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Samuel M. McMullen (1794-1845)
Mary (Hugg) McMullen (1799-1860)
(related profile)

Welsh Tract Baptist Church

A FamilySearch profile for Mary Hugg indicates her husband as Samuel M. McMullen and includes a daughter Rebecca McMullen b. 1825.

July 9, 1818, marriage record for Samuel and Mary (Hugg) McMullen (FamilySearch) (Edited local image) and there is also marriage record (Source: "Delaware Vital Records, 1650-1974," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2021), Mary Hugg in entry for Samuel McMullin, 9 Jul 1818; citing Marriage, United States, Delaware Public Archives, Dover; FHL microfilm)
Other items to consider: 1, 2.

Samuel and Mary (Hugg) McMullen/McMullin
(likely parents)

A marriage reference in the probate record of Mary McMullin dated April 1860, shows the marriage (in New Castle, DE) of William Miller and Rebecca McMullin who were married 14 years earlier. This implies that Mary McMullin is the mother of Rebecca and it also shows the variation of the surname McMullen. In Delaware Vital Records, there's a reference for Mary McMullen, wife of Samuel, dead at age 64 on November 29, 1860, buried in the Welsh Tract Baptist Cemetery (and Samuel is buried there, too), reference: New Castle. This death date and the aforementioned probate means this could be the same Mary McMullen and if so, Samuel McMullen is Rebecca McMullen Miller's father.

According to Clyde Ratcliffe, the Nash "family can be found in Norfolk, Va in the 1850 & 1860 census... but I can't find him in the 1870 census." Joseph Nash was an auctioneer and later a bookkeeper. He lived with his brother Nathaniel (3 yrs older) after his wife's death. He died of "Disease of the Heart" and is buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, VA. The funeral service was at Granby St. M.E. Church.
Joseph Nash
Evelina Harwood
  William Miller   Rebecca McMullen
  b. 1817/18
Norfolk Co., VA
d. 23 Oct. 1879
Buried at Elmwood, Norfolk, VA
m. 17 Oct. 1842
Norfolk Co., VA
Evelina Harwood & Joseph Nash in the Virginia, U.S., Select Marriages, 1785-1940 - marriage date in 17 Oct. 1842 (Source: Virginia, U.S., Select Marriages, 1785-1940, p. 117).
b. 1821/22
d. 9 June 1859
Norfolk Co., VA

According to the death certificate for Mary Frances (Miller) Nash, William Miller was born in Baltimore, MD.
b. Dec. 1826
Malmsbury, England,
(near Wilshire
NW of London)
d. Feb. 17, 1891
outside of
Baltimore, Maryland
m. 31 May 1846
Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware
Marriage Record
(source: FamilySearch and New Castle County Delaware Genealogy and History)

Marriage record (Source: Public Archives Commission, Delaware Public Archives; Dover, Delaware; Marriage Records, 1744-1912; Record Group: RG1325.003.004)

Marriage record (Source: Delaware, Marriage Records, 1806-1933 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010)

Lived in Shenandoah Co., Virginia, in 1848, lived in Alexandria, Virginia, (with children John and Mollie) in 1860 (Source: 1860 Census), and lived in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1870 with son-in-law Wadsworth Nash and daughter Mary (formerly Mollie) Nash (errantly written as Mary Wadsworth), George Green and Catharine Brooks (Source: 1870 Census).
b. 29 Dec. 1822
New Castle Co., DE
d. 21 June 1900
buried in
Reisterstown, MD
    |       |  

Charles Florence Fisher

(an older Charles pictured - colorized version
enhanced/colorized version)
May 12, 1922, letter from Ernest Fisher
to his mother Mary Elizabeth (Pifer) Fisher: envelope
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

(picture w/ Charles and Mary)
(picture - reunion)
(picture - tomb)
(picture - tomb close-up)

Charles and Mary (Pifer) Fisher are third cousins via their shared great great grandfather John Funkhouser, Sr. (Johannes Fankhauser, Sr.).

Mary Elizabeth Pifer

(picture - as a young girl)
(enhanced colorized close-up)
(picture - birthday)

According to a letter written to "Gee Gee" on October 11, 1977, "Mary Liz" went to Dayton College. Further, the letter states that her brother, who lived across the river from her, was a Northern sympathizer during the Civil War whose land was spared when the Northern troops invaded the Shenandoah Valley.

