exchange for citizenship. This occurred with Irish immigrants, too. The Civil War expert also mentioned "Howard's Cowards" who fought in Gettysburg and elsewhere (Related article: The "German" XI Corps at Gettysburg July 1, 1863 by Patrick Young, esq.). Those troops may have either been from Hesse, or the term "Hessian" may just have been the old one for Germans in general.                      
      This line of Crabills is from Shenandoah Co., VA, a different family than the Crabills who married into the Mauck family in Shenandoah Co. and subsequently moved to Harrison Co., Indiana (Wolph, 1980).
Susannah Crabill
Johann Phillip (Philip) Bittmann (Pitman)
  The archive of one tree has Friedrick Fischer (b. ca. 1710) and Sybilla (?) as George Fisher's parents, but per Daniel Bly, there is no evidence or documentation that proves George Fisher, Sr. (d. 1814) was their son. Shenandoah Valley Settlers

b. 1745
d. 1 Feb. 1821
m. ca. 1770
Shenandoah Co., VA.
Both buried in old
Baker homestead
along North Mtn.
about 2 miles
northwest of
Strasburg, VA.
b. 16 Nov. 1741
Came to Philadelphia
on Prince of Wales
5 Nov. 1764.
d. 1 or 11 May 1820
    |         |          
Carolyn Fisher Johnson, my mother, says the Fishers "were Amish in PA. Some went mid-west and some south."

Per Daniel Bly: The evidence that old George Fisher, Sr., (d. 1814) came from Lancaster County, PA, (and there was no other George Fisher, Sr., in the area at that time) is found in a deposition he made 8 Aug 1803, in the Shenandoah County chancery case of John Smith vs. Adm of Abraham Kendrick. On pages 34 and 35 of the chancery file, you can find the digital copy of the deposition with George Fisher's signature on it. He states in regard to a man named Henry Weaver of Lancaster County that "twenty eight years since" (i.e., from 1803) he was living near Henry Weaver, brother of Abraham Kendrick's wife -- and goes on to recall conversation regarding a child that Kendrick's wife had by another man.

Old Fisher Album, which appears to feature descendants of George Fisher and his second wife Mary Gochenour (m. 5 January 1791). Refer to David Fisher family tree. The pictures include those of Samuel Fisher, Sr. (b. ca. 1803-1810), and Samuel Fisher, Jr. My fellow Fisher researcher and descendant S.P.D. says that Samuel Fisher, Sr., appears to have been a son of David and Susannah (Snapp) Fisher (i.e., not David's half-brother in the case of being a son of George and Mary Gochenour Fisher). Samuel went from Virginia to Indiana and then on to California, quite remarkable for his time!
George Fisher, Sr.   Catherine ?  
Peter Snapp

Revolutionary War Patriot
Peter Snapp was on the muster list of Alexander Machir's Militia Company from Strasburg District of Shenandoah County, Virginia, during the Revolutionary War.
Catherine Copenhaver
Christian Funkhouser, Sr.
Barbara Layman (Lehman)
After Barbara died, Christian Funkhouser married Catherine Stover, daughter of my ancestors, Jacob and Catherine Bowman Stover. The daughter Catherine Stover's first husband Reuben Boehm had died. - James Arthur Johnson
Signatures of George Fisher, Sr., from 1803:

b. 1740 to 1750
d. 14 May 1814
Last Will and Testament
m. ca. 1770 b. 1740 to 1750
d. 30 Sept. 1790
  b. 1754
in Frederick Co., VA
d. December 1789
in Shenandoah Co., VA
m. 11 March 1782 b. 16 January 1763
d. 23 July 1846
in Shenandoah Co., VA,
buried at Funk Cemetery, Fishers Hill, VA
  b. 1745, Tumbling Run, Shenandoah County, VA
d. 1818, Tumbling Run, Shenandoah County, VA
m. 21 June 1774 b. 1756, Shenandoah Co., Virginia
d. ca. 1804 (before 1805), Shenandoah Co., VA
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David Fisher is the namesake for Fishers Hill, Virginia, where he settled and built a mill on Tumbling Run ca. 1805 (source: p. 40, Shenandoah County Gazetteer & Historical Geography by Irvin D. Magin).

On David Fisher's gravestone, it says, "Our father rests beneath the sod no more earth to roam but oh, how happy is the thought that God will call him home." Located near Fishers Hill, Virginia.

David Fisher: Census Data

David Fisher family tree
David Fisher   Susanna Juliana Snapp   Emmanuel Pitman Emmanuel's brothers were Abraham, Jonathan and David. Esther (Ester) Funkhouser Esther Funkhouser Pitman Obituary

Notes on the deaths of Emanuel & Esther Pitman

"Fishers Hill is the high steep hill that you encounter when you go south of Strasburg on Rt. 11. It was originally the site of John Funk's Mill on Tumbling Run, which flows by the foot of the hill.

The property was later acquired by Lawrence Snapp, who left the land to his son Peter, who died in 1789, leaving the land to his two daughters, Margaret and Susanna as well as his wife, Catherine. Susanna got the land along Tumbling Run, including the old mill site and the hill.

Peter's widow Catherine who later married Jacob Funk lived further up Snapp's Run, and Margaret sold her share to Funk. Susanna Snapp married David Fisher in 1805 and he took over the old FUnk Mill and operated it for the next sixty years.

During that time the hill where the Valley Pike crossed Tumbling Run and ran up the face, became known as Fishers Hill.

