Descendants of Otto Woodrow Fisher and Hazel Jane (Eckard) Fisher


Otto Woodrow Fisher met Hazel Jane Eckard when she was working in Harrisonburg, VA, as a waitress. He kept showing up and asking her out and she kept saying, "No." However, eventually, she said she would go out with him once if he left her alone. And the rest is history.

"Hi Carolyn, I remember your Dad (Otto Woodrow Fisher) very well. He and your Mom were wonderful neighbors. I remember that your Dad got me my doll one year for Christmas. That was during the war when my Mom told me after Christmas how hard it was to get a doll. Your Dad was working as a salesman for either Goodrich or Goodyear, I believe. She said he made sure that I had one for Christmas. I'm sure there were other times that he helped us out."
~ Shirley Stover Miller (Facebook Post)

Picture of Otto W. Fisher

More pictures of Otto Woodrow Fisher

In 1940, Otto was an Attendant at a gas service station in Harrisonburg, Virginia, according to 1940 United States Federal Census (local copy). Many people worked in blue-collar industries, like farming or construction. Otto Woodrow's education level was high school, 2nd year when he was working in 1940. Many Americans began working at a young age and never finished high school. Otto Woodrow made $480 annually, working 42 hours a week. Most working Americans made $1,368 a year in 1940, which is $24,970 in today’s dollars. He rented his home on 377 W Market Street (local image). $15 of his monthly income went towards his rent. About $1.15 of his paycheck likely went to grocery staples like milk, butter, and eggs. He eventually became a manager and by 1949, he owned his own service station as shared by his daughter Carolyn who stated the following: "When I was little, Daddy was mgr. of Goodyear. He had his own service station when Mary Lou was born [1949]. He lost everything during the flood, when she was a baby. Maybe he went into selling cars after that. Remember when rent went up to $50."

Otto Woodrow Fisher
("Doc", "Buddy", "Bow-Wow")
Otto & Hazel with their daughters and their families 1978, early 1980s and 1986

50th anniversary portrait

50th anniversary with daughters (L to R): Mary Lou Fisher Whitmore, Hazel (Eckard) & Otto W. Fisher, Thelma Jane (Fisher) Bourne and Carolyn Fisher Johnson

50th Anniversary picture with grandchildren
(Names on back of photo)

With Hazel's siblings at their 50th anniversary
(back of photo with siblings' names)

Their house in Harrisonburg, VA

Otto and Hazel Fisher on couch

Hazel Jane Eckard
("Ma-Ma", "Mammie")
"So many memories. I remember when she taught me how to tie my shoe. I remember songs she sang to me. I remember her chocolate chip cookies, her cakes and her home cooking. I remember watermelon in her backyard. I remember her smile, her gentleness, her faith." (Jamie Johnson post on Facebook remembering his grandmother) Sisters: Arline (left), Hazel (middle), Beulah (right)

Hazel all dressed up

More pictures of Hazel

1970 letter from Otto Woodrow Fisher (better known as "Bow-Wow") to his daughter Carolyn Fisher Johnson mentioning son-in-law Bill Johnson, grandsons Neil and Billy Johnson and step-granddaughter Elizabeth Johnson

I have many memories of my grandfather "Bow-Wow" (Otto Woodrow Fisher). I remember sitting with him in his recliner watching "Little House on the Prairie", laughing when he had a stuffed bear he carried around which made flatulence noises and when he told the mean neighbors what he thought of them when they were coming down hard on us kids. I remember watermelon in his backyard. I remember eating steak, mashed potatoes and green beans with him while he drank his favorite - iced tea. I remember him sneaking cookies and sharing them. And I remember him showing/telling us to always keep the child in you alive. ~ Jamie Johnson
b. 6 Feb. 1914, Medley, WV
d. 21 Feb. 1992, UVA, Charlottesville, VA
(Obituary | Memorial service by Rev. Zig Volskis)
Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery, Harrisonburg, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial
m. 6 Apr. 1936, Riverton, WV, by Rev. Earl Clayton Bateman, Sr. (EUB Church)
Register of Marriage
(source: West Virginia Division of Culture and History via FamilySearch)
50th Anniversary Album
b. 24 Sept. 1911
d. 3 July 2008, Harrisonburg, VA
Remembering Hazel
(Remembrance Booklet Source Images)
Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery, Harrisonburg, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial
  4 Generations (Carolyn Fisher Johnson, Hazel Eckard Fisher holding Leona Mae Johnson, and Jamie Johnson)

Hazel's rum cake recipe - email from Carolyn Fisher Johnson
Link of interest:
A History of Rockingham County
by John W. Wayland, Ph.D.
          Hazel reading to daughters Carolyn and Thelma   Fisher sisters: Carolyn June, Thelma Jane and Mary Lou  
    1940 Census data showing Otto and Hazel Fisher with their daughters Carolyn and Thelma
Carolyn June Fisher
(see note below)
William Herman Johnson