(picture - quilt square she made in 1930s)
  Wadsworth "Wads" H. Nash

Confederate Navy Veteran, Private in Young's Harbor Guards and Light Artillery Blues, Norfolk, VA (Source: History of Norfolk County, Virginia and Representative Citizens, p. 122)

1900 Census showing Wadsworth and Mary Nash (misspelled as Nach)

1910 Census showing Wadsworth and Mary Nash

Mary Frances Miller
(called "Mollie" at age 11)
Mary Frances Miller had a brother John born circa 1846.

Wadsworth Nash served in the Confederate Navy and be stationed in Norfolk or Newport News, VA. He was a Private in Young's Harbor Guards at the outbreak of the War Between the States. On April 22, 1861 he was transferred to Captain Grandy's Company, VA Light Artillery (Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, which was present at Gettysburg). He was captured on April 2, 1865 during the fall of Petersburg, Virginia, and was transferred to Point Lookout Yankee prison, Maryland, and was released on May 21, 1865 (Source: FindAGrave). His family reportedly came from England. According to Clyde Ratcliffe, in 1868, Charles Nash, Wadsworth's younger brother and also an ancestor to Clyde's son-in-law, wrote, "I was born in Norfolk, Va., Jan 4, 1854 My parents were Joseph and Evelina Nash...When about fourteen years, I went to Baltimore to live with my brother Wadsworth, ten years my senior."
b. 17 Oct. 1855
d. 6 June 1917
m. 29 April 1879
(Shenandoah County Marriage Records)
Announcement from May 7, 1879, edition of the Shenandoah Herald, Volume 59, p. 4 (Woodstock, VA): Charles Florence Fisher marriage to Mary Elizabeth Pifer (Source:
b. 16 April 1858
d. 12 Feb. 1936
  b. 30 August 1841
Norfolk Co., VA
d. 22 November 1920
Buried in MD and later moved to Dayton, VA after wife's death
Death Certificate
m. 1869/70
Baltimore, MD
b. 31 July 1848
Shenandoah Co., VA
d. 27 September 1940
Death Certificate, which spells her middle name as Francis and lists her birthplace as Alexandria, Virginia.
  |         |        
Carolyn Fisher Johnson, my mother, says, "My grandfather [Otto Keiter Fisher] was born in Fishers Hill."

A letter written to "Gee Gee" on October 11, 1977, indicates that Homer, the second eldest child of Charles and Mary (Pifer) Fisher, worked in a machine shop and put his oldest brother "Ottie" (Otto Keiter Fisher) through medical school in Baltimore. As a child, Otto only went through 7th grade but read books during a lengthy recovery from an appendectomy and dissected dead animals. Further, the letter states that Homer had 4 brothers, 3 who went to school: "Ottie" (Otto Keiter Fisher) who was a doctor in Dayton, VA; Ernest who went to Altoona, PA; and Austin who was a boxer at Washington and Lee. It also indicates Lester who died when he was one year old.

Otto's sister Eva Fisher was a nurse:
Eva Fisher, RN
Eva Fisher, 2nd row far right
Eva Fisher with-nursing class at Rockingham Memorial Hospital Harrisonburg, VA (Which nurse is Eva?)
Eva Fisher resignation letter from The Pottsville Hospital 1 June 1930

Austin Fisher, brother of Otto Keiter Fisher. Girl with puppy is his daughter Gail Fisher
In medical school, Otto was a boxer like his brother Austin.

Otto is listed as Ottie K in 1880 Census, line 20. Source: "United States Census, 1880," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 24 December 2015), Virginia > Shenandoah > Davis > ED 83 > image 47 of 61; citing NARA microfilm publication T9, (National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C., n.d.)

