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Researched since 1986.
Online since 1996.
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The Family Tree of
James Arthur Johnson

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During the summer of 1986, a young James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson was inspired to search for his family heritage. He saw the pictures and heard the stories on the television during the centennial of the Statue of Liberty. These were pictures and stories of immigrants, "First Americans," the heritage of the storytellers. Since 1986, Jamie and his mother have done quite a bit of research in family history. By 1994, Jamie had traced a considerable part of his tree on paper, the document being the predecessor of this website. Jamie has drawn from many sources to compile this on-line family tree, which launched in 1996. The sources are listed below.

Jamie's most current research is detailed at the News & Research page. You can also learn about how to get started on your own research there.

How to Navigate

There are several ways to get around the tree. You can click and view the family tree and scroll and click from there if you know where you are going. Another option is by using the sitemap, which is a tree-navigation layout overview of all files in the site arranged hierarchically, but this, too, may be a challenge for those unfamiliar with the tree. A third option is using the surnames to navigate. Here, you get an alphabetical listing of all the surnames in the ancestry, and there are finder links with all of them so that you can go directly to the page of the site with that name. A final option is to use the built in search functionality on the site, where you can enter a name or date or whatever and it will list links to pages for you. Note: Most pages on the site are a bottom-up tree with the more recent people at the bottom and those further in the past at the top of the page. There are a few pages that are left-to-right trees with the left being more recent people and those further in the past being at the right. Most pages on this site are not suited for small devices since they follow a detailed tree structure (though pages like this one, Generations and You be the judge are adaptive for mobile devices). On many pages in the lower right hand corner, you will see this:

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Fascinating Facts

The furthest back I've traced

As of my latest research, the furthest my current tree traces back with certainty is to about the year 890 to Duncan of Strathearn, priest of Dule (Duncan Donnchadh, Priest Thane Dule and Earl of Caithness), an ancestor of Duncan I (who was killed by Macbeth) and Malcolm Canmore (who killed Macbeth to avenge his father's murder), all ancestors of Robert the Bruce.

My tree possibly traces back to the 4th century (300s) to a man named Tegid . He may have had the Roman name Tacitus. Tegid was the ancestor of generations of Welsh Kings beginning with his great-grandson Cunedda. Tegid is 55 generations prior to me, making him possibly my 53rd great-grandfather. One source, if it can be trusted, would take Tegid's ancestry back to the 1300s B.C., but that is even more speculative than Tegid himself. Historically (per this site), the following had been my earliest traced ancestors:

If old Anglo-Saxon genealogies could be verified, my tree would go back to the year 495 to the arrival of Cerdic of Wessex. However, with uncertainty of descent from gateway ancestors, this cannot currently be substantiated. And if Viking legends could be trusted as reliable histories, then I would have my genealogy traced back to the first century.

However, if the work of John O'Hart could be trusted, then I would have my ancestry back to the Biblical Adam. While we are all truly descended from Adam through his descendant Noah, O'Hart's work eventually enters into Irish legends, mythology and pseudo-history of ancient Ireland.

Notable Ancestors and Relatives

I have 1 confirmed gateway ancestor to royalty: Agnes Forbes DeSkene who goes back to Scottish Royalty including Robert "the Bruce" and others.

I have at least 4 gateway ancestors to possible royalty: John "The Rebel of Albemarle" Culpeper (though he being my ancestor is in question), William Charles (though he being my ancestor is in question), and William and Mary (Cuthbert) Hearne. If their ancestries can be further researched and confirmed, then my being descended from royalty (including Charlemagne) could be confirmed.

I have multiple ancestors who are veterans of the American Revolution

I have multiple ancestors who are veterans of the American Civil War

I am either a cousin to Propst descendants of Martin Luther (the Reformer) or possibly descended from him. More research is needed to determine which is the case. Currently, this is inconclusive.

According to, Kelly Clarkson is my 7th cousin, once removed, our common ancestor being Philip Waggy, Sr..

I am descended from Charlemagne, from Vikings and from various royal lines.

I am possibly descended from Alfred the Great, from Hugh Capet, from Lady Godiva, as well as from witnesses and surties of the Magna Carta and from various royal lines.

I am possibly related to Princess Diana, possibly to Queen Elizabeth, and possibly to William the Conqueror.

If research can be verified, I am a distant cousin to Alexander J. Hamilton, 1st Secretary of the United States Treasury. I am also a distant cousin to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Regardless of preference, history is history. And there is a chance that I am also more closely related to other U.S. Presidents due to our shared heritage with Hugh Capet. Granted, we're all related back far enough. I just like to know how.

Related Letters:

Royal Lines

I am descended from kings of Scotland including Robert I "The Bruce" and by virtue of that ancestry, I am also descended from Duncan I who was killed in battle by Macbeth (made famous by Shakespeare), and descended from Duncan's son Malcolm Canmore who killed Macbeth. And I am also directly descended from King Henry I of England as a result of being descended from Robert I "The Bruce", which also means I am descended from William the Conqueror and upon further research will be able to verify lines to Charlemagne.

In addition to possibly (Research Note) being descended from the Capetians and additional (to those above) Carolingians, I am also possibly (Research Note) descended from other royal lines: ancient Irish kings (Leinster lineage and De Brusse - De Brittany ancestry and according to legend, those with Scandinavian origins), Swedish and Slavic/Polish kings, kings of Wales. Some of this is pending verification.


Sure, many in the West are descended from him (and other royalty per this article and this article), but let me tell of the multiple ways I am possibly descended directly from him:

Charlemagne is my 35th great grandfather possibly 1 time, my 36th great grandfather possibly 3 times, my 37th great grandfather possibly 11 times, my 38th great grandfather possibly 6 times, my 39th great grandfather possibly 5 times, my 40th great grandfather 1 times (possibly 3 times), my 41st great grandfather 5 times (possibly 8 times), my 42nd great grandfather 4 times (possibly 5 times) and my 43rd great grandfather 1 time (possibly 2 times). And those are certainly not all the possible ways.

This also means it is possible I am multiply his distant cousin many times removed and that he is my many degrees of great uncle in multiple ways.

For details, refer to this online Excel spreadsheet.

And there still may yet be another line through the wife of William I of Provence: Adelaide-Blanche of Anjou.

Here is the larger picture of the possible paths within my family tree to Charlemagne:

Alfred the Great

As seen from above, I am possibly (Research Note) descended from Alfred the Great [Learn more].

Hugh Capet

As seen from my ancestry to Charlemagne, I am possibly (Research Note) descended from Hugh Capet [Learn more].

William the Conqueror

I am possibly related to William the Conqueror through my Newby ancestry.

Lady Godiva

I am possibly (Research Note) descended from Lady Godiva [Learn More].

Magna Carta

Three possible ancestors (Research Note) were witnesses of the Magna Carta (1215) and each played a role as a surety of the Magna Carta:

Princess Diana

The late Princess Diana (Spencer) of Wales, is possibly (Research Note) my distant cousin through our common Culpeper ancestry.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II's 32nd great grandfather Ranulf I is possibly (Research Note) my 36th great grandfather, meaning that at the very "least" I am possibly Queen Elizabeth II's 34th cousin 4 times removed. :)

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

Despite preferences, history is history. Through Obama's maternal grandmother, I am a distant cousin to Obama. Specifically, he is my 10th cousin once removed. This is through our common Dutt ancestry with our common ancestors being Georg and Anna (Kern) Dutt. They are my 9th great grandparents and his 10th great grandparents. Here are the respective lineages to the Dutt ancestry I share with Obama (most recent generation first, sources: 1, 2):

Barack Hussein Obama
Ann Dunham (1942-1995)
Madelyn Lee Payne (1922-2008)
Rolla Charles Payne (1892-1968)
Della L. Wolfley (1863-1906)
Robert Wolfley (1834-1895)
George Wolfley (1807-1879)
Anna Maria Toot (c1786-1841)
George Toot (1759-1813)
David Toot/Dutt (1727-1792) - Dutt changed to Toot in PA in 1750s
David Dutt (1698-1735)
Johannes (Hans) Dutt (1661-1737)
Georg (1629-1690) and Anna (Kern) Dutt
James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson
Carolyn Fisher
Otto Woodrow Fisher (1914-1992)
Otto Keiter Fisher (1880-1942)
Charles Florence Fisher (1855-1917)
Isaac Fisher (1814-1866)
Susanna Juliana Snapp (1789-1853)
Peter Snapp (1754-1789)
Lawrence Snapp (Lorentz Schnepp) (1723-1782)
Barbara Dutt (1700-1758)
Philip Dutt (ca. 1655-1726)
Georg (1629-1690) and Anna (Kern) Dutt

Alexander J. Hamilton, 1st Secretary of the United States Treasury

Alexander Hamilton and I share a common ancestor in Sir David FitzWalter Hamilton who is Alexander's 12th great grandfather and my 21st great grandfather (if research can be verified). This makes me Alexander Hamilton's 13th cousin 9 times removed (if research can be verified). Here are our respective ancestries back to David FitzWalter Hamilton:

