Every now and then, I will hear from a fellow searcher, researcher or relative who compliments my site. This site has been online in some form since 1996 and I began the research for this site in 1986. So, I appreciate the compliments and testimonials below:

"Jamie, Thank you for sharing. You have done quite a remarkable job of documentation. I think this research is so fascinating and find myself lost in the site for hours!" -- D.L.

"This is amazing info! Thank you so much." - D.T.B

"Thank you so much for sending that link. Wow! That was impressive!" - J.B.K.

"Thank you for sharing the research, that is some really cool information." - N.R.

"I am really impressed by all the work and research you have put into your family's history." - B.B.

"You have done an amazing job on your family tree." - S.H.

"Oh my golly Jamie!! This is so impressive!! Thank you so very much for sharing this with me. I'm excited to look into this deeper." - J.H.

"Checked out your web site. Looks good! Lots of info there." - T.N.

"Wow... I am floored at your website!" - J.W.

"I admire your determination to keep searching for your ancestors. Your [website] is amazing. One with which your children should be proud to be a part of." - S.J.K.

"Your web page etc. is truly amazing. I couldn't possibly comprehend how you did it." - S.J.K.

"Thank you James! WOW, your web site has lots of great info!" - N.H.

"Your information is amazing!" - A.M.

"I am researching the Smith line of our family in which your research has been very helpful. ... I admire your efforts!" - I.S.

"Your family link is fantastic." - D.N.

"Someone has done a lot of work. Nice website and tree." - J.S.

"I like your webpage. That is a lot of work. Great site." - D.H.

"I've found your site and have had a wonderful time looking at all of the information available! What a lot of work you have done! ... It's absolutely amazing to be able to find and document those connections and I thank you wholeheartedly for the work you've done on this to make that possible and accessible!!!" - D.B.

"Very interesting! You are obviously far better at this than I am." - D.M.

"Wow!! Good job on the family tree. I wish we were related, you have done most of the hard work." -- C.R.

"Wow! This is amazing - did you piece all that together?" - C.H.

"Thank you for all your valuable research of your family history!" - B.M.

"I am so impressed at the work you've done, including your organizational abilities!" - K.O.

"I'm so envious of your extensive family tree! ... I loved how there are stories included!" - K.E.

"You have it so organized! I'm jealous!" - G.M.

"[Y]our site is amazing!!" - K.

"I so enjoy learning about my ancestors! Thank you for your research!" - S.S.

"Your page is just about the most interesting geneology site I've ever seen." - J.A.

"I'm so impressed with all of your knowledge. I can tell you've been working on all of this for a while. It seems like you are an excellent research person. ... I was going to ask you what site you used to do your website. I really like how you have links to photos, etc. " - M.M.

"I am VERY impressed with your family tree. I know that took some time!!" - M.M.

"I've seen your site ... and find it very helpful." - G.C.

"Wow Jamie Johnson, I am so far from what you have. I can only dream of creating that for my tree." - J.D.M.

"Love how you keep up your Website. That's pretty awesome, you know! I'll have to read it in detail when I have a dedicated block of time. ...(it's like reading a good book!)" -- S.K.

"James Johnson, Very nice, well done." - S.J.

"Wow! James Johnson! This is an interesting read. I haven't absorbed it all .... Nice job!" - G.W.

"I have to commend you on all the work you have done." - A.G.

"I have looked at your website and am very impressed." - K.M.

"So this is your website???? WOW!!! LOVE IT!!! ... AWESOME!!!" - D.D.

"Wow - that family tree and your research is amazing!" - M.R.

"[Y]our work is GREAT!!!" - K.A.T

"I'm always in awe when I look at your genealogy and your web-page. I wouldn't have any idea where to start. It is amazing." - S.J.K.

"Thank you for that information James. I'm very impressed at the detail on family.beacon deacon.com. Very interesting." - P.N.

"Your website seems well researched ..." - T.D.

"I saw one last name I recognized when looking at your family tree. I'm very impressed with your data." - M.S-M.

"WOW!!! That's some awesome research!!! You're way above me!" - P.A.S.M.S

"Jamie, I am blown away by your ancestry work. ... Your tree is amazing." - B.W.

"Your website is super helpful!!" - C.K.

"Hi Jamie, I'm overawed by your detailed and incredibly well documented family tree." - A.B.

"Very impressive research and website!" J.L.

"The Family of Beacon Deacon is very detailed and I like the way you've set it out with the sources and additional information. I'm looking at it now...and there goes the rest of my day! :)" - F.M.

"Jamie, you have a very impressive web site. That had to have taken a lot of work. Great job." - C.R.

"You've done a lot of research! I'm impressed!" - Y.M.

"Your genealogical web-site is amazing." - S.J.K.

"Your site is awesome, you've done so much research!" - P.R.

"That's a really cool website. I'd love to do one!" - L.R.

"I looked at your website. It's very impressive and took a lot of work." - S.P.

"I had a chance to glance at your website and I'm very impressed with what you have done." - R.W.

"I was very impressed with your site on beacon. Love it..." - L.J.

"I checked out the link and that is pretty awesome to see!" - N.M

"Thank you so much for all of the information! You have done a lot of great work!" - L.L.

"You've done your research!" - J.L.

"very interesting and in-depth" - T.R.S.

"I am impressed by your family history page...very thorough." - C.H.

"I'm very impressed with your research and your web page!" - K.W.

"Wow! You've really done some 'homework' on this." - G.L.

"Thank you for this incredible information and sources! ...Your website is fantastic!" - G.W.

"You have really done some extensive research way above my understanding" - T.J.

Feedback from my class From Tales to Tree: Getting started in genealogy I taught in July 2019:

"Thank you for sharing your family tree link. You have done some extensive research. The photos were awesome and the information was so interesting." - C.H.