His name being Otterbein (see note from Carolyn Johnson below) is supported as he is seen as Otterburn in 1900 Census, line 16. Source: "United States Census, 1900," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 5 August 2014), Virginia > Shenandoah > ED 74 Davis District (west part) > image 27 of 34; citing NARA microfilm publication T623 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).
Otto Keiter Fisher
(Otterbein Keiter Fisher)
(colorized version, close-upe)

(colorized version, close-up)

(As A Young Man)

(2nd Row with pipe)

(Med School photo - Same photo: enlarged)

(Otto Keiter Fisher, med school graduate)

(as a young doctor)

(Otto Keiter Fisher, M.D. with signature)

(on horseback)

(with his dogs)

(with dogs on porch)

(Older years photo)

(named for Philip William Otterbein)
  Mollie Clara Nash

(full picture)
(full picture colorized)
(enhanced colorized)
(close-up of Mollie)
(postcard with Mollie holding onto son Otto with sister Amelia sitting and holding baby Clara (colorized, enhanced colorized version) | back of postcard)
(portrait in later years)
Some records have Mary. "Mollie" may have been a nickname just as her mother, Mary, went by "Mollie" at a young age.

Mollie Clara Nash Fisher ca. 1970 with infant great-grandson William Marshall Johnson and toddler great-grandson Neil Fisher Johnson

Mollie Fisher with great-grandsons(L to R): Neil, Jamie and Billy Johnson

Mollie at a later birthday
Milk Home Delivery 101 by Leroy Henry who worked for Otto Keiter Fisher's brother J.H. (John "Homer") Fisher

Wetsel: Dr. Otto Keiter Fisher fathered a son from an affair with a practical nurse Luella Wetsel (who worked for Dr. Fisher ca. 1920-1928), the son given name Charles Wetsel. Luella is the daughter of D.M. Wetsel (Daniel McClelland Wetsel) who founded Wetsel Seed Co. in Harrisonburg, VA. Charles Wetsel approached Amelia Ritchie, daughter of Dr. Fisher, who unfortunately told him to seek out the Wetsel family. (Sources: Carolyn Fisher Johnson [granddaughter of Dr. Fisher], Ellen Ritchie Garber [granddaughter of Dr. Fisher and daughter of Amelia Fisher Ritchie], FamilySearch,, Find-A-Grave and Mineral Daily News and Keyser Tribune1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
The case for Luella Wetsel having a child with Dr. Otto Fisher



The case for Luella Wetsel having a child with Dr. Otto Keiter Fisher:
  1. Luella Wetsel and Dr. Fisher were lovers (including spending the night together), having an affair:

    Mineral Daily News and Keyser Tribune, September 12, 1928, p. 1:

    "The following was written Tuesday about noon, after Dr. Fisher failed to return on time, by Miss Luella Whetzel. The note did not reach the doctor. It brings out they were lovers as well as she being his nurse. A written history of the whole affair was found tucked away in books. This history seems to have been written from time to time by Miss Whetzel. Read the love note: Hello Sweetheart:
    So sorry you couldn't get back till late. Don't worry. I'm smiling and happy and I know you are. We just as well be here as some place else eating. Our future is ahead, Smile. It won't be long. If you could get in touch with Orville he would free us because he knows it was committed before she came over here. Why don't you send a telegram to J.S. Dyarneter. He's a woonderful friend. He will help us at the trial. Gee I'm happy. Your smiles, too, were close, Darling. Everything is good to me and we will come out O.K. God's hand is over us and I sure missed you today. I'm sleepy and can sleep fine -- You go to sleep. But please smile and don't give up. Please have more courage than ever. You are a wonderful man. I love you. But you're a good man. It won't be long. Darling, keep happy. They can't punish us long when she came here for a nose operation and we sent word back yes. It is good to go to sleep with happy thoughts. I truly love you, oh I do. Write a line to me. I'm feeling good, really. You're a dear. See you soon. Don't give up. I'm with you.
    Your little girl, I love you.
    Smile in spite of all, ha.
    P.S. I heard you come in last night. Bless your heart. I slept fine. Did you?

    Mineral Daily News and Keyser Tribune, December 7, 1928, pp. 1, 6: Dr. Fisher cross-examined by Attorney Timberlake:
    "[Dr. Fisher] was asked if he was a married man. He replied yes. Acquainted with Miss Wetsel, yes. In love with her, yes. In love with each other, yes."

  2. Luella Wetsel and Dr. Fisher were together for four years and there are some implications of inappropriate relationship and consequences thereof that appeared over by the time of this article:

    Mineral Daily News and Keyser Tribune, December 4, 1928, p. 2: Luella Wetsel "had been with Dr. Fisher constantly for the four years. ... Then she was asked some questions that cannot be printed, to which she reluctantly made answer. She refused to answer one question relating to her relationship to Dr. Fisher."