Alexander John Hamilton (1757-1804)
James A. Hamilton, Sr. (1718-1799)
Alexander Hamilton of Grange (ca. 1654-)
John Hamilton of Grange (ca. 1620-1695)
Sir John Hamilton of Grange (1606-1675)
John Hamilton of Grange (1570-1662)
Alexander Hamilton of Grange (1540-1658)
David Hamilton of Grange (1521-1590)
John Hamilton of Cambuskeith (ca. 1504-1547)
Alexander Hamilton of Cambuskeith (ca. 1475-1513)
John Hamilton of Cambuskeith (1450-1489)
James Hamilton of Cambuskeith (1425-)
David Hamilton of Cambuskeith (1386-1436)
Walter Hamilton (1339-1402)
Sir David fitz Walter (FitzWalter) Hamilton (1310-1378)


James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson
William Herman Johnson (1929-2010)
Herman Edwin Johnson (1902-1972)
Norman Harris Johnson (1867-1955)
Titus Winbourne Johnson (1837-1913)
Allen Harris Johnson (1817-1905)
Nancy Charity Skeen Johnson (1792-1858)
Jacob Skeen (1769-1835)
Matthew Skeen (1737-1814)
Matthew Skene (1677-1749)
John Skene (1649-1690)
Alexander Skene (1621-1693)
Robert Skene II (1591-1643)
Robert Skene (1564-1625)
Gilbert Skene (1538-1604)
Alexander Skene (1517-1604)
Alexander De Skene (1498-1573)
Agnes Forbes De Skene (1482- )
Gillie "Egida" Keith Forbes (1424-1482)
Mary (Marjory) Hamilton Keith (ca. 1400- )
James Hamilton (1393-1441)
John Hamilton, knight (1371-1402)
David Hamilton, knight (1335-1388/1392)
Sir David fitz Walter (FitzWalter) Hamilton (1310-1378)



My Viking ancestor Erik the Victorious, while a historic King of Sweden, has an ancestry mostly in legend and myth including Odin (Óδinn, Wóden, Wöden, Wuotan, Wodan, Wotan - also seen here), Brunhilda, ancestors found in Beowulf such as Hrothgar and Fróδi (Froda, Frode, Frotho, Frodo), figures who influenced the naming of characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (The hobbit Frodo and the dwarves Durin and Dwalin) and both a giant and giantess.

I have Viking ancestry in my Stewart / De Angus (ancestry of Scottish Royalty) lineage and in that line's ancestry in my De Brusse - De Brittany ancestry as well as further back into legend, pointing to Norse mythology, including the namesake for Gandalf in J.R.R. Tolkien's works. And because Viking surnames were often based on the father's first name, many of the surnames in my ancestry are Viking surnames

I have possible Viking ancestry via these possible ancestries: Capetian lineage and Vermandois lineage However, with uncertainty of descent from some gateway ancestors (those pointing to royalty and eventually Vikings), this cannot currently be substantiated.

Other fascinating facts

I may have had two direct ancestors with maiden name Maria Catharina Ruhlman, and it took some time and research to arrive at the conclusion that they were indeed two different women. One of them, where her being a Ruhlman is not for certain, married Jacob Zorn and was born 1726 in what is now West Virginia, and the other one, where her being a Ruhlman is certain, married Johann Caspar Eckhardt and was born in 1723 in the Palatinate in what is now France and died in what is now West Virginia.

One of my ancestral surnames Rexrode may mean "Red King."

I am possibly related to Captain Jacob Seybert who, during the French and Indian War, was massacred along with others by Delaware and Shawnee Indians (under the war chief Bemino) at the British settler stockade named for him -- Fort Seybert, in what is now West Virginia.

Among the photographs I have on this site is one of someone born in 1784 -- my great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine Coffman Funkhouser -- found on this part of the tree. Living till 1870, she lived long enough for photography to make its debut.

I am descended from Peter Stephens, founder of Stephens City, VA, and related to Peter Stover, founder of Strasburg, VA.

One of my ancestors T. Winbourne Johnson was wounded 3 times in the American Civil War as well as captured. Not only did he survive the war, but he lived until 1913. And it's a good thing that he survived the war for his son from whom I am descended was born 2 years after the war.

I am connected to both sides of the Lincoln assassination via marriages. On my mother's side (via Coffman), I am related to Joseph Coffman, the husband of President Abraham Lincoln's first cousin, once removed, Abigail Lincoln Coffman. Abigail's husband is brother to my great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine Coffman Funkhouser. On my father's side (via Surratt), I am related to John Harrison Surratt, Sr., the late husband of Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Surratt, and she was hanged for taking part in the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln. I am likely John Harrison Surratt, Sr.'s 3rd cousin 6 times removed (John Harrison Surratt, Sr., son of a brother of Samuel Sarratt, son of Alphonsus Sarratt, son of Joseph Sarratt, Jr., son of Joseph Sarratt, the progenitor per details in Some Surratt/Sarratt Families in the United States 1715-1980 by Laura and Norman H. Sarratt, pp. 1-14).

Two siblings and one of their first cousins are all three my direct ancestors, their descendants uniting 5, 6 and 5 respective generations later in my maternal grandmother Hazel Jane Eckard Fisher. And even more intriguing is that the two siblings married siblings. In detail, there were Leonard Simmons and his sister Catherine Simmons and their first cousin John Simmons. There were also siblings Catherine Smith and John Smith. Leonard Simmons married Catherine Smith and John Smith married Catherine Simmons. And my maternal grandmother is descended from these two sets of siblings and also from their first cousin John Simmons.

Because my father's (William Herman Johnson) mother is his father's fourth cousin once removed, this makes my father his mother's fifth cousin. This means that I am my father's 6th cousin and I am my own sixth cousin once removed. This is due to my paternal grandparents having a common Kearns ancestor.

One of my ancestors, Vinzenz Zuppinger, was a mercenary for the French King 1513-1515 during France's war with Italy.

My ancestor Otillia Hagman Zuppinger had 11 children, most of whom died in childbirth. Her son Conrad survived and is my ancestor. Further, he also survived as an infant when the plague hit the village in 1629.

Some of my Nicholson ancestors were Quakers and were tried as witches in a town next to Salem, Massachusetts, over 30 years before the infamous Salem Witch Trials. My ancestors survived the ordeal, though they endured extreme hardships.

My ancestor Johannes "John" Snapp was a veteran of the French and Indian War.

Many of my ancestors were veterans of the American Revolutionary War:

While all their service is notable, my ancestor J. Michael Luther, Sr., was among the hundreds of men who crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

Many of my ancestors were veterans of the American Civil War:

My great-great-great-great grandfather Micajah Lassiter, Sr., stood together with Miles Lassiter, the only known African-American Quaker in North Carolina at that time, and they wept over Miles being sold as a slave. Seeing the tears, no one bid for Miles, except for his wife, "a free woman of color" who bought him so he could be free (Miles Lassiter (circa 1777-1850): An Early African-American Quaker from Lassiter Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina: My Research Journey to Home by Margo Lee Williams).

My Skeen (de Skene) Ancestry: "According to an old tradition the first to bear the name [Skene] was the younger, or second son of Robertson of Struan whose claim to fame was an incident in which he saved the life of King Malcom I of Scotland [when] a wild wolf was about to attack King Malcom [and] the son of Struan moved in and struck the wolf with his dagger, almost severing the head from the body with his dagger or dirk. The Scot word for dagger is also skene. For this act of valor he was awarded some land in Aberdeenshire, later to be called the lands of Skene.... The family arms of Skene were formed from this incident. The escutcheon bears three daggers, or skenes, and three wolf heads above the daggers" (pp. 18-19, Clan Skeen by A.T. "Tom" Skeen).

My geat-great grandmother Martha Jane (Waggy) Smith lost 5 of 12 children and the family was almost wiped out by Typhoid Fever, which did claim her husband David Smith. Older children and the community helped keep the family thriving together.

Play a Jeopardy game summarizing some of these facts.

Additional fascinating facts are available under DNA information.

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Sources for the Family Tree of James Arthur Johnson

Quick Select for Sources:

Note: Sources are listed by last name of author or primary contributor where applicable.

0-9 - Ancestry and DNA Research

7th NC State Troops, Co. F - Godfrey Bescher

7th Regiment, NC Troops - Godfrey Bescher

Back to Quick Select for Sources


Adams, Jaime. Huckstep Genealogy -- Huckstep/Hatch/Pope ancestries.

Mitch Abrams - details regarding his wife's and my ancestor Thomas Vaughn Nance, Sr.

Acker Project on FamilyTreeDNA - information for Early Eckard Ancestry

Allegheny Regional Family History Society. Journal of The Allegheny Regional Ancestors, Volume 4, Issue 3, Simmons - Simmons ancestry where trees are public and well researched.

Ancestry of Norman Harris Johnson and Julia Pricilla Morris Johnson

Armstrong, Lewis - MyHeritage Family Tree

Arslan, Mark (Michael & Mary Kiser descendant; Kiser History), Cary, NC

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Baird, Robert "Bob" W. Ivey/Ivy/Ivie - Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinent, particularly the document The Line of Adam Ivey of Charles City County by Robert W. Baird -- helpful for my Ivey/Ivy ancestry

Bastardy Records of Rowan Co. (NC) Court - Surratt ancestry

Baylor, Mrs. James. Information from Mrs. James Baylor, Richmond, Virginia

Bell, Eleanor Parker. The Saga of the Family and Descendants of David Vestal Henley and Eleanor Lassiter of Randolph County, North Carolina (1986) - Lassiter Ancestry and confirmation of some Kearns ancestry

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. Virginia Marriage Records: From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler's Quarterly -- marriage of William Nash and Abigail Herbert

Bisher, Jamie of Bowie, Maryland, great-great grandson of Godfrey Bisher - Bisher Ancestry

Blake, Delana Smith. (Problems viewing?)