(see note below)
  Thelma Jane Fisher Thelma Jane Fisher in nursing school, front row, far right Donald Wade Bourne, Jr.
  Mary Lou Fisher

Charles Elwood Whitmore
b. 28 May engagement
m. 7 June
Otterbein UMC
Harrisonburg, VA
Wedding Announcement
Wedding Invitation
Fisher-Johnson Pair United
Exiting the church
Marriage Certificate (another here, source: FamilySearch)
Carolyn F. Johnson on honeymoon in Williamsburg, VA, June 8, 1964: 1, 2
b. 17 August 1929, Hickory, NC
d. 11 May 2010, Harrisonburg, VA
Burial: Eastlawn Cemetery, Harrisonburg, VA
Find-A-Grave Memorial

Husbands of the Fisher sisters:
Left to Right: Donald Wade Bourne married Thelma Jane Fisher; C. Elwood Whitmore married Mary Lou Fisher; William Herman Johnson married Carolyn June Fisher
b. 2 July 1939,
Harrisonburg, VA
d. 12 January 2024,
Harrisonburg, VA


In Memory

m. April 11, 1970
UVA Chapel
Charlottesville, VA

Wedding picture
Bride and groom with parents
Outside the chapel
Cutting the cake
Leaving the reception
Wedding departure vehicle
All smiles
b. 11 August

  b. 19 February m. 18 August 1978
Otterbein UMC
Harrisonburg, VA
Wedding Party
Bride with her mother
Bride: Mary Lou Whitmore
Bride and Groom: 1, 2
Sisters: left is Carolyn Johnson, middle is bride Mary Lou Whitmore, right is Thelma Bourne
b. 18 June 1947
d. 7 February 2020
at home in
Mt. Crawford, VA
The Daily News Record Obituary
Burial Service:
page 1, page 2
Memorial Service:
page 1, page 2
• Baby photo book
• Carolyn June Fisher in high chair
• Carolyn June Fisher (2 1/2 years) and Thelma Jane Fisher (3 1/2 months) (back of photo)
• childhood picture (larger resolution) - Picture of Carolyn caught trying to unlock a gate at age 28 months (September 1939). Her mother said, "Caught in escape."


"Me - A Runaway"
- Carolyn F. Johnson
9 November 2017

My Daddy was mgr. of Goodyear when I was a little girl. He drove a white panel truck which he parked behind our house at 377 W. Market St., Harrisonburg, VA.

An alley was between W. Water St. and W. Market St. Daddy drove up the alley and parked behind the house.

I do not remember that I was missing.

My parents and neighbors were looking for me and were very upset. The Lindbergh baby had been kidnapped and they were afraid that I had been kidnapped too. Mama said that I was a beautiful little girl. If someone wanted to kidnap me, my appearance would not have made any difference.

Mama said, that my name was being called and I didn't come forward. She walked by the van and I looked out the window. Mama said she got me out of the van and "beat me" all the way to the house. As long as Mama lived, she regretted how much she beat me. I do not remember any of this, but didn't run away again.

This brings me to one of my favorite pictures when I was trying to unlock a gate to go from the side yard to the front yard. I do remember when Mama caught me and took a picture of me. Think you have a picture of my with pigtails, looking around, when Mama approached me.

I won a beauty contest when I was little. Maybe was 2, not sure about that. Of course, Daddy, an excellent salesman, sold tickets for the contest.