  3. Luella Wetsel had a child during the time of her affair with Dr. Fisher and he told her to go forward with having the child (despite having terminated other pregnancies) and even seemed to encourage her to marry him (i.e., the man responsible):

    Mineral Daily News and Keyser Tribune, Keyser, West Virginia, January 19, 1929, pp. 1, 5: January 5, 1929, confession made by Miss Luella Wetsel (A.) to R.A. Welch, Esq. (Q.), and in the presence of Dr. J.W. Wright, pastor of the First United Brethren Church and said city:

    Q. Miss Wetsel, you were with Dr. Fisher for more than four years ...
    Q. Dr. Fisher allowed you to go ahead and give birth to your child?
    A. Yes, sir. When I went back the second time he told me to go ahead with it. One thing he told me to do was to hunt the man and marry him, that it belonged to, and go through with it.

  4. As reported above: Charles Wetsel approached Amelia (Fisher) Ritchie (daughter of Dr. Fisher) to meet the family of his biological father. She turned him away and referred him to the Wetsels. This was unfortunate as my late grandfather (Otto Woodrow Fisher, son of Dr. Fisher) had always wanted to meet his half-brother.
b. 14 Feb. 1880
Fishers Hill, Virginia
d. 6 Dec. 1942

gravestone at Clover Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery, Clover Hill, VA
m. 14 August 1909 b. 18 March 1880
d. 28 June 1978
Carolyn Fisher Johnson wrote the following of her father Otto W. Fisher: Daddy was known as "Buddy" as a boy and always by friends and family. He was called "Doc" by those he met in the public and who he worked with. His father was a doctor, maybe "Doc" came from that. His name was often written as O. W. Fisher, Jr., but he was not a Jr. His middle name was Woodrow. His father was Otto Keiter Fisher. My understanding that my grandfather was named for Phillip Otterbein who traveled by horseback, ministering in the Strasburg area. My great grandmother was so impressed with Phillip Otterbein that she named her baby in his honor. "Bow Wow" was the name given by my oldest son. Daddy rocked him and made sounds to the baby. Think the baby was trying to imitate his sound, which sounded like Bow Wow. All 9 of his grandchildren called him that special name.

Sales Award 1963
Sales Award 1964
Sales Award 1965
Business card for Highway Motors

Otto "Bow-Wow" Woodrow Fisher with grandsons: William "Billy" Marshall Johnson, Nelson Wade Bourne, James "Jamie" Johnson, Christopher Lynn Bourne and Neil Fisher Johnson

Otto Woodrow Fisher, or "Bow-Wow" as he was known to his grandchildren, was a model train aficionado and he gave his HO-scale PA engine to his grandson James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson. Jamie played with the train as a child and on up into his high school days. When Jamie went to college, "Bow-Wow" passed away and the train remained safely in a box for years to come. Nearly 25 years later, Jamie would see the train run again with his own children on March 14, 2016.

Fisher genealogy notes from the 1960s
  Otto Woodrow Fisher Pictures ↓

Hazel Jane Eckard
Enhanced, colorized close-up

Otto Woodrow Fisher met Hazel Jane Eckard when she was working in Harrisonburg, VA, as a waitress. He kept showing up and asking her out and she kept saying, "No." However, eventually, she said she would go out with him once if he left her alone. And the rest is history.

"So many memories. I remember when she taught me how to tie my shoe. I remember songs she sang to me. I remember her chocolate chip cookies, her cakes and her home cooking. I remember watermelon in her backyard. I remember her smile, her gentleness, her faith." (Jamie Johnson post on Facebook remembering his grandmother)

Pictures of Otto Woodrow Fisher and siblings:
Otto with his sister Amelia (Back of Picture)
Fisher Children: Clara & Otto W.
Otto and Mary F. (back of picture) (enhanced, colorized version) (Close-up of Otto)
Otto Woodrow Fisher, 3rd grade (1922-1923), 6th from left with blonde hair, cocked head and squinted eye (He was blind in his right eye.) (zoom in)
1923 State Fair (words on back of picture)
Otto Woodrow Fisher and his prize pigs, age 9 in 1923
Picture of Otto W. Fisher as a teen (tall on the right) (Writing on back)
Picture of Otto W. Fisher as a young man
Picture of Otto W. Fisher with car
Fisher siblings: Mary Frances Fisher, Otto Woodrow Fisher, Clara Fisher Hester and Amelia Fisher Ritchie
Mary Frances (Fisher) Spurling, baby sister of Otto Woodrow Fisher - Carol Spurling, daughter of Mary Frances (Fisher) Spurling and Chester Spurling
Fisher siblings with mother: Otto Woodrow Fisher, standing. Front (Left to Right): Clara Fisher Hester, Mollie Clara Nash Fisher (mother) and Amelia Fisher Ritchie
Otto Woodrow Fisher eating a favorite: watermelon
Otto Woodrow Fisher with cousins and sister (note on back of picture)
Picture of Otto W. Fisher as a grandfather