Bly, Daniel W. of Grottoes, Virginia, genealogical researcher, distant cousin (son of Ruth Isabell Bly, daughter of Barbara Ellen Funkhouser, daughter of William Jacob Funkhouser, son of Abraham Funkhouser, Jr., and Catherine Coffman Funkhouser), and author:

Borchers, Dennis Mott. Thomas Lamar, the immigrant : 300 years of descendant - Lamar Ancestry

Bowers, Jack - 5th cousin twice removed, cousin back to Christopher Stophel Eye and Catharine Zorn Eye - (Pendleton Co., WV, ancestry, namely Eye, Eckard, Smith and Waggy)

Boggs, Charles H., Jr. (July 4, 1923 - October 8, 2017. Obituaries: Roanoke Times | Kimble Funeral Home | Daily News Record [also - scanned copy]) -- Son of Beulah Mae Eckard Boggs (sister to Hazel Eckard Fisher) - Eckard History

Borcherding, Sarah Loflin , daughter of Paul Loflin whom I match on FTDNA - Loflin ancestry

Borden. Tombstone Inscriptions, Shenandoah & Page Counties, Virginia

Brandow, James C. (compiler). Genealogies of Barbados Families: From Caribbeana and The Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, pp. 567-569 - Maggs-Mayo ancestry

Brobst, Bill. Johann Michael WHO? - Propst ancstry

Brobst, Bill. Propsts in America (PDF or DOCX), 2000 - Propst Ancestry

Brown, John (Johannes Braun); translated and annotated by Wust, Klaus; edited in cooperation with Meyerhoeffer, Joseph H. Shenandoah Valley family data, 1799-1813, from the memorandum book of Pastor Johannes Braun, published by Edinburg, VA, 1978

Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus , M.D., M.S., LITT.D. Virginia Army and Navy Forces with Bounty Land Warrants for Virginia Military District of Ohio, and Virginia Military Scrip; from Federal and State Archives - Henry Grogg (Heinrich Gruck)

Bruty, David M., Sr. -- Huffman ancestry

Bundy Posts (A1 - 51) - use with caution! (Link not working?) - Information on various Quaker families, which are cousins to my Morris and Nicholson and Mayo ancestors

Bundy Posts (B1 - E-4) - use with caution! (Link not working?) - Morris, Nicholson and Atwood ancestries

Burgner, Walter Courtney, Jr. and Shumaker, Linda. Schnepp-Snapp Family -- ARCHIVE of - Schnepp/Schnepff/Snapp History

Byrd, Deborah W. (a Mayo, Byrd and Sutton descendant) - Sarah Culpepper Pritchard and Sarah Mayo Culpepper.

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Cameron, Thom, fellow descendant of Thomas Kearns (Kearns ancestry, Titus Winbourne Johnson 1880 Census information, Loflin Ancestry)

Carr, Jeff (descendant of Philip Eckard, Sr., and researcher of Pendleton Co., WV, genealogy)

Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Volume III, Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800 - Skeen Ancestry

Clark, Edward Stephens. The Stephens Family, with Collateral Branches (1892) -- Peter Stephens

Coffman, Tanya Lynn (of whom I am a 5th cousin, once removed) for loaning me Notes on the Kauffman-Coffman families, addressed to her grandfather Mr. G. Bernard Coffman

Committee on Heraldry's (of the New England Historic Genealogy Society) Index to the Roll of Arms -- Nathaniel Tilden

Crane, Lori. Author of the books of the Culpepper Saga -- Culpeper ancestry (though there are errors regarding the parentage of Sarah Culpeper Pritchard)

Cranford, Bud. Bud Cranford's Genealogy Page - Cranford ancestry

Cranford, Cathy. Cathy Cranford's Genealogy Site: The Cranford Page - Cranford ancestry and Silas K. Kearns (father of Margaret Jane Kearns Cranford) documentation.

Crummett, Warren Berlin (son of Elmer Pinckney Crummett and Virginia Maude Smith Crummett, daughter of David R. Smith and sister to my great-grandmother Lillie Lou Smith Eckard; Smith/Waggy/Kiser History), Michigan - photo (back of photo)
Ancestors of Lillie Lieu Smith by Warren Berlin Crummett
50th Anniversary of Warren Berlin Crummett and Elizabeth Ann Stathers
Salient Points of my Beloved Parents: Roles as Servitors: Warren Berlin and Elizabeth Ann Stathers Crummett by Allan W. Crummett

The Culpeper Family (Archived Version) - and related pages on the site - Culpeper ancestry

Culpepper Connections by Warren Culpepper and Lew Griffin. - and related pages on the site - used with scrutiny - Culpeper

Custer, Linda (Descendant of Johann Caspar Eckhardt, specifically granddaughter of Jesse Eckard, son of Noah W. Eckard; Eckard history), co-author of Noah & Phebe Jane (Simmons) Eckard Family

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D., S.P., fellow descendant of Charles Florence Fisher - Charles Florence Fisher and Mary Elizabeth Pifer Fisher

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

Davis, Richard Warren. The Stauffer Families of Switzerland, Germany, and America (including Stover and Stauffer) - Stauffer history

Davis, Walter Goodwin. Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1885-1996): A reprinting (Alphabetical by Surname), of the Sixteen Multi-Ancestor Compendia (Plus Thomas Haley...), Vol. II Gen. Pub. Co. Inc., Baltimore, 1996 - Nathaniel Tilden

Denny, Zeb R., editor; Hammond, Leah and Cranford, Charles Lester (researchers and complilers). FARMER Yesterday and Today -- Published by Wooten Printing Co., Inc. Welcome, NC.(c) 1981 (Johnson and Kearns and Cranford History)

Donahues, Winslows, McCullochs, McCormicks Genealogy: Micajah Lassiter - Lassiter Ancestry

Dyvig, Anne Waggy - fellow Waggy descendant - Adam "Add" and Susan (Kiser) Waggy

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Eckard Family Bible (Arthur Eckard Family Bible)

Eckard, Ron (descendant of Philip Eckard, Sr.), Fuquay-Varina, NC - Eckard History

Egle, William Henry, M.D., editor. Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of Pennsylvania 1727-1775 With the Foreign Arrivals, 1786-1808 -- Heinrich Wilhelm Gruck

English Origins of New England Families, Vol. III, p. 718 - (Trouble viewing? Local copy | with reference) - Maggs-Mayo ancestry

English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800, p. 230 - (Trouble viewing? Local copy | with reference) - Maggs-Mayo ancestry

Eye, Walter L.

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FamilyCentral Family History Services

"Farmer" book - see Denny, Zeb R.

Find A Grave Memorial (Find-A-Grave,, FindAGrave)

Finisdore, Theresa -- Waggy/Wagy Family History - Waggy ancestry

Fisher, Carl. ARCHIVE OF - Fisher Ancestry)

Fisher, Hazel "Ma-Ma" Jane Eckard (My Grandmother, September 24, 1911 - July 3, 2008; In Memoriam), Harrisonburg, VA - maternal grandmother ancestry and pages thereof

Fisher, Jeff, Harrisonburg, VA

Ford, S. (contributor). RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Ford-Wortman Tree - Baughman - Funkhouser/Baughman Ancestry

Ford, S. (contributor). RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Ford-Wortman Tree - Layman/Lehman - Funkhouser Ancestry

Ford, Susan. Family Tree of Susan Ford on FamilyTreeDNA as we match via DNA and I am her 5th cousin once removed through the Funkhousers. Susan Ford is daughter of [Private], child of Lora Ella Hottel Wortman, daughter of Craven Lynn Hottel, son of Peter Hottel, son of Barbara Funkhouser Hottel, daughter of Christian and Barbara (Layman) Funkhouser, her 4th great grandparents). I am James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson, son of Carolyn Fisher Johnson, daughter of Otto Woodrow Fisher, son of Otto Keiter Fisher, son of Charles Florence Fisher, son of Susan Pitman Fisher, daughter of Esther Funkhouser Pitman, daughter of Christian and Barbara (Layman) Funkhouser (My 5th great grandparents) - Funkhouser Ancestry

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Garber, Ellen Ritchie (great-granddaughter of Mary Frances Miller Nash)

The Genealogical Journal by the Randolph County Genealogical Society (Asheboro, Randolph County, NC)

Genealogical Publishing Com. Abstracts from Norfolk City Marriage Bonds (1797-1850) and Other Genealogical Data. 2001 -- marriage of John R. Harwood and Susanna H. Gilbert when well researched when well researched (use judiciously!)

Gettysburg Discussion Group: Order of Battle, Pickett's Charge, July 3, 1863 -- Godfrey Bischerer

Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center -- Godfrey Bischerer and Wadsworth "Wads" Nash

Gilreath, Amelia C. (Nokesville, VA). Shenandoah County, Virginia, Deed Book Series, Volume 5, Deed Books O, P, Q, 1804-1809, Abstracted, 1991, p. 59 - D. Bk O:456 - Funkhouser Ancestry

Gladden, Sanford. The Durst and Darst Families of America, Vol I - Henry Grogg (Heinrich Gruck)

Gladwell, Jay. Archive of Gladwell and McClung Family (Simmons/Schmidt/Smith)

Godfrey, Bryan Scott, a descendant of Miriam (Newby) Lamb, sister of my (5x) great-great-great-great-great grandmother Mary (Newby) Morris (Sutton/Tilden Ancestry)

Gransberg, Gwen --fellow descendant of William Symons - Symons and Quaker ancestry

Grogg, Chuck, Harrisonburg, Virginia (Stony Run School 1925 picture).

