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According to Vincent Prichard, the name Prichard is from the Welsh "ap Richard" -- son of Richard.

Per sources at WikiTree, Thomas Pritchard was not Henry Thomas Pritchard. Further, per Find-A-Grave, this Thomas Prichard was not the Thomas Prichard of Nant Lleidiog, Gwynedd, Wales, a yeoman, who likely never came to America and was in St. Asaph, Denbighshire, Wales, in 1686 as an executor to his father's will.

Thomas Pritchard (Prichard/Prechet) Thomas' alleged ancestry according to (CAUTION: Lots of errors) Barbara
(maiden name unknown)
John Culpeper
"The Rebel of Albemarle"
"The Carolina Rebel"
(NCPedia Article)
Sarah Mayo

"Thomas was a cordwainer by trade, a shoemaker who makes fine soft leather shoes and other luxury footwear articles." - Vincent Prichard on Find-A-Grave.

b. ca. 1650, Wales (perhaps in Denbigh Town, Denbighshire)
Arrived in Philadelphia in November 1683 aboard the ship Morning Star, loaded at Liverpool in August 1683.
d. 12 April 1698 (WikiTree and Find-A-Grave) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
m. ca. 1675

Children of Thomas and Barbara were the following (Find-A-Grave):
Ann Prichard (1670-1740)
Jane Prichard (1670-?)
John Prichard (1672-1738)
Matthew Prichard (1676-1727)
Martha Prichard (1678-?)
Mary Prichard (1680-1690)
Benjamin Prichard (1684-1739

b. ca. 1654-1660
  b. ca. 1644 (btwn Nov. 1641 and Aug. 1648)
Albemarle, NC
d. ca. January 1694
Pasquotank Precinct, NC
m. 23 August 1688
in Perquimans Precinct, NC
Second husband to Sarah Mayo
the widow of Valentine Bird.
This was his third marriage.
(marriage date source)
b. ca. 1668-1672
d. ca. 1726

Benjamin and his older brother, Mathew Pritchard (Prechet) and wife, and family, presented certificates from Philadelphia (signed 18d 9m 1700) to the Pasquotank Monthly Meeting, in North Carolina. Benjamin was given permission on 9d 2m 1704, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to marry Sarah Elizabeth Culpeper.

Benjamin Pritchard (Prechet) More information about Sarah and her parents are available
on their ancestry page including that she was not Sarah Bird.
Sarah Elizabeth Culpepper (Culpeper)  


Benjamin Prichard was a son of Thomas and Barbara Prichard, born in about 1684 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or perhaps in about 1680 in Wales. He was living in Philadelphia when the 1698 and 1699 wills of his parents were written, which both mention him among their six surviving children. On "23rd of 12th Month 1699", 5 Mar 1700 on the Gregorian Calendar, Matthew Prichard appeared at the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, "... laying before this meeting that he intends to transport himself, his brother Benjamin & family into Carolina, and desiring a Certificate, ...". Minutes of the Pasquotank Monthly Meeting in North Carolina note that Matthew Prichard arrived with his family and brother Benjamin from Philadelphia on "1701-4-1", 12 Jun 1701 Gregorian. Numerous records from the Symons Creek Monthly Meeting of Pasquotank County show Benjamin's residence there through November 1738.

Benjamin married first Sarah Culpepper (1686-1724) in Pasquotank County, North Carolina, on "1704, 9, 2", 13 Nov 1704 Gregorian. Benjamin and Sarah had the following children:

Mary Prichard (1707–1791)
Elizabeth Prichard (1710–1791)
Martha Prichard (1713–1788)
Joseph Prichard (1715–1761)
Benjamin Prichard (1719–1752)
Sarah Prichard (1723–1794)

Sarah died on "10-25-1723", 5 Jan 1724 Gregorian, and Benjamin married second Isabel Newby (1698-1758), widow of John Henly (1690-1728), in Pasquotank County on "1729, 6, 7", 18 Aug 1729 Gregorian. Benjamin and Isabel had the following child: Matthew Prichard (1732-1778).

It is presumed that Benjamin was buried in the Friends Symons Creek Monthly Meeting House Burial Ground, as he was a member of the Symons Creek Monthly Meeting.

-- Vincent Prichard, 5th great-grandson of Benjamin and Isabel Prichard, April 2015

Source: Find A Grave Memorial: Benjamin Prichard (1684-1739)

b. 25 November 1684
Philadelphia, PA
d. 21 September 1739 in NC

Benjamin Pritchard's family is listed on p. 114 of Encyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy, Volume I, by William Hinshaw (Caution!).

Quaker records mentioning Benjamin and Sarah Pritchard (source: Ancestry).

"1704, 9, 2. Benjamin Pritchard ltm [liberated to marry] Sarah Culpeper" (Hinshaw, Vol. I, p. 162) (Caution!). This liberation to marry is also mentioned in the Pasquotank Monthly Meeting (source: Ancestry).

Banns of Marriage:
First declaration of marriage intention on "5th of the 8th Month 1704" - 16 October 1704
Second declartion of marriage intention on "2nd of the 9th Month 1704"
m. 13 November 1704
some sources say Philadelphia, PA, though NC would make more sense. After Sarah died, Benjamin married Isabel Newby.

b. 2 February 1686 or ca. 1689
Albemarle Co., NC
d. 25 December 1723
Pasquotank Co., NC
Aaron Morris, Sr.
Note: More information about them is available by visiting descendants page linked below. Mary Sarah Pritchard Mary was a daughter of Benjamin Pritchard (Hinshaw, Vol. I, p. 103) (Caution!).
  b. 14 September 1704
Pasquotank Co., NC
d. 10 September 1770
(Hinshaw, Vol. I, p. 103) (Caution!)
m. 20 August 1724
Pasquotank Co., NC

"1724, 6, 20. Mary [daughter of Benjamin Pritchard], Pasquotank Co., m. Aaron Morris, at a public mtg in Pasquotank Co." (Hinshaw, Vol. I, p. 162) (Caution!).
b. 28 September 1707
Pasquotank Co., NC
d. 10 December 1791
Pasquotank Co., NC
(Hinshaw, Vol. I, p. 114) (Caution!)
Life in 18th Century North Carolina prior to the Revolutionary War

descendants through son
Joseph Morris
via his marriage to
Mary Newby

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