Every now and then, I will hear from a fellow searcher, researcher or relative who compliments my site. This site has been online in some form since 1996 and I began the research for this site in 1986. So, I appreciate the compliments and testimonials below:

"I must say, your personal website is one of the best and most thorough efforts I've ever seen on the internet. You have done a fine job." - L.G.

"Your list of surnames is very impressive. You are to be commended for your work. ... Thank you for being you and sharing your family with me and others. Our world needs many more like you." - A.S.G.

"Thank you! What a great layout of your ancestors!" - C.H.

"Oh wow! You really seem to have a knack for this, thank you." - K.S.

"Excellent! I love that you have your family genealogy so well organized. A guy after my own heart. :-)" - T.

"Thanks for the good computer presentation for all!" - K.K.

"I love your website!" - S.C.

"It is an incredible achievement. All of us who are descended from the Morris family owe you a great debt for the work you have done." - G.J.

"Bravo to you ... for the work you have done! I read the Samuel Shattuck page. Nice work!" - P.S.

"I appreciate your tree link--a lot of work has gone into it." - D.J.

"I was very impressed with all the info you have." - B.J.

"I looked at your website and it think it is quite well done. It is always a challenge to get everything organized in a simple and understandable format but your arrangement does that. ... [Y]ou have an outstanding website and at least people copying from that will have accurate information. ... I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your labors! ... And you are always on the ball updating your website. Keep it up!" - D.B.

"Jamie, you have to be one of the very best researchers I have ever found. I just love the fact that you can prove what you have. Wish there were more out there like you." - A.S.G.

"You have a very nice web site." - M.T.


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