Grosart, Alexander B. Biography: Alexander B. Grosart on Francis Quarles from Introduction in Complete Works in Prose and Verse of Francis Quarles (1880) 1:ix-xxiv - Quarles line (alleged ancestry)

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Hale, Lyford - provided in July 2009 the following: Maggs-Mayo-Henley Families - Culpeper/Culpepper Ancestry

Hall, David Michael Hall, descendant of J. Milton and Nancy Louisa (Surratt) Hill as well as Richard and Mary "Polley" (Tolson) Loflin - provided unverified maiden surnames for both the Loflin and Hill ancestries.

Hall, Ruth. Descendants of Hans Peter Steffen - Steffen/Stephens ancestry (Problems viewing?)

Hawes, Paul - Antecedents of Paul Hawes (Problems viewing?) - Küchler/Abiß/Löw Ancestry and Rexroad/Rexrode/Rexroth/Recksrodt Ancestry

Hearne, WIlliam T. "Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne Family", 1907 -- Hearne ancestry

Hedrick, Eric. Eric Hedrick Research - Gruck/Grogg connection and other Pendleton County, (W)VA, ancestors

Henderson, Archibald. North Carolina: The Old North State and the New, Volume 3, © 1941, Lewis Publishing Company, North Carolina -- Kearns progenitor

The Heritage Museum of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society: The Virginia Pioneers -- Funkhouser ancestry

Hess, Nancy B. The Heartland: Rockingham County by Nancy B. Hess (1976) -- Catherine Coffman Funkhouser

Hevener, Randy (Haeffner, Havenor, Hevener History)

Hillerman, Lisa - fellow descendant of Sarah (Culpeper) Pritchard - her parentage

Hines, Rich. Benjamin and Sarah Morris - Morris ancestry

Hinshaw, William Wade. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

The Historical Society of Delaware. Papers of the Historical Society of Delaware IX. The Records of Holy Trinity Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, Del., from 1697 to 1773, p. 719, published 1890 -- Ancestry of Hannah Miller Kearns

Howell, Ray. Genealogical Society of Davidson County, North Carolina. The Heritage of Davidson County (Google Books)

Howton, Erica Isabel, curator at - Shattuck ancestry

Glenn Huffman (fellow Pendleton County, West Virginia, researcher):

Hunt, Roger D. The History of the Hunt Family (2011) - Quaker Ancestry: Shattuck, Page, Morris and Newby, Albertson, Nicholson.

Huntington, NY. Huntington Town records, including Babylon, Long Island, N.Y. -- Sutton Ancestry.

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James, Homer Beers (made accessible online by Paul B. McBride). - The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James (Problems viewing?) - information regarding de Braiose history

Jenkins, Robert "Bob" Preston. The Jenkins Family of Virginia: Information about Peter Smith (Smith Ancestry)

Johnson, Beth - my second cousin and daughter of Wayne Johnson, granddaughter of Joseph "Joe" Wheeler Johnson, great-granddaughter of Norman and Julia (Morris) Johnson (my great grandprents, too!), High Point, NC - Johnson/Bisher history

Johnson, Billy C. Johnson / Johnston / Johnstone

Johnson, Carolyn "Mom" June Fisher (Thanks, Mom!), Harrisonburg, VA - maternal ancestry and pages thereof

Johnson, James "Jamie" Arthur - Me of course! :) This is my website after all. Starting this journey in 1986, I've talked to relatives, looked through books and documents, and dug through both boxes and the Internet and been involved in DNA testing and research. This site is the culmination of my genealogical research work. I've written every piece of code on this site, which launched in 1996 (on a different domain and later prior to its move to

Johnson, Samuel "Sam" Houston, Jr. (b. 21 January 1920) of Tucson, AZ, and formerly of Longview, TX, who researched information from Rowan and Davidson Counties, NC - Johnson line

Johnson, William "Dad" Herman (Thanks, Dad! August 17, 1929 - May 11, 2010 - In Memoriam), Harrisonburg, VA - paternal ancestry and pages thereof

Johnson, William Perry, compiler. Bailey Genealogy from Journal of North Carolina Genealogy Spring 1967 - Charles and Bailey ancestries

Jones Genealogy: Thomas Nash b. 1728 d. 1794 - Lt. Col. Thomas Nash

Jones, Martha Baker of Toms Brook, Virginia (Fisher History). Remembering Martha.

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Kauffman, Charles F. (compiler). A Genealogy and History of the Kauffman-Coffman Families of North America 1584 to 1937 - Coffman ancestry

Kearns, Charley -- Kearns history

Kearns, Doug of Raleigh, North Carolina. Personal correspondence and his John & Hannah Miller Keeran (Kearns): Parents of Isaac, Silas and Thomas Keeran (Kearns) document (Kearns History)

Kearns, Douglas (see above) and Peggy Gaddy Kearns: The Kearns Heritage: Ireland to Randolph County, NC book (Kearns History)

Kearns, Jr., Eugene "Gene" Kearns of Shallote, North Carolina including Descendants of William Thomas Mosson Keirns, which he compiled - Kearns History

Keerans, Nettie Pritchard. notes on Randolph County, North Carolina, Kearns from Randolph County (NC) Library (Incomplete) - Kearns/Ivey ancestry and Kearns/Webb ancestry (NOTE: p. 13 make the wrong assumption that Benjamin Ivey's father was Adam Ivey of Edgecombe).

Keffer, James Michael (compiler). Jeremias Keffer(ly) of Shenandoah County, Virginia (Problems viewing?) - Simmons/Schmidt/Smith

Keirn, Sue, 4th great granddaughter of Jonathan Kearns - Kearns ancestry

Kendall, Sarah "Joyce" - Milton and Nancy (Surratt) Hill, Loflin and Luther ancestries

Kercheval, Samuel. History of the Valley of Virginia (1833) -- Peter Stephens

Kiser, James Van Lieu. Valentin and Michael Kayser: Pennsylvania Pioneers and their Descendants in Virginia (2002) -- Kiser Ancestry

Kiser, Karl - great-great-great grandson of Christian and Mary (Smith) Stone (parents of Jacob Stone who married Hannah Trumbo who were in turn parents of Louisa Stone, great grandmother of Karl Kiser) - Smith history

Knell, Elizabeth Johnson (sister Liz, her descendants)

Kudla, Pamela, fellow descendant of Isack and Damaris (Shattuck) Page - Shattuck/Page Ancestry

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LaPlante, Patty - her research and sources at Hicks/Hix Ancestry and Hicks Origins

Lassiter, Janet, 9th cousin and fellow descendant of Robert Lassiter - Lassiter ancestry

Laster, Lynn and Jacobs, Brian. Laster Family Genealogy - Lassiter ancestry

Laymon, Steve (contributor). Layman Family Genealogy Forum: Post 263 and Post 409 - Funkhouser Ancestry

LeMar, Harold Dihel. History of the Lamar or Lemar family in America - Lamar Ancestry

Lomax, Geraldine "Aunt Jerrie" Hill Johnson (My Aunt), Denton, NC - paternal ancestry and pages thereof

Luther, Joseph, The Luthers in the Revolutionary War ( post) as referenced on my page J. Michael Luther, Sr., Revolutionary War Patriot

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MacDow, Stephen, fellow descendant of Alfred Spencer Surratt, Sr. MacDow Family Site - Surratt ancestry

Magin, Irvin D. Shenandoah County Gazetteer & Historical Geography, p. 40 - Fisher ancestry (David Fisher)

Manarin, Louis H. Manarin & Jordan, Weymouth T. (Jr.); Brown, Matthew (Editor). N.C. Troops 1861-1865, A Roster, Vol. IV. Infantry. State Division of Archives and History, 1988
(48th Regiment NC Troops - Titus Winbourne Johnson details)

McMahon, Barbara. Descendant of Thomas Nash IV - Nash ancestry

Marble, Martha Mewborn (preparer). Descendants of GEORGE AND SARAH TILDEN SUTTON (10 Jul 2016) (Sutton/Tilden Ancestry)

Meredith, H. Clarkson, BA. Some Old Norfolk Families and others - Nash Ancestry

Miller, Phyllis J. "A New Hypothesis on the Ancestry of Mathew Skeen of Augusta County, Virginia." The Virginia Genealogist (Oct - Dec 2001), pp. 305-309

Morris, Lewis E. of Earlliam, Iowa (Morris History)

Morris, Lewis Ecroyd. Along the way with Benjamin Morris, (1757-1808) and his wife, Sarah, of North Carolina: his forebearers and descendents from before 1680 to 1996 (Also available at Internet Archive) - Morris ancestry

Morton, Oren F.

Mulkin, Clarence - photo (back of photo) (letter to Arthur and Lillie Lou Eckard, 1950: page 1, page 2) - Waggy and Kiser History)

Myers, Albet Cook. Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750 with their early history in Ireland, p. 327 -- Ancestry of Hannah Miller Kearns

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The Nance DNA Project: Patriarchs This line needs verification. Still researching.