1970 letter from Otto Woodrow Fisher (better known as "Bow-Wow") to his daughter Carolyn Fisher Johnson mentioning son-in-law Bill Johnson, grandsons Neil and Billy Johnson and step-granddaughter Elizabeth Johnson

Obituary for Otto's sister Amelia Harriet Fisher Ritchie

Remembrance: Amelia Harriet Fisher Ritchie

Note: Amelia's full name at birth was Amelia Harriet Pike Fisher.

Obituary for Otto's sister Clara Fisher Hester
  b. 6 Feb. 1914, Medley, WV
d. 21 Feb. 1992, UVA, Charlottesville, VA
(Obituary | Memorial service by Rev. Zig Volskis)
Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery, Harrisonburg, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial
m. 6 Apr. 1936, Riverton, WV
Register of Marriage
(source: West Virginia Division of Culture and History via FamilySearch)

In 1940, Otto was an Attendant at a gas service station in Harrisonburg, Virginia, according to 1940 United States Federal Census (local copy). Many people worked in blue-collar industries, like farming or construction. Otto Woodrow's education level was high school, 2nd year when he was working in 1940. Many Americans began working at a young age and never finished high school. Otto Woodrow made $480 annually, working 42 hours a week. Most working Americans made $1,368 a year in 1940, which is $24,970 in today’s dollars. He rented his home on 377 W Market Street (local image). $15 of his monthly income went towards his rent. About $1.15 of his paycheck likely went to grocery staples like milk, butter, and eggs. He eventually became a manager and by 1949, he owned his own service station as shared by his daughter Carolyn who stated the following: "When I was little, Daddy was mgr. of Goodyear. He had his own service station when Mary Lou was born [1949]. He lost everything during the flood, when she was a baby. Maybe he went into selling cars after that. Remember when rent went up to $50."

b. 24 Sept. 1911
d. 3 July 2008, Harrisonburg, VA
Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery, Harrisonburg, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial

"Hi Carolyn, I remember your Dad (Otto Woodrow Fisher) very well. He and your Mom were wonderful neighbors. I remember that your Dad got me my doll one year for Christmas. That was during the war when my Mom told me after Christmas how hard it was to get a doll. Your Dad was working as a salesman for either Goodrich or Goodyear, I believe. She said he made sure that I had one for Christmas. I'm sure there were other times that he helped us out."
~ Shirley Stover Miller (Facebook Post)

I have many memories of my grandfather "Bow-Wow" (Otto Woodrow Fisher). I remember sitting with him in his recliner watching "Little House on the Prairie", laughing when he had a stuffed bear he carried around which made flatulence noises and when he told the mean neighbors what he thought of them when they were coming down hard on us kids. I remember watermelon in his backyard. I remember eating steak, mashed potatoes and green beans with him while he drank his favorite - iced tea. I remember him sneaking cookies and sharing them. And I remember him showing/telling us to always keep the child in you alive. ~ Jamie Johnson