"Very impressive." - D.W.B.

"...your (rather amazing) tree" - D.N.

"I checked out your tree (and may I say, it is very impressive!)" - S.B.

"Thanks for the inspiration." - S.Q.

"You are so very nice to follow through with trying to find our connection. I very much appreciate it! ... Your tree is so informative and well organized." - M.J.

"[T]hat's a very cool website." - R.M.

"Hi James, your website is fantastic!" - L.M.

"Wow! What a fantastic page you have put together! ... I am VERY excited to dig through your amazing work and see if I can find anything." - E.C.

"Your website is very impressive" - T.S.

"Enjoyed perusing your family tree site, you've really put a lot of work into it." - R.S.

"You have done your homework." - J.A.G.

"I did follow to your web site and very informative, great job on that." - J.H.

"That's awesome that you have so much info on your family tree!" - K.S.

"Wow, you have put a lot of work in your family tree." - E.M.

"Wow! What an amazing genealogy website." - M.C.

"Good research by the way...thoroughly enjoyed reading it over." - A.V.J.

"Wow, you have a lot of information!" - J.C.

"Jamie Johnson, you are quite amazing. I shall certainly check out these ancestors and see where my lines cross. This is so exciting!" - V.W.

"I find your Family Tree to be terribly exciting." - K.L.B., U.K.

"Wow, you've got a great website!" - M.J.

"That's incredible. You sure have done a lot of research." - H.S.

"That is quite a website you have built and lots of information on it." - P.E.C.

"Jamie, it looks you've put a lot of work and time into your website." - C.M.D.

"Jamie Johnson: Absolutely beautifully put-together tree." - F.C.

"[I]mpressive body of research." - Dr. L.R.

"You have been doing this long enough to make good judgements!" - D.B.

"Wow! You have done a lot of research!" - J.R.

"You have an amazing website." - C.N.L.

"Your web site is amazing. It has so much info and goes so far out." - B.T.

"You're family tree looks remarkable and shows an extreme amount of effort put into it." - ST.M.

"You're website is great." - C.J.

"That's pretty amazing that you know all this stuff about your family line! ... I looked at your website and I've gotta say... WOW! You have put a lot of time and effort into all that! ... So, major kudos for having such a well put together site man! (: ... Again bang up job! I can't believe the [level] of detail you have on all of the family members there. Incredible!" - J.N

"[Yo]u have done a ton of research. ... [T]his should help me track some ancestors." - B.C.

"[T]hank you so much for your help. I appreciate you." - L.P.

"Your website is just amazing--it's so fascinating." - L.D.

"You are so blessed to have such a long family tradition. [T]hank you for your assistance." - P.M.

"Your site is awesome...Good job...Wish I could do all that" - K.H

"You certainly have done some research." - M.W.M.

"Wow, this is wonderful. ... Wow so much information. I am loving it... It is really all well done and wonderful." - R.Q.

"Wow!! That's really amazing!!" - N.P.

"Love your site, James! I hope you reference it in the Geni profiles for Sally Hicks." - E.H., curator at Geni.com

"Aren't you amazing? Thanks for sharing your information with me. You are a much better researcher..." - S.J.K.

"Wow I'm impressed." - L.K.

"I wouldn't began to know how to do what you did on your web-site. Impressive." - S.J.K.

"Sounds like you're doing your homework ... Fascinating stuff ..." - J.H.

"Thanks for your excellent chart and documentation..." - B.S.G.

"By the way your website is GREAT! ... It is one of the best sites I've ever seen. I really enjoyed it." - C.T.

"Thanks for sharing all of the photos. They are wonderful." - G.M.

"Wow!! Amazing work! ... Thank you for your excellent information!" - B.W.

"I glanced at your website - my goodness, you have really done a LOT of research...fascinating ...I may be coming to you for advice at some point!" - S.L.B.

"Jamie, I'm so impressed at all the research you've done and how you are able to access family history!" - R.A.

"I must say, your personal website is one of the best and most thorough efforts I've ever seen on the internet. You have done a fine job." - L.G.

"Your list of surnames is very impressive. You are to be commended for your work. ... Thank you for being you and sharing your family with me and others. Our world needs many more like you." - A.S.G.

"Thank you! What a great layout of your ancestors!" - C.H.

"Oh wow! You really seem to have a knack for this, thank you." - K.S.

"Excellent! I love that you have your family genealogy so well organized. A guy after my own heart. :-)" - T.

"Thanks for the good computer presentation for all! ... fine family history website." - K.K.

"I love your website!" - S.C.

"It is an incredible achievement. All of us who are descended from the Morris family owe you a great debt for the work you have done." - G.J.

"Bravo to you ... for the work you have done! I read the Samuel Shattuck page. Nice work!" - P.S.

"I appreciate your tree link--a lot of work has gone into it." - D.J.

"I was very impressed with all the info you have." - B.J.

"I looked at your website and it think it is quite well done. It is always a challenge to get everything organized in a simple and understandable format but your arrangement does that. ... [Y]ou have an outstanding website and at least people copying from that will have accurate information. ... I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your labors! ... And you are always on the ball updating your website. Keep it up!" - D.B.

"Jamie, you have to be one of the very best researchers I have ever found. I just love the fact that you can prove what you have. Wish there were more out there like you." - A.S.G.

"You have a very nice web site." - M.T.

"Thank You for sharing your family tree links! How incredible to see such detailed background. ... The pictures are amazing to see!" - A.T.

"GREAT job on your family research on James Johnson family tree ... an AWESOME website." - S.K.

"I am envious of your site. I wish I were capable of doing something similar." - R.M.J.


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