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David Michael Hall indicates that John's middle name was Carl and Mary's maiden surname was Bouton.

Is this John Loflin possibly the same John Loflin, father of Daniel Loflin, father of Paulina "Laney" (Loflin) Surratt?

John Loflin
(1730-1812, NC)


Source for this generation: Ancestry.com

It doesn't seem the persons listed in Loftin: Family History & Genealogy Message Board
are connected to this Loflin line, and it is indicated elsewhere on this page that Loflin and
Loftin are 2 different families. Russell Wood, a Loftin descendant, indicates the Loflin and
Loftin families are two different families.

Richard appeared to have made money selling whiskey and brandy. The 1800 US Federal Census shows Richard Loflin. The 1840 US Federal Census shows later in life that either Richard or his wife was blind and neither could read or write. Randolph County, NC, Genealogical Journal, Winter 2001, p. 60, shows that the blind individual was Richard and that his wife was crippled. Richard had a slave named Luke (Randolph County, NC, Genealogical Journal, Winter 2001, p. 59) who worked Richard's farm in Davidson Co., NC, according to estate papers.

North Carolina Revolutionary Army Accounts, Vol. VI, Book 23, p. 518 lists Richard Lofton (possibly Richard Loflin since Loftin was often confused with the surname) as a veteran of the American Revolution. This is somewhat corraborated by a Richard Loflin being listed in Capt. Cox's district in the Rowan County, North Carolina, Tax List. Though there were multiple Richard Loflins, further evidence that this Richard Loflin is the Revolutionary Patriot is supported by his being of rank "Patriotic Service" in his Oath of Allegiance to make land entry in Rowan Co., NC, 8 February 1780 (abstracted by Richard A. Enochs, 1988). Other land documents: 18 June 1785 and its summary (Source: Secretary of State Land Grants... Rowan Co.), 1795. Also of interest is this 11 Oct 1784 pay voucher for "Richd Loflin" of Salisbury, Rowan, NC.

Richard Loflin

DNA: I have multiple matches with whom I potentially share common ancestors Richard and Mary "Polley" (Tolson) Loflin. Ronda Caroll, Lynn Wood, Jeffrey L. Littlejohn, Dennis Williams, Alta Clements, Frank Thurston, Lois Godwin, Patrick McGrew, Jessica Rodges, Denise Montgomery, Eugene Jenkins, Donna Graham, Jean C. Stroud, Wendy Wood, Tanya Donberger, Mark Earl Perkins, Jeffery Blalock, Teresa Coonts, Steven E. Peel, Nicole McIntyre, Gerald Martin, Carol Patterson, John Everette, Wanda Brown, Bill Coggin, Jane Spencer, Betty Williams, Cheryl Kirley, Miranda Redzich, Donna Spears, Bobby Gauldin, Freida Rosinski, Jacob Shuford, Amy Hamner, Betty Walls, Russell Milla, Heather Boen, Dinah Tadlock, Francis Mears, John William Mayfield Henson, John Peel, Margaret Martinez, Meridell Louise Mohler, Audra Stewart, Misty DeSalvo, Phillis Steele, Gary Warner, Debra Stapleton, and Joan Good.

North Carolina in the Revolutionary War (North Carolina's Lost Souls Revolutionary War Project.)

Mary "Polley" Tolson
(Some sources have her listed as Mary "Polly" Tolson Nelson, but Randolph Co. Marriage Bonds, p. 171, lists her as "Polley Tolson")

Richard and Mary had several children: The below John Loflin, Rebecca who married Davis Hix (Hicks) (He administered Richard's will), Mary who married Isaiah Hix (Hicks), Eleazer and Cornelius.

b. ca. 1746, Rowan/Davidson Co., North Carolina, USA
d. December 1843, Davidson Co., North Carolina, USA
Clarification on date of death not being ante 27 Nov. 1843
m. 23 July 1813, Randolph Co., North Carolina

(source: FamilySearch)
b. 1752
d. ?