The name more or less became permanent because it was labeled 'Fishers Hill' on maps made during the Civil War. (Courtesy of Daniel W. Bly)"
(p. 63, Strasburg, Virginia: Our History in Post Cards by Gloria Stickley).


b. 20 Jan. 1783
d. 10 March 1871
will info
grave photo
article about grave
m. 25 Sept. 1805
marriage record
b. 17 Sept. 1789
d. 30 March 1853
grave photo
  b. 5 Feb. 1772, Shenandoah, Page, Virginia
d. 13 April 1850, Toms Brook, Shenandoah Co., Virginia
m. 7 June 1796
Shenandoah Co., VA
b. 16 May 1776
d. 12 Nov. 1853
    |       |    
    Isaac Fisher   Susan Pitman
    b. 7 June 1814
d. 25 April 1866
grave photo
m. 16 March 1843

They lived in Fisher's Hill, VA
b. 18 July 1820
d. 12 July 1900
    Charles and Mary (Pifer) Fisher are third cousins via their shared great great grandfather John Funkhouser, Sr. (Johannes Fankhauser, Sr.). Charles Florence Fisher

(an older Charles pictured - colorized version, enhanced colorized close-up)
(picture w/ Charles and Mary)
(picture - reunion)
(picture - tomb)
(picture - tomb close-up)

Mary Elizabeth Pifer

(picture - as a young girl)
(enhanced/colorized close-up)
(picture - birthday)
(picture - quilt square she made in 1930s)
      b. 17 Oct. 1855
d. 6 June 1917
m. 29 April 1879 b. 16 April 1858
d. 12 Feb. 1936

descendants through son Otto Keiter Fisher via his marriage to Mollie Clara Nash
Fishers settled the             Christian       
upper tract of what is now      Crabill (Grabill)  - from Shenandoah Co. - is of a different family
Pendleton Co. WV, pre 1770.          |             than the Crabills who married into the Mauck family  
                                     |             in Shenandoah Co. and subsequently moved to 
                                     |             Harrison Co., Indiana (Wolph, 1980).    
Friedrich      Sybilla(?)       Susannah    Johann Phillip (Philip)
Fischer            |            Crabill  +  Bittmann         Susannah and Johann were married about 1770.
b. ca. 1710        |            (b. 1745    (Pitman)
   |               |         d. 1 Feb 1821) +------------+   Both Susannah and Johann are buried in
   +-------+-------+                        |b 16Nov.1741|   old Baker homestead along North Mtn. about
           |                                |Framersheim,|   2 miles northwest of Strasburg, VA.
           |                                |Alzey-Worms,|
           |                                |Rheinland-Pfalz,
           |                                |GERMANY.    |                    
           |                                |Came to     |             Barbara
    +------+                                |Philadelphia| Christian + Layman   
    |                                       |on "Prince  | Funkhouser  (Lehman) 
    |                                       |of Wales"   | +---------+--------+
George    Catherine     Peter   Catherine   |5 Nov. 1764.| |b. 1745  |b. 1745 |
Fisher  + (maiden       Snapp + Copenhaver  |m. about1770| |to 1755  |to 1755 |
b.1740  | name ?)  (1754-1789)| (1763-1846) |Shen Co. VA | |d. 1818  |d pre1805
to 1750 | (b. 1740            |             |d. 1 or 11  | +------------------+     
d.14 May| to 1750)            |             |May 1820    | |m. 21 June 1774   |
  1814  | (d. 30              |             +-----+------+ +-------+----------+
 m. abt |  Sept.              |                   |                |
 1770   |  1790)              |                   |                |
        +------------+        |                   |                |
                     |        |                   |                |
                     |        |                   |                |
On David Fisher's    David    Susanna             |                |       
gravestone, it       Fisher + Juliana       Emmanuel     Esther (Ester)
says, "Our father           | Snapp         Pitman     + Funkhouser
rests beneath the +------+--+--+-----+      +-----+-----+-----+ CLICK HERE
sod no more earth |b. 20 |m. 25|b. 17|      |b. 5 |m. 7 |b. 16| FOR ESTHER'S
to roam but oh,   |Jan.  |Sept.|Sept.|      |Feb. |June |May  | OBITUARY.
how happy is the  |1783  |1805 |1789 |      |1772 |1796 |1776 | CLICK HERE 
thought that God  |d. 10 |     |d. 30|      |d. 13|Shen.|d. 12| FOR NOTES ON
will call him     |March |     |March|      |April| Co. |Nov. | THE DEATHS OF
home." Located    |1871  |     |1853 |      |1850 | VA  |1853 | EMANUEL &
near Fishers Hill,+------+--+--+-----+      +-----+--+--+-----+ ESTHER PITMAN.
Virginia.                   |                        |         
(Census Data)               |                 +------+
                            Isaac     Susan   |
                            Fisher +  B. Pitman
                             |b. 7 |m. 16|b.18| Susan & Isacc
                             |June |Mar  |July| lived at Fisher's 
                             |1814 |1843 |1820| Hill, Virginia.
                             |d. 25|     |d.12|
                             |April|     |July|
                             |1866 |     |1900|
                                Charles    Mary
                                Florence + Elizabeth   
                                Fisher     Pifer       
                                |b. 17 |m. 29 |
                                |Oct.  |April |
                                |1855  |1879  |
                                |d. 6  |      |
                                |June  |      |
                                |1917  |      |