Nance Genealogy Clearinghouse: "A FAREWELL TO ILLOGAN" - Are we actually descended from the St. Clement Nances? (An alternative to the "Nance of Cornwall" theory) - Nance ancestry

Nance, George Washington. The Nance Memorial: A History of the Nance Family in General, But More Particularly of Clement Nance, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and Descendants, Containing Historical and Biographical Records with Family Lineage. This line needs verification. Still researching.

Nance in North Carolina Census - John C. and Anna "Annie" (Nance) Kearns

NANCE (surname) From Around the World - Nance Ancestry

Nance surname on This line needs verification. Still researching.

New Castle County Delaware Genealogy and History - marriage of William Miller and Rebecca McMullen

The New England Genealogical Society. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume LXV, (1911) -- Tilden ancestry

The New England Genealogical Society. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume LXX, (1916) -- Huckstep/Hatch/Pope ancestries

New Garden, Pennsylvania, Monthly Meeting Minutes, 1763, pp. 290-291 regarding the discipline of Hannah Miller Kearns

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (publisher). The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Volume XXXIX, 1908. (also linked here). - Syrachs-Titus ancestry in my Skeen ancestry

New Town History Center, Stephens City, VA - Beginnings 1732-1783

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O'Dell, Cecil. Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, Walsworth Publishing Company, 1995 - Frederick County (Va.), pp.401-402 - Funkhouser Ancestry

Olive Tree Genealogy. Palatine Ships Passenger Lists in Pennsylvania German Pioneers from Germany to Pennsylvania 1727 to 1808

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Parker, Mattie Erma E. - NCpedia article "Bird, Valentine" - parentage of Sarah Elizabeth (Culpeper/Culpepper) Pritchard in the Culpeper Ancestry

Parker, Tiffany - Hill and Surratt ancestries

Paul, Sir James Balfour, Lord Lyon King of Arms. The Scots Peerage, founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland - containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom - De Skene Ancestry

Pendleton County Historical Society (WV)

Pitman, Levi. Diaries of Levi Pitman, Alderman Library, University of Virginia

Poff, Jan-Michael Poff, Editor. Upheaval in Albemarle: The Story of Culpeper's Rebellion: Appendix (Archived version) - parentage of Sarah Elizabeth (Culpeper/Culpepper) Pritchard in the Culpeper Ancestry

Potts, Thomas Maxwell. Our Family Ancestors - Hannah Miller Kearns ancestry

Pritchard DNA Project - Pritchard ancestry

Propst, Sandra "Sandy". Fellow Propst, Eye and Rexrode descendant -- Propst ancestry and possible connection to Martin Luther (the Reformer). Also provided Propst Family Genealogy - page 1, page 2, page 3 though this resource still needs verification

Public Archives Commission, Delaware Public Archives; Dover, Delaware; Marriage Records, 1744-1912; Record Group: RG1325.003.004) - McMullen - Miller marriage in my Fisher ancestry

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Quarles, Stephen. Quarles Family Tree - Quarles line (alleged ancestry)

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Rader, Judy (Descendant of Noah W. Eckard; Eckard history), co-author of Noah & Phebe Jane (Simmons) Eckard Family

Randolph County North Carolina Cemeteries: Salem United Methodist Church (Salem Community Church) - Johnson, Johnson-Kearns and Kearns-Nance/Kearns-Lassiter ancestors

Randolph County, NC Geological Society: Concord Township Cemeteries

Randolph County, North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, Early - 1868

Randoloph Co. (NC) Record of Wills, 1829-1848

Rankin, Hugh F., Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Tulane University (1962). Upheaval in Albemarle: The Story of Culpeper's Rebellion 1675-1689 - Culpeper Ancestry

Ratcliffe, Clyde - professional genealogist - Nash, Harwood - White Stone, VA

Reid, William "Bill" - Johnson Y-DNA Research

Rexroad, Michael Lee. Archive of Rexroad Family History (copyright 1996) - Rexrode/Rexroad history

Richey, Curt, resident on the property in Randolph Co., NC, likely where Allen Harris Johnson and Titus Winbourne Johnson farmed and ran the grist mill

Ritter, Philip. The Bachman/Baughman D.N.A. Project by J. Ross Baughman - Funkhouser/Baughman Ancestry

Roberson, Nancy Simmons - Simmons ancestry and Huffman ancestry

Ronczyk, Allison. Letter from Alison Ronczyk to Carolyn Fisher Johnson RE: Eckard Genealogy (Envelope)

Rowan County, North Carolina, Tax List

Royer, Mary Williams (compiler).Database, WorldConnect: dbldfun ("Willliams/Snider/Sewell/Royer/McDaniel Families"). Publication: Online. Text: ABSTRACT OF WILL: My wife, Catharine; my daughter, Elizabeth Sherman; my sons Joseph, John and Benjamin; my daughters Mary Boughman, Barbara Funkhouser, Catharine Wilkins, Ann, Susannah, Christena, Rosanah, and Sarah, My son, Isaac. Godfrey Wilkin and Frederick Woolford, Exe., Written: January 9, 1787, Probated: February 28, 1788 - Funkhouser Ancestry

Runyon, Billie Jo Heater - Crummett ancestry

Rupp. Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania

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Sarratt, Laura and Norman H. Some Surratt/Sarratt Families in the United States 1715-1980 - Surratt Ancestry

Saunders, William L., Secretary of State, collector and editor. The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Vol. I. - 1662 to 1712 - Culpeper Ancestry

Schneider, Dalles: Schneider Family Site - Family Tree at - Lautenschlager (Lautenschläger) Ancestry

Sexton, Buddy -- articles about Mack Cranford and John Lomax in The Denton Orator.

Sexton, Ms. D.M. (Aunt Nannie Bell Hill Sexton who married Daniel Moses Sexton; she was the late sister of Gertrude Leona Hill Johnson) - Hill ancestry

Seyffert, Gordon - Waggy Genealogy, Kansas City, MO

Shaddock, Philip on our shared Shattuck ancestry

Shank, Thomas Lee. Schenck, Shenk, Shank: History of the Descendants of Andreas Schenck in America, 1732-1984 : Including Chapters on the Related Families of Biehlmajer, Hertzog, Weis, May, Seitz, Seip, Hicks, Hart, Bandy, and Notes on Many Others - Wise ancestry

Shaw, Virginia A. "Gin" (researcher and compiler, Descendants of Richard Loflin, 2007, Atlanta, GA - Loflin ancestry

Shenandoah County GenWeb Project: Abraham Funkhouser Cemetery - Catherine (Coffman) Funkhouser, Abraham Funkhouser, Sr.

Shenandoah County GenWeb Project: The Abraham Funkhouser Home - Funkhouser - Pifer ancestry

Skeen, A.T. (Tom). Clan Skeen - Skeen Ancestry

Skelton, Joanne. Joanne's Genealogy Research - Abigail Nicholson and her ancestry

Skene, William Forbes, 1809-1892, ed. Memorials of Family of Skene of Skene, from the family papers, with other illustrative documents. Published 1887 by Aberdeen - De Skene history

Smith Collection -- Handley Library, Winchester, Virginia

Smith, Cheri Dunaway - distant cousin, genealogy researcher and enthusiast - Mary Addie Cranford ancestry, particularly Wenborn W. Cranford and Margaret Jane Kearns, and her tireless work on a partial recreation of my tree on

Smith, George M. (who translated and transcribed, 1966). The Parish Register, St. Michael's (Wildfang's Church, Pendleton County, West Virginia, Volume I, 1807-1881.

Smith, Kevin T. -- great-great-great grandson of William L. Smith (Smith History)

Smith, Mildred (compiler). Marriage Records (1730-1779) of Rev. John Casper Stoever, Pennsylvania/Maryland (Archive Version) - John Casper Eckhardt marriage to Maria Catarina Ruhlmann

Smith, William S., Jr. Culpeper's Rebellion: New Data and Old Problems, a paper submitted to the Faculty of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1990 - Culpeper Ancestry

Snyder, Paul of Washington, D.C., Noah W. Eckard Genealogy

Sons of the American Revolution Patriot Research System

Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters

St. Michael's Lutheran-Reformed Church, Pendleton County, West Virginia, Church register/baptismal book.

St. Michael's Parish, Barbados, records: Sarah Bird baptism

Stewart, William H. History of Norfolk County, Virginia, and Representative Citizens - Lt. Col. Thomas Nash and his family

Stickley, Gloria. Strasburg, Virginia: Our History in Post Cards - - Fisher/Snapp ancestry - De Skene, Forbes, Kinnaird ancestries

Stewart, Col. William H. (editor and compiler). History of Norfolk County, Virginia and Representative Citizens - Wadsworth "Wads" H. Nash

Strassburger, LI.D., Ralph Beaver; edited by William John Hinke, Ph.D., D.D., of the Pennsylvania-German Society. Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume I, 1727-1775. Also see Pennsylvania German Pioneers Passenger Lists: Palatine German Immigrant Ships to Philadelphia 1727-1739.