• Another childhood photo (back of photo)
• Carolyn June Fisher and Thelma Jane Fisher (back of photo)
• Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher (back of photo)
• Carolyn Fisher with neighbor Bobby Stover and sister Thelma Fisher
• Carolyn June Fisher on left with sister Thelma Jane Fisher on right at Easter
• Thelma Jane Fisher hugged by sister Carolyn June Fisher
• Carolyn June Fisher on left with sister Thelma Jane Fisher
• Another photo: Carolyn June Fisher on left with sister Thelma Jane Fisher
• holding cake: Carolyn June Fisher on left with sister Thelma Jane Fisher
• Sisters on tricycle: Carolyn June Fisher driving with Thelma Jane Fisher on back
• Carolyn June Fisher with mother Hazel Eckard Fisher and sister Thelma Jane Fisher
• Carolyn June Fisher on left, unknown in middle, and sister Thelma Jane Fisher on right
• Carolyn June Fisher, age 7 (back of photo)
• Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher all smiles in the backyard
• Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher in the backyard
• Carolyn June Fisher (front row, far right) 1949 photo 7th grade (back of photo) | Close-up of Carolyn
• Carolyn June Fisher in 1949 or 1950
• Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher as older children
• Carolyn June Fisher - teenager
• Carolyn June Fisher, 1950s
• Carolyn June Fisher, Harrisonburg High School
• Feb. 1963 (Left to Right): Barbara Simmons Copley, Lorraine Crabbe Laprevotte and Carolyn Fisher Johnson
• Carolyn June Fisher, young adult
• Carolyn June Fisher at the cannon in Harrisonburg, VA
• Fisher Sisters: Carolyn June Fisher, Mary Lou Fisher, Thelma Jane Fisher
• Sisters: Thelma Jane Fisher, Mary Lou Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher at the Liberty Street statue Harrisonburg, VA
• Carolyn June Fisher at her Aunt and Uncle Meyerhoeffer's residence in Richmond, VA
• Carolyn at the Meyerhoeffer's
• Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher, high school days
• Carolyn June Fisher (far right) in Triple Trio Harrisonburg High School 1955 yearbook TAJ, p.71 (close up and rotated)
• Sisters left-to-right: Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher, ready for prom, ca. 1955
• Carolyn June Fisher, 1955 Yearbook Picture
• Harrisonburg High School Graduate 1955 Carolyn June Fisher (Other photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
• Graduates: Thelma Jane Fisher and Carolyn June Fisher
• Carolyn at her parents' home on Christmas
• Carolyn June Fisher and Thelma Jane Fisher on the campus of Madison College
• 1957 Business Degree (far right)
• Working at Madison College: standing (Left to Right): Helen Frank, Madison College Registrar; Pauline (Polly) C. Long, Secretary; Carolyn Fisher, Assistant Secretary; sitting: Helen Caravas and Ann Arundel, students
• Carolyn June Fisher ca. 1960 after she started working at Madison College
• Carolyn June Fisher, front left, Office of the Registrar, Madison College, 1961
• Carolyn June Fisher engagement photo March 1964
• Carolyn June Fisher wedding portrait 1964
• Carolyn Fisher Johnson, October 1967, Harrisonburg, VA
• Carolyn Fisher Johnson, standing far left, Alpha Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, 1960s
• Letter from Carolyn to Jacqueline 1971
• Carolyn Fisher Johnson, 2nd from left; Thelma Jane Bourne, 4th from left; little boy is Neil Fisher Johnson
• Carolyn Fisher Johnson, ca. 1978 (back of photo)
• Fisher Sisters with spouses (6/30/2001): Mary Lou and Elwood Whitmore, Carolyn and Bill Johnson, Thelma and Don Bourne


A little about me:

  • First Job - Merit's Shoe Store when I was 15.
  • Dream job - Naturalist when I was jr. high school. HAHA
  • Favorite Flower - Love so many..will say Lisianthus
  • Favorite Foot Wear - Open toe shoes, sandals.
  • Favorite Candy - any candy with caramel.
  • Favorite Ice Cream - Pistachio and Butter Pecan
  • Pet Peeve - Ball games on TV when it is news time.
  • Listening to right now - Star barking at squirrel from window.
  • Color of your vehicle - dark red
  • Favorite Holiday - Christmas
  • Early Bird or Night owl - Night owl
  • Favorite day of the week - Thursday
  • Tattoos- NO
  • Piercings - 1 in each ear.
  • Like to cook? - Loved it, until kids left home. None now.
  • Can you drive a manual transmission - yes
  • Favorite color - green
  • Do you like vegetables? - Yes
  • Do you wear glasses? Reading
  • Favorite season - Spring and Summer. Fall fine, until frost.
  • Pets - 1 dog
~ Facebook post by Carolyn Fisher Johnson 9 November 2018
It's worth noting that Thursday is "Mom-Mom" day where she gets to spend an afternoon with one of my kids. :) - James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson

• Needle Point made in 1962 by Carolyn Fisher Johnson
• Carolyn Fisher Johnson resumé
• High School memories
• Questions from August 2023

"My husband proposed to me the night after we went to their (The Lettermen) concert at Madison College (JMU) in '64. We were blessed with a wonderful marriage for 46 yrs."
~ Carolyn F. Johnson (Facebook post)

The bride Carolyn Fisher Johnson with her aunt Thelma Eckard Meyerhoeffer with the groom's brother-in-law John Lomax in the background
    Childhood pictures of Thelma are available on the left under her sister Carolyn.