The Genealogical Journal, Volume XXV, No. 4, Winter 2001, by the Randolph County Genealogical Society (Asheboro, NC) includes in its contents "Randolph County Estates," Loflin by Carol L. Vidales. It mentions Richard Loflin/Laughlin and his heirs on p. 58. The document further mentions Richard's heirs, but also the heirs of his son John who predeceased him on p. 59. The document describes Richard's blindness and his wife's being crippled on p. 60.


Richard and Polley Loflin (above) are documented as having a daughter Mary Loflin, who married Isaiah Hix, and it is said that they are the parents of my ancestor Sarah "Sallie" (Hicks) Morris.

      John Loflin, Sr.   Nancy Hall  

John pre-deceased his father. He was the father of 9 girls (Susannah who married Rix Newby, Winney who married Joshua Crow, Polly who married Wyatt Hughlin, Sarah who married Issac Luther, Rebecca who married Warner Bingham, Hannah who married Lewis Shaw, Nancy who married William Luther, Lucinda seen below who married Godfrey Bisher and Elizabeth who married Sawney Ingram) and one boy (William).

Randolph County, NC, Genealogical Journal, Winter 2001, mentions the heirs of John who predeceased his father Richard on p. 59.

b. 1774, NC
d. before December 1843, Davidson Co., NC
m. 30 July 1798
(Source: Ancestry)
Register of Deeds Marriage License Index (Source: Ancestry)

DNA: I have multiple matches with whom I share common ancestors John (potentially) and Nancy (Hall) Loflin. Rebecca Watts, Billy Barton, Linda Baumann, Meagan Carroll, Elvie Neely, Billy Pearson, Charles Hertz, Tonya Pendell, Annette Townsend, Ava Haines, Michael Graham, Cynthia Luther, Annette Newby, Jan Manning, Bobby Herring, Candy Holt, Christa Dickerson, James Honeycutt, Nichole Simpson, Melissa Whisler, Teresa Darlene Reeves Keck Warren, Gayle Allison, Wyatt Dickerson, Sean Williams, Dixie Jones, Steven Grant Watson, Martha Branson, Lisa Goodell, Teri Ricketts, Janet Okie, Fran Kiker, Brooke Luke, Eddie Jean Webb, Susan Williams, Jennifer Stewart, David Mabry, Fontilla Boyd, Charles Sechrist, Marilyn Miller VanAusdall, Stacey Aitken, Renee Goss, Sue Lauer, Jerry Harper, Eddie Luther, Jeremiah Megowan, Nancy Flood Thurston, Joe Proctor, Charles Loflin, Tyler Caskey, Bethany Keeton, Laura Molla, Scarlett Ray Patrick Wright, Alice Singh, Debbie Cody, Mary Lou Anderson, Gail Phillips, Jackie Russell, Marlena Morris, Rhonda Chapman and Danny McDaniel.

b. 1775
d. ca. 1840-1842

Godfrey was a farmer. Lucinda had a residence on 27 January 1848 in Davidson County, North Carolina. They had seven children: John, William, Jane, Angeline, Julia, James and Sarah. Godfrey was also a Confederate veteran of the Civil War and hero of Gettysburg. More information about Godfrey and Lucinda is available at the link below.


Death certificate for M. Worth Bisher showing parents as Godfrey Bisher and Lucinda Loflin. (Source: North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013).

DNA:: I have 3 matches with whom I share Godfrey and Lucinda (Loflin) Bisher as common ancestors.
Donna Hancock, Kathryn "Cassie" A. Tysinger and Amie Price.

his ancestry


Confederate veteran of the Civil War
and hero of Gettysburg
      b. 21 Oct. 1817, Randolph Co., NC
d. 2 Dec. 1881, Randolph Co., NC
Find-A-Grave memorial
m. 1838

Their children: William W Bisher, Nancy Jane Bisher, Milton W Bescheer, Rebecca L Beasheer, Rosalind Bescheer, Margaret A Bescheer, Julia Bescheer, James A Bescheer, Sara E Bescheer, Franklin H Bescheer, John F Bescheer and Donnie Bescher

b.1 Dec. 1818, Atlantic Ocean
d. 7 Sept. 1897
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descendants through daughter
Nancy "Jane" Bescher (Bischer)
via her marriage to
Allen Gilbert Morris