Surratt Family Tree ( - Surratt ancestry

Surratt, Harold Allen "Hal" III, second cousin, once removed through my Johnson line as he is son of (Harold) Allen Surratt II, son of Harold Allen Surratt I, son of Vatura Gertrude Johnson Surratt, wife of (Franklin) Gurney Surratt and daughter of Norman Harris Johnson and Julia Pricilla Morris Johnson (my great grandparents); and likely fifth cousin through the Surratt line as he is son of (Harold) Allen Surratt II, son of Harold Allen Surratt I, son of (Franklin) Gurney Surratt, son of Samuel Lewis Surratt, son of James L. Surratt, son of Beverly and "Laney" Surratt - Surratt ancestry

Sutton, John. Sutton Origins - Sutton ancestry

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Thomas' Legion: Lane's Brigade | 7th North Carolina Infantry Regiment -- Godfrey Bischerer

Trotter, Henry John. Descent of the Family of Skene - De Skene and Skene ancestries

Tyler, M.A., LL., D., Lyon G. (editor).

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UB Denomination. The Religious Telescope, publication of UB Denomination 21 Dec. 1853

United States Federal Census

U.S. National Park Service: Soldier Details: The Civil War

USGenWeb Archives. Marriages PENDLETON CO. WV (Partial) - Eckard Ancestry, Waggy/Kiser Ancestry, Smith Ancestry

USGenWeb Archives. Births various PENDLETON CO. WV (Partial) - Heavener, Waggy/Kiser Ancestry, Smith Ancestry

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VA. Historic Marriage Register, Shenandoah Co.

VaGenWeb. Highland County, Virginia: VaGenWeb Page: Highland Soldiers in the Revolutionary War

Valley Forge Muster Roll

Vitasek, Lynn. My JOHNSON Family Home Page!

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Waggy, John R. From West Virginia to Alaska Via Europe and Asia, © 2004 by John R. Waggy. Revised 2005. Printed in the United States of America by Dehart's Media Services Incorporated. - Waggy ancestry, Propst ancestry, alleged Hoover ancestry and the region that served as home for a time for these ancestors at Sugar Grove, WV

Wagy, Milton - Waggy ancestry

Wardell, Pat (compiler). Early Bergen County Families.

Waters, Henry Fitz-Gilbert. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, p. 365 (1913) - Maggs-Mayo ancestry

Watford, Christopher M. The Civil War Roster of Davidson County, NC

Wayland, John. History of Shenandoah Co., VA - Bittmann/Pitman history, Waggy and Kiser families

Wayland, John. The Lincolns in Virginia - Coffman ancestry (Abigail Lincoln Coffman)

Weeks, Lyman Horace. Book of Bruce: Ancestors and Descendants of King Robert of Scotland (1907)

Wendland-Alaspa, Diane. Pendleton Pals post - Henry Grogg (Henry Grock/Heinrich Gruck) when well researched (use judiciously!)

WikiTree when well researched

Wilfong, Norm (descendant of Noah Webster Eckard), Sugar Grove, WV - Eckard ancestry

Wikipedia: Peter Stephens (pioneer) - Steffen/Stephens ancestry

Will of Emanuel Pitman, Woodstock, Virginia

the will of James Miller -- Ancestry of Hannah Miller Kearns

Will of Patrick Henley, copied from the Records of Administrations in Record of WIll office, Book A, Page 258, Philadelphia, Pa.

Williams, Margo Lee. Family historian and author of Miles Lassiter (circa 1777-1850): An Early African-American Quaker from Lassiter Mill, Randolph County, North Carolina: My Research Journey to Home (Sample from Google Books) - Lassiter ancestry and Cranford ancestry

Wills of [Shenandoah] Co. VA, p. #117: Indicates from Page 427, Will of Benjamin Layman - Funkhouser ancestry

Worth, Carly Bisher. The Bishir Scrapbook - Bisher ancestry

The WVGenWeb Project -- Propst ancestry

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Yarsinske, Amy Waters. The Elizabeth River - Nash ancestry

And others listed within pages of the tree.

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Last Names in this Genealogy:

(Question mark or otherwise as noted denotes that the surname is unverified)

NOTE: These are only of direct ancestors of James Arthur Johnson.

Links shown with the surnames direct the user to pages where the most recent occurrence of the surname(s) appears in this genealogy. Simply click on the ancestor's name to find additional persons with that surname where applicable. More than one link may appear if there is more than one recent occurrence of the surname(s).