Navy Nurse Lt. Thelma Fisher at Bethesda, MD

Thelma Jane Fisher at U.S. Naval Academy in 1964 (back of photo)

Thelma Fisher gets naval assignment

Thelma Fisher is Navy Nurse
    Mary Lou Fisher as a child with her "swimming pool"

Additional childhood pictures of Mary Lou Fisher are available on the left under her sister Carolyn.
Mary Lou Fisher at prom with Johnny Lomax

Note: Johnny is my cousin on my father's side. ~ Jamie
  Charles Elwood Whitmore in Paratrooper School preparing for a jump. He later became a Green Beret instructor. He is also a Vietnam War veteran.
  |     | | |   |   |

The children of
Bill & Carolyn Johnson

(which includes James Arthur Johnson who researched and developed this site)
Some individuals in this generation are pictured here:
Cousins through Fisher
Nelson Wade Bourne Christopher Lynn Bourne
Laura Jane Bourne

m. 18 September 1999 to

R.G. Bauserman
  Maria Jane Whitmore

m. 26 April 2014
(page 1, page 2) to

Evan Ray Smith
  Jeremy Charles Whitmore

m. 25 June 2011 to

Sarah Thomas Jarrett
      b. 11 July b. 16 Oct. b. 10 Aug.   b. 10 Sept.   b. 10 Oct.
Descendants of Bill & Carolyn Johnson

Sabrina Bauserman

Kerrigan Bauserman
b. 18 October

Judah Fisher Smith
b. 31 December

Micah Benjamin Smith
b. 19 February

Asher Elijah Smith
b. 1 November
Evangeline Rachel Smith
b. 4 February

Caden Charles Whitmore
b. 11 September

Carson Thomas Whitmore
b. 19 February
                          Otto       Hazel           Picture of Otto W. Fisher
                          Woodrow    Jane     Sisters: Arline (left), Hazel (middle), Beulah (right)     
                          Fisher     Eckard
          "Doc", "Buddy", "Bow-Wow"  "Ma-Ma"
                          |b. 6 |m. 6|b. 24|
                          |Feb. |Apr.|Sept.|
                          |1914 |1936|1911 |
                          |d. 21|    |d. 3 |
                          |Feb. |    |July |
                          |1992 |    |2008 |
 |                         |                      |    
 |                         |                      |    
Carolyn  William        Thelma   Donald         Mary        Charles       
June  +  Herman         Jane   + Wade           Lou      +  Elwood
Fisher|  Johnson        Fisher | Bourne         Fisher   |  Whitmore
      |                 "Teady"|                         |
+-----+-------+                |                         |
|b. 28|m.7 Jun|    +-----------+---------+        +------+----+
|May  |  1964 |    |                     |        |           |
|in   +-------+    Nelson  Christoper  Laura    Maria       Jeremy    
|Harrisonburg,|    Wade    Lynn        Jane     Jane        Charles
|Virginia     |    Bourne  Bourne      Bourne   Whitmore    Whitmore
+-----+-------+    +-----+------------+------+  +---------+---------+
      |            |b. 11|b. 16 Oct.  |b. 10 |  |b. 10    |b. 10    |
      |            |July |            |August|  |September| October |
Their Children     |     |            |      |  |         |         |
                   +-----+------------+------+  +---------+---------+

Bournes & Whitmores born in Harrisonburg, VA, at Rockingham Memorial. 
Laura Jane Bourne married R.G. Bauserman September 18, 1999, and has 
2 daughters: Sabrina Jane & Kerrigan Bauserman. Maria Whitmore 
married Brian Lamar Cowart on May 12, 2007. 

Carolyn June Fisher grew up in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  She and
William Herman Johnson lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia, then
moved to Asheville, North Carolina.  They moved to Mt. Sidney,
Virginia, around 1973.  They later moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia,
early in 1979. Click HERE to see their children.

Johnson, Bourne & Whitmore children were born in Harrisonburg, VA, at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. Laura Jane Bourne married R.G. Bauserman September 18, 1999, in Strasburg, VA; they have two daughters: Sabrina Jane & Kerrigan Bauserman (b. 18 October). Maria Whitmore married Evan R. Smith on April 26, 2014 (page 1, page 2). Their sons are Judah Fisher Smith (b. December 31), Micah Benjamin Smith (b. February 19) and Asher Elijah Smith (b. November 1). Jeremy Charles Whitmore married Sarah Thomas Jarrett on June 25, 2011; their sons are Caiden Charles Whitmore (b. September 11) and Carson Thomas Whitmore (b. February 19).

April 26, 2014: First Row: Kerrigan Bauserman, James Avery ("Avery") Johnson, Callie Marie Paradzinski, William Arthur ("Arthur") Harrison Johnson, Lydia Grace Johnson, William Andrew ("Andrew") Johnson, William Anthony Johnson; Second Row: Leona Mae Johnson, Sabrina Bauserman, William Addisen ("Addisen") Paradzinski, Sarah Marie Johnson and Ryan Fisher Johnson
(Note: The Bauserman sisters are second cousins to the others)

Carolyn June Fisher was born and grew up in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She and William Herman Johnson married and lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia, then moved to Asheville, North Carolina. They moved to Mt. Sidney, Virginia, around 1973. They later moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia, early in 1979. Click here to see their children.