The Kearns Heritage

Ireland to Randolph County, NC

by Douglas and Peggy Gaddy Kearns

Notes regarding discrepancies and errors

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Notes regarding discrepancies and errors

Please be advised that this only follows the 2 direct ancestral Kearns lines of James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson.

  1. p. 6: There is some confusion about the ancestry of Hannah Miller Kearns. However, Sue Keirns Mulero clears it up: "1. Top of page 6, paragraph 2, It says 'James, son of John and Ann'. The name Ann should be Mary. This is just an oversight as several other places he consistently says James' wife is Ann Cain. Also there are records that confirm James m. Ann Cain. Next error. 2. He had the right numbers but just mixed them up. He writes John was born in 1693 and James was born around 1700. Actually, James is the one who was born 1693 and Ann was born around 1700. They ... married in 1722." Further, there is clarifying information in Chapter XXIX of Our Family Ancestors by Thomas Maxwell Potts: "John Miller, son of John Miller, born at 'Breckenbrough, in ye Parish of Kerbywilk in Yorkshire' in 1633, went over to Ireland as a planter, in 1657, and married Ann Clibborn*, daughter of William who was born in 1630, at Cowley, in the County of Durham. ...* The Clibborns are an old and well-known family of Moate and other places in Ireland" (p. 245). There children are William, Margaret, John (b. 1665 at Moate), Thomas, Abraham and Isaac (p. 245). The grandfather of Hannah Miller Kearns was John (b. 1665 at Moate) (p. 245). In the early 1700s, John and his kinfolk Gayen, Samuel and James settled in Chester Co., Pennsylvania (p. 246). "John Miller and his family [appear] to have arrived in Chester County about 1709, and settled in what is now Avondale" (p. 246). He was a Quaker (p. 246). "He married Mary Ignew, in Ireland, where some, if not all, [of] their children were born. He was elected a Member of Assembly in 1714, but died before the end of the year and before taking his seat. ... Mary Miller, his widow, died in 1730. leaving a will" (p. 246). Children of John and Mary (Ignew) Miller are James (b. 1st month, 1693 near Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland), Mary, William, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Martha, Elinor and Susannah (p. 247). James Miller (b. 1st month, 1693 near Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland) married "3 month 24, 1722, to Ann Cain (daughter of John and Ann), b. in County Armagh, and had children" Mary, Ann, Sarah, John, Joseph, Susannah, Hannah b. 1737, William and James (p. 247). Hannah b. 1737 is Hannah Miller Kearns. She is also mentioned in Papers of the Historical Society of Delaware IX. The Records of Holy Trinity Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Del., from 1697 to 1773, p. 719, published by The Historical Society of Delaware, 1890; and Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750 with their early history in Ireland, p. 327, by Albert Cook Myers; and in the will of James Miller.
  2. p. 9: Mentions that C. Rebecca Webb Kearns' first name was Charlotte though other sources have it as Cora. She went by Rebecca.
  3. p. 13: It says that Thomas Kearns (b. 19 Jan. 1776; m. Rebecca Ivey) died 12 December 1847 while other sources say he died 12 November 1847.
  4. p. 13: It erroneously lists Rebecca Ivey's (wife of Thomas Kearns) mother as Celia Forest. This has been disproven. Genealogist Bob Baird disproves this and substantiates that Sally Reese is the mother of Rebecca Ivey on pp. 23-24 of his document "The Line of Adam Ivey of Charles City County".
  5. p. 13: It mentions Thomas Ivey (b. 1604) who married Ann Argent and migrated to America in 1625 being the parents of Adam Ivey. However, on page 5 of The Line of Adam Ivey of Charles City County, Bob Baird shows this is another Adam Ivey line, not my ancestral Ivey line.
  6. p. 14: The death date for Elizabeth "Betsy" Kearns Johnson is listed as 22 July 1899, and while this agrees with some sources, other sources, including the cemetery records have 21 July 1899.
  7. p. 18: Silas K. Kearns is listed as being born 24 December 1813, which disagrees with what's on p. 23, which is also echoed in other sources: 23 December 1815.
  8. p. 19: Margaret Jane Kearns is listed as a sibling of Silas Kearns, but she is his daughter as proven by his will on the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2 where it states, "my daughter Margaret Jane Cranford". While p. 19 correctly lists her as marrying Matthew Coggin, it fails to mention her second marriage to Wenborn W. Cranford. Wenborn and Margaret Cranford are my great-great grandparents.
  9. p. 23: Silas Kearns is listed as Silas G. Keeran, and Keeran is an earlier variation for Kearns. The issue is with the middle initial G. His middle initial was K, which is proved by his will, codicil and probate document.
  10. p. 24: Lists one of the children of Silas and Sarah (Lassiter) Kearns as Margaret b. ca. 1838; m. Joshua Hurly, but Margaret married 1) Matthew Coggin and 2) Wenborn W. Cranford, the latter of which substantiated by Silas' will on the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2 where it states, "my daughter Margaret Jane Cranford".
  11. p. 27: Sarah (Lassiter) Kearns is mentioned as being born 1816, though other sources have 5 January 1815. Thomas H. Kearns is listed as the one child of Silas and Sarah (Lassiter) Kearns, but this omits their daughter Margaret Jane (Kearns) Cranford as well as other children listed on p. 23 and p. 24.

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