descendants through daughters Carolyn June Fisher (m. William Herman Johnson), Thelma Jane Fisher (m. Donald Wade Bourne) and Mary Lou Fisher (m. Charles Elwood Whitmore)
                              John R.   Susanna H.
                              Harwood + Gilbert
                        |b. 1790-1800 | b. 1790-1800 |
                        |Norfolk Co.VA|Norfolk Co.,VA| 
                        |d. pre-1840? |d.1842-1850   |
                        |Norfolk Co.VA|Norfolk Co.,VA|
                        |m. Feb.1, 1811 Norfolk Co.VA|
                                      +           William  +  Rebecca
                          Joseph + Evelina        Miller   |  McMullen
 According to Clyde        Nash  | Harwood    +------------+------------+       
 Ratcliffe, the Nash             |            |m.5/31/1845 New Castle,DE|
 "family can be found  +---------+---------+  +------------+------------+
 in Norfolk, Va in the |b.1817/18|b.1821/22|  |b. Dec. 1826|b. 29 Dec.  |
 1850 & 1860 census... |Norfolk  |d. Jun 9 |  |in Malmsbury|   1822 in  |
 but I can't find him  |Co., VA. |   1859  |  |ENGLAND near|New Castle  |
 in the 1870 census."  |d.Oct.23,|Norfolk  |  |Wiltshire,  |County,     |
 Joseph Nash was an    |1879     |Co., VA  |  |NW of London|Delaware.   |
 auctioneer and later  |   m.Oct17,1842 in |  |            |d. 21 June  |
 a bookkeeper. He      |   Norfolk Co., VA |  |d.Feb17,1891|   1900.    |
 lived w/his brother   +---------+---------+  | outside of |Buried in   |
 Nathaniel (3 yrs older)         |            | Baltimore, |Reistertown,|
 after his wife's death.         |            | Maryland.  |Maryland.   |
 He died of "Disease of the      +------+     +------------+------------+
 Heart" and is buried at Elmwood        |     |Lived in Shen.Co.,VA 1848| 
 Cemetery, Norfolk, VA. The             |     +------------+------------+
 funeral service was at Granby          |                  |
 St. M.E. Church.                       |                  |
                                        |                  |
                                        |                  | 
                                        |                  | 
                                        |                  |
                 Charles    Mary        Wadsworth  +    Mary
                 Florence + Elizabeth   Nash       |  Frances 
                 Fisher     Pifer       b.1843/44  |  Miller (Age 11, called "Mollie")
                +------+------+-----+   NorfolkCo. |  b. ca.1848 Shenandoah Co., VA
                |b. 17 |m. 29 |b. 16|   VA. Buried |  m. 1869/70 in Baltimore, MD. 
                |Oct.  |April |April|   in Dayton, |  (Had a brother John b. ca. 1846)
                |1855  |1879  |1858 |   VA.        |  d. 1941
                |d. 6  |      |d. 12|            +-+
                |June  |      |Feb. |            | Wadsworth Nash was said to have
                |1917  |      |1936 |            | served in the Confederate Navy
                +------+--+---+-----+            | and be stationed in Norfolk or 
                          |                      | Newport News, VA.  His family 
                          |                      | reportedly came from England.
                          |                +-----+ According to Clyde Ratcliffe, 
                          |                |       in 1868, Charles Nash, Wadsworth's
                          |                |       younger brother and also an
                          |                |       ancestor to Clyde's son-in-law,
                          |                |       wrote, "I was born in Norfolk,
                          |                |       Va., Jan 4, 1854 My parents were
                          |                |       Joseph and Evelina Nash...When
                          |                |       about fourteen years, I went to
                          |                |       Baltimore to live with my brother
                          |                |       Wadsworth, ten years my senior."
                          |                |
     Otto Keiter Fisher   Otto        Mollie (Some records have Mary, "Mollie" may
     was a doctor in      Keiter      Clara   have been a nickname just as her mother,
     Dayton, Virginia     Fisher   +  Nash    a Mary, went by "Mollie" during childhood) (Picture)
       Picture           +---------+---------+
       Med School photo  |b. 14 Feb|b. 18 Mar| 
      Older years photo  |1880     |1880     |
                         |d. 6 Dec |d. 28 Jun|
                         |1942     |1978     |
  Milk Home Delivery 101 +---------+---------+
  by Leroy Henry who     |m. 14 August 1909  |
  worked for Otto Keiter +---------+---------+
  Fisher's brother J.H. Fisher     |
                      Hazel      Otto
                      Jane    +  Woodrow
                      Eckard     Fisher
                                 (Feb. 6, 1914-Feb. 21, 1992) (Obituary)    
                                 Otto with his sister Amelia (Back of Picture)
                                 Fisher Children: Clara & Otto W.
                                 Otto and Mary F. (back of picture)
                                 1923 State Fair (words on back of picture)
                                 Picture of Otto W. Fisher as a teen (tall on the right) (Writing on back)
                                 Picture of Otto W. Fisher as a grandfather