Abiß (AbiB - Aubis)kuchler.htm
Adilsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Agnarsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Agnasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Aignech (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Ailtlethan (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Alfarinsdatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, olafgudrodsson.htm
Alfsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Alfgeirsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Algautsdotter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Alreksson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm, grimhjaldursson.htm
Ambrose (de Ambrose) (unverified per Research Note)anjou.htm
Amersham ?quarles.htm
Anarawd (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Angantyrsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Angantyrsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Angrimsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Angus (De Angus) (if research can be verified)scotland.htm
Anjou (d'Anjou) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm, anjou.htm
Antony (d'Antony) ?maule.htm
Anvers (D'Anvers, Danvers, D'Alvers, De Alvers, Alvers) ?quarles.htm, danvers.htm, danvers-talemasche.htm
Arngrimsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Aron (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Arthen (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Attipsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Au (Eye), Aue, Awe, Owie, Auge, and possibly Auer (changed from Au to Eye in 1845)ap.htm
Aucher (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Aunsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Austen ?sutton.htm
Avranches (d'Avranches) (if research can be verified)bruce.htm, davranches.htm
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Balun (Ballon, de Balun, de Ballon) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Banaster (if research can be verified)comyn.htm
Banckard ?jk.htm
Bar (Bär, Baer)jlab.htm?, ps.htm
Bardfeld/Barnfield (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Bardolf ?bruley.htm
Bardolfe (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
Barney ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Barrett (Barret) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Bassettmalet.htm (Research Note), hardreshull.htm
Baughman (related to Bachman/Bachmann of Mennonite and Swiss backgrounds)funkhouser.htm
Bayhall (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Beauchamp ?danvers.htm
Beaumont (de Beaumont / de Bellomont / Bellomont)Verified at declare-fitzrobert.htm; if research can be verified, also at braiose.htm, zouche.htm"
Bec (de Bec) (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
Beisrudd (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Beli (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Bellnewby.htm and if research is verified, nyssen.htm
Belleme (De Belleme) (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
Bidun/Bidum (De Bidun/De Bidum) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
Billingsley ?newby.htm, quarles.htm
Billung (unverified)louvain.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Bird/Byrd ?culpeper.htm The name shows up in records, but there are questions.
Bisher (Bescherer, Bescher, Bischer, Bischere, Besherer, Bischerer, Bishear, Beshiar, Beschever, Bescheer, Beescher, Beashear, Bishir, Byshire, Buysher, Bysheare)whj.htm, cb.htm
Bittmann (Pitman)cff.htm
Bjarnasson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Björnssonvikings.htm (mythical - Viking saga), stewart-de-angus.htm (if research can be verified) and scandinavia.htm (Viking legend)
Bjartmarsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Blackskeen.htm, skene.htm, and speculated at wehmac.htm
Blaidd (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Blanford (Blandford)skeen.htm
Bleddri (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Bleddyn (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Boissey (de Boissey) ?braiose.htm
Bolgrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Bolton ?whj.htm, bm.htm
BorrellIf research can be verified, detoeni.htm
Boru (Bóruma) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Bower (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Bowman (also seen as Bauman)mepf.htm
Braci (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Brancestre (de Brancestre, de Brancestor, Brancestor) ?danvers.htm
Brandli (Brand, Brandt, Braund, Brando, Brann, Braun, Bront)coffman.htm
Bretton (de Bretton) ?danvers.htm
Braose (Briouze, Braiose, Braos, de Briouze, de Braose / de Braiose / de Braos) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, braiose.htm, and if research can be verified, deferrers.htm
Brecc (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Breg (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Brittany (De Brittany) (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
Brobst (see Propst)
Brochfael (Brochwel) (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, owain-madog.htm
Brown ?whj.htm, bm.htm, wehmac.htm
Browne ?quarles.htm
Bruce (Brus, De Brus, Brusse, De Brusse)scotland.htm, bruce.htm, brusse-brittany.htm
Bruere / Briwere (de Bruere) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Buadach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Bruley (de Bruley) ?quarles.htm, danvers.htm, bruley.htm
Buchan (if research can be verified)comyn.htm
Budlasdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Budlasson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Burgh (De Burgh)scotland.htm
Bute (if research can be verified)scotland.htm
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Cadell (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, owain-madog.htm
Cadfan (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Cadwaladr (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Cadwgon (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Cadwr (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Caellaide (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Cáem (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Caen (De Caen)bruce.htm
Caisfiaclach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Cam (De Cam)newby.htm
Cambridge (de Cambridge) ?danvers.htm
Campbellwhj.htm, mepf.htm, funkhouser.htm
Cantelowe/Cantilupe/Cantelou (de Cantelowe, de Cantilupe, de Cantelou) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Capet (unverified)capet.htm
Caradog (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Carrickscotland.htm and galloway.htm
Cathwulf ?alfred-the-great.htm
Celes per Dutch records at New Amsterdam of the English surname Sales/Sayles/Seals/Seales (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Cétchathach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Charles? (also see Quarles)newby.htm
Chaworth (de Chaworth) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, if research can be verified of Quarles ancestry, also at quarles.htm
Cheney (Cheyney) ?quarles.htm
Chevauchesul (Chevanchesul) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Cheyne (de Cheyne)aucher.htm
Cillin (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Clare (de Clare, de Claire, Claire)scotland.htmand declare-fitzrobert.htm
Clermont (Claremont, de Clermont, de Claremont)braiose.htm
Cocton (de Cocton, Coughton, de Coughton) ?bruley.htm
Coffman (Kauffman)mepf.htm, coffman.htm
Comyn (if research can be verified)scotland.htm, comyn.htm and douglas-dunbar.htm
Conkling ?bm.htm
Conteville (de Conteville) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Corb (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Correole (de Correole) (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
Cosson ?wehmac.htm
Cotton (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Coughton (Cocton, de Coughton, de Cocton) ?bruley.htm
Couverts (Coverts, Coeverts) ?skeen.htm, nyssen.htm
Cowger (Gauger) ?Research Notemar.htm, email-from-jeff-carr-to-glenn-huffman.htm
Crabill (also Craibill, Creybill, Grabill, Krahenbühl)cff.htm, ccms.htm, uk.htm
Cranfordwhj.htm, wehmac.htm, cranford.htm
Crepon (de Crepon) (if research can be verified)fitzhamon.htm and detoeni.htm
Crínáin (mac Crínáin)stewart-de-angus.htm
Crispin (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm, capet.htm
Cruaidchelgach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Crummett * (Grommet, Grummet, Cromet, Crummit, Crummitt, Crommet, Krommet)wls.htm
Cuhelyn (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Culpepper/Culpeper/Colepeperbm.htm, pritchard.htm, culpeper.htm The name shows up in records, but there are questions.
Cumyn (if research can be verified)keith.htm
Cunedda (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Cynan (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, also owain-madog.htm
Cynfyn (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
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d'Ainon (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
d'Anjou (Anjou) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm, anjou.htm
d'Antony (Antony) ?maule.htm
D'Anvers (Anvers, Danvers, D'Alvers, De Alvers, Alvers) ?quarles.htm, danvers.htm, danvers-talemasche.htm
d'Avranches (Avranches) (if research can be verified)bruce.htm, davranches.htm
d'Oilly (Oilly, d'Oyly, Oyly, d'Ouilly, Ouilly) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
d'Orleans (unverified)capet.htm
d'Ufford (De Ufford, Ufford) ?quarles.htm, ufford.htm
Dagsdatter/Dagsdotter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Dagsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Dáire (mac Dáire) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Dane (if research can be verified)comyn.htm
Danpsdotter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Dansson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Danvers (Anvers, D'Anvers, D'Alvers, De Alvers, Alvers) ?quarles.htm, danvers.htm, danvers-talemasche.htm
Danzielstour (if research can be verified)scotland.htm
Dayrell ?quarles.htm
Dda (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
de Ambrose (Ambrose) (unverified per Research Note)anjou.htm
De Angus (Angus) (if research can be verified)scotland.htm
de Balun (de Ballon, Balun, Ballon) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Bar-sur-Aube (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Beaumont (Beaumont / de Bellomont / Bellomont)Verified at declare-fitzrobert.htm; if research can be verified, braiose.htm, zouche.htm
de Bec (Bec) (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
De Belleme (Belleme) (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
De Bidun/De Bidum (Bidun/Bidum) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
de Boissey (Boissey) ?braiose.htm
de Braiose (de Briouze, de Braose / de Braos / Braose, Braiose, Briouze, Braos) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, braiose.htm, and if research can be verified, deferrers.htm
de Brancestre (de Brancestor, Brancestor, Brancestre) ?danvers.htm
de Bretton (Bretton) ?danvers.htm
De Brittany (Brittany) (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
de Bruere (Bruere, Briwere) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Bruley (Bruley) ?quarles.htm, danvers.htm
De Brus (Brus, Bruce, De Bruce, Brusse, De Brusse)scotland.htm, bruce.htm, brusse-brittany.htm
De Burgh (Burgh)scotland.htm
De Caen (Caen)bruce.htm
De Cam (Cam)newby.htm
de Cambridge (Cambridge) ?danvers.htm
de Cantelowe / de Cantilupe / de Cantelou (Cantelowe/Cantilupe/Cantelou) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
de Chaworth (Chaworth) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Cheyne (Cheyne)aucher.htm
de Clare (de Claire, Clare, Claire)scotland.htm
de Clare (Clare)drummond.htm
de Claremont (de Clermont, Claremont, Clermont) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Cocton (Cocton, Coughton, de Coughton) ?bruley.htm
de Conteville (Conteville) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Correole (Correole) (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
de Coughton (Cocton, Coughton, de Cocton) ?bruley.htm
de Crepon (Crepon) (if research can be verified)fitzhamon.htm and detoeni.htm
de Dijon (Dijon) ?maule.htm
De Dunbar (Dunbar)stewart-de-angus.htm (verified), douglas-dunbar.htm (if research can be verified)
de Ellesworth (Ellesworth) ?danvers.htm, knyvet.htm
De Ferrers (Ferrers, Ferrieres)(if research can be verified)scotland.htm, deferrers.htm
de Foliot (Foliot) ?danvers.htm, bruley.htm
De Forbes (Forbes)skeen.htm, skene.htm, deskene.htm
De Frain, De Froehn, DeFrain, DeFroehn, DeFrehn, du Frene, Frain, Froehn, Frene, Frehnawsk.htm
de Gael (Gael) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm; if research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm
de Galloway (Galloway) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm; if research can be verified, galloway.htm
Gander (De Gander)(if research can be verified)hamilton.htm
De Garlende (Garlende) (if research can be verified)bruce.htm
de Gloucester (Gloucester) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Gournai / de Gournay (Gournai / Gournay) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
de Grandmesnil (Grandmesnil) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm
de Grey (Grey)hardreshull.htm
de Guildford (Guildford) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
de Guines (Guines) (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
de Hacche (Hacche)hardreshull.htm
De Hamilton (Hamilton, De Hamiltoun, De Hambleton)(if research can be verified)deskene.htm, hamilton.htm
de Hardreshull (Hardreshull) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, hardreshull.htm
de Haya (de la Haya, de la Haye, Haya, Hay) ?maule.htm
de Hesdin (Hesdin) (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
de Hugleville (Hugleville) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
De Keith (Keith, Keth, De Keth) pending researchdeskene.htm, keith.htm, hamilton.htm
de Kinnaird (Kinarde/Kinnaird)deskene.htm
de Kinewarton (Kinewarton) ?bruley.htm
de la Haya (de la Haye, de Haya, Haya, Hay) ?maule.htm
de la Haye Auberie (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
de la Lee (la Lee) ?danvers.htm
De Lancaster (Lancaster) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm, deferrers.htm
De Landen (Landen) (unverified)charlemagne.htm
de Leybourne (Leybourne)aucher.htm
De Limesi (Limesi) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
De Lindsay (Lindsay) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
de Londoniis (Londoniis) (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
de Lyne (Lyne) ?maule.htm
de Mandeville (Mandeville)aucher.htm
de Mar (Mar)scotland.htm
De Maravia (Maravia)deskene.htm
De Maule (Maule, Mile) ?danvers.htm, maule.htm
de Mayenne (Mayenne) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Meriet/De Meriet/De Merriott (Meriet/Meriet/Merriott)newby.htm
De Meschines (Meschines, Meschin, Le Meschin)bruce.htm, Still being researched for being at davranches.htm, declare-fitzrobert.htm
de Meulan (Meulan) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
De Molle (Molle) (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
de Montanolier (Montanolier) (if research can be verified)davranches.htm
de Montifex (Montifex)deskene.htm, drummond.htm
de Montfort (Montfort) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm, and if research can be verified), bruce.htm
De Montgomery/Montgomerynewby.htm (possibly) and bruce.htm and fitzhamon and if research can be verified, deferrers.htm
De Mortaigne (Mortagne, Mortaigne) (if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
de Morvois/Morvois (possibly fictitious)carolingians.htm
de Neufmarché (Neufmarché) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Northwode (Northwode)aucher.htm
de Pitlesden (Pitlesden) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
de Pitmmilly (Pitmmilly) ?maule.htm
de Pitres (Pitres, de Pistri, Pistri) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Pont-Audemer (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
De Ponteaudemer (Ponteaudemer) (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
de Quarles (Quarles, Qwarles, Querueles, Warfles, de Warfles, also see Charles) ?quarles.htm
de Quincy (Quincy) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, zouche.htm, and if Quarles ancestry can be verified, maule.htm
de Roucy (de Rouci, Roucy, Rouci) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
De Samford (Samford) ?quarles.htm
de Sandwich (Sandwich)aucher.htm
de Say/de Sai (Say/Sai)aucher.htm
De Seton (Seton) (if research can be verified)keith.htm
De Skene (descendants seen as Skene, Skein and Skeen)ahj.htm, skeen.htm, skene.htm, deskene.htm
de Sordis (Sordis) ?maule.htm
de St. Clare (St. Clare) ?braiose.htm
De St. Hilary (St. Hilary / St. Hilaire)declare-fitzrobert.htm
de St. Valéry (St. Valéry) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Studley (Studley) ?bruley.htm
De Synton (Synton, Sinton) (if research can be verified)keith.htm
de Talmadge (Talmadge, Talemasche, Thalmasche) ?danvers.htm, danvers-talemasche.htm
De Tickenham/DeTickenham (Tickenham)newby.htm
De Toeni (Toeni) (unverified)If research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm and detoeni.htm
de Totnes (de Totenais, Totnes, Totenais) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Troyes (Troyes) ?maule.htm
De Ufford (Ufford, d'Ufford) ?quarles.htm, ufford.htm
de Valognes (Valognes, Valoynes, Valoniis, de Valoniis) ?maule.htm
de Vaullibus (Vaullibus) ?maule.htm
De Vaux (Vaux) ?maule.htm
de Vieilles (Vieilles) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
de Vermandois (Vermandois) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, carolingians.htm
De Vitre (Vitre) (if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
De Vriesskeen.htm
De Waiet (Waiet) (unverified)If research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm
de Walerie (Walerie, Wallbee) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
de Wallingford (Wallingford) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
de Warfles (Warfles, Quarles, de Quarles, Qwarles, Querueles, also see Charles) ?quarles.htm
de Warenne (Warenne)stewart-de-angus.htm
de Warwick (Warwick) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
de Worms (Worms) ?maule.htm
Dedad (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
DeFrain, DeFroehn, DeFrehn, du Frene, Frain, Froehn, Frene, Frehnawsk.htm
Demal (mac Demal) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Dentatus (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
Denyce (Denyse, De Nyse, De Nyssen) ?skeen.htm, nyssen.htm
Diarmata (mac Diarmata) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Digges (Dygge)aucher.htm
Dijon (de Dijon) ?maule.htm
Dindaethwy (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Doimthech (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Dolffyn (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Domaldasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Domarsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Donaldsonskeen.htm, skene.htm
Domnaill (mac Domnaill, Domnail) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Donnchada (Duncan, mac Donnchada, mac Duncan)Verified at stewart-de-angus.htm, unverified at leinster.htm
Doring ?luther.htm
Douglasskene.htm, deskene.htm, douglas.htm, douglas-dunbar.htm
Drummonddeskene.htm, drummond.htm
Driftsdatter (Viking legend)grimhjaldursson.htm
du Frene, DeFrain, DeFroehn, DeFrehn, Frain, Froehn, Frene, Frehnawsk.htm
Dunbar (De Dunbar)douglas-dunbar.htm (if research can be verified), stewart-de-angus.htm (verified)
Duncanskeen.htm and as mac Duncan (Donnchada, mac Donnchada) at stewart-de-angus.htm
Duncansdatter (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm, davranches.htm
Dutt (Dut, Dutte, or Thut - changed to Toot in the 1750s)ps.htm
Dyall (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Dygge (Digges)aucher.htm
Dyfnwal (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Dyfnwallon (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
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Eason ?lassiter.htm
Eckard* (Also seen as Eckhart, Eckhardt, Egard, Acord, Acker, Escart, Eckart, Eckert, Ekert, Ecort, Ecker, Eckord, Ederd, changed from Egger in 1842)cjfj.htm, hjef.htm, ae.htm
Edern (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Ednywain (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, owain-madog.htm
Edwin (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Einarsson (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm, davranches.htm
Einion (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, also owain-madog.htm
Einudd (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Eiriksdatter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Eiriksson (Viking legend)grimhjaldursson.htm
Egdirsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Elidyr (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Elise / Elisedd (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Elystan (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Ellesworth (de Ellesworth) ?danvers.htm, knyvet.htm
Emna (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Eppert (Erbart, Eperd, Ebert, Eppard)jk.htm
Eriksson (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Everill (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Eye* (Also seen as Au, Awe, Aue, Auge, and possibly Owie and Auer, changed from Au to Eye in 1845)ap.htm
Eylimasdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Eymundsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Eysteinsson (unverified)capet.htm? and if research can be verified, brusse-brittany.htm, and detoeni.htm, olafgudrodsson.htm (Viking legend)
Eysteinsdatter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Eyvinsdatter (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm, scandinavia.htm (Viking legend)
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Fáid (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Fáil (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Fairecloth (Faircloth) (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Fáthach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Feidlech (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Fend (Faint)ae.htm
Fenner ?jlab.htm
Ferrers (De Ferrers, Ferrieres)(if research can be verified)scotland.htm, deferrers.htm
Finn (mac Finn) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Finnalfsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Finnfechtnach (Fionnfeachtnach) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Finnolach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Fisher (Fischer)cjfj.htm
Fithian ?bm.htm
FitzAlan (fitzAlan, Fitz Alan)stewart-de-angus.htm; If research can be verified, also douglas-dunbar.htm
fitz Alfred (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Fitz Corbucion ?bruley.htm
FitzFlaald (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
FitzGeoffrey ?danvers.htm
FitzGilbert (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
FitzHammon (Fitz Hamon, FitzHamon, FitzHamo)bruce.htm, fitzhamon.htm
Fitznichol ?quarles.htm
FitzOsborne (FitzOsbern) (unverified)If research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm and detoeni.htm
fitz Ralph ?bruley.htm
FitzRobertnewby.htm? (if research can be verified) bruce.htm; verified at scotland.htm and declare-fitzrobert.htm
FitzRoy (Fitzroy)galloway.htm
FitzRoger (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
FitzWalter (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, (if research can be verified) stewart-de-angus.htm, scotland.htm and galloway.htm
Fitz William (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm
Fjolnarsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Flaitel (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Foliot (de Foliot) ?danvers.htm, bruley.htm
Forbes (De Forbes)skeen.htm, skene.htm, deskene.htm
Ford ?lassiter.htm
Fornjotsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Frain, Froehn, Frene, Frehn, DeFrain, DeFroehn, DeFrehn, du Freneawsk.htm
Fraserdeskene.htm, keith.htm (pending research), douglas-dunbar.htm (pending research)
Fridleifsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Frodasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Frohlich ?luther.htm
Frostadotter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Frostasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Frych (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Funkhouser (Funkhauser, Fankhauser)cff.htm, mepf.htm, funkhouser.htm
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Gael (de Gael) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm; if research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm
Gainsford (Gaynesford) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Galloway (de Galloway) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm; if research can be verified, galloway.htm
Gandalfsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Gander (De Gander)(if research can be verified)hamilton.htm
Ganelon (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
Garb (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Gardiner ?bm.htm
Garlende (De Garlende) (if research can be verified)bruce.htm
Gauger (Cowger) ?Research Notemar.htm, email-from-jeff-carr-to-glenn-huffman.htm
Gautreksson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Gautsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Giffard (Gifford)braiose.htm; if research can be verified, comyn.htm and keith.htm
Glas (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Gloucester (de Gloucester) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Glover ?sutton.htm
Glumra ?capet.htm
Gordon(if research can be verified)hamilton.htm, deskene.htm?
Gorsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Gournai / Gournay (de Gournai / de Gournay) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Goz (Le Goz) (if research can be verified)davranches.htm
Grabill (also Crabill, Craibill, Creybill, Krahenbühl)cff.htm, ccms.htm, uk.htm
Grandmesnil (de Grandmesnil) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm
Grey (de Grey)hardreshull.htm
Grimsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Grogg* (likely from the German surname Gruck)esjl.htm, wls.htm
Grommett* (Crummett, Grummet, Cromet, Crummit, Crommet, Krommet)wls.htm
Gronwy (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Grove (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Gruyffydd (Gruffydd, Gruffudd) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, and if research can be verified, also owain-madog.htm
Gudmundsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Gudraudsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Gudrodsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Guildford (de Guildford) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Guines (de Guines) (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
Gulby (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Gwair (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gwaithfoed (Gwaethfoed) (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gwerystan (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gwrgant (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gwriad (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Gwrydr (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gwyn (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gwynedd (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Gwynnan (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Gymersdotter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
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Hacche (de Hacche)hardreshull.htm
Hackman (earlier Hagman and Hoghman, later Hockman)zuppinger.htm
Hadleyebkj.htm, hadley.htm
Hagman (later Hoghman, Hackman and Hockman)zuppinger.htm
Halfdansson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, olafgudrodsson.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Halfdansdotter/Halfdansdatter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hamilton (De Hamilton, De Hamiltoun, De Hambleton)(if research can be verified)deskene.htm, hamilton.htm
Hampden ?quarles.htm
Hand ?sutton.htm
Hans (Hanns)ps.htm
Haraldsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Haraldsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hardreshull (de Hardreshull) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Hatch/Hatche/Hache/Hacche/Hecchesutton.htm, huckstep-hatch.htm
Hatter ?luther.htm
Haughton (being researched; may have been Lawton)newby.htm
Hay (Haya, de Haya, de la Haya, de la Haye) ?maule.htm
Havarsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Hearne (Herne, Heron)skeen.htm, hearne.htm
Heidreksdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Heidreksson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Helgasson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, olafgudrodsson.htm
Helgadatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, grimhjaldursson.htm
Hergrimsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hersir (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Hesdin (de Hesdin) (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
Hevener* (Heavener, Hoffner, Haeffner, Havenor) ?Research Note mar.htm, es.htm
Heytsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hicks (Hix)whj.htm, hicks.htm
Hillwhj.htm, lassiter.htm, wehmac.htm
Hinchley ?newby.htm
Hir (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Hirschi (Hirsch, Hershey, Hirshfeld, Hersh, Hersch and Herrscher)coffman.htm
Hjaldursson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Hjalmthersson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hlodversson (Viking legend)brusse-brittany.htm
Hockman (from Hoghman which was from Hagman)zuppinger.htm
Hoffmanunverified at luther.htm; is verified as a derivative of the maternal ancestral surname Huffman below.
Hofundsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hoghman (from Hagman and later spelled Hackman and Hockman)zuppinger.htm
Hognasson (Viking legend)capet.htm
Hooker (if research can be verified)hearne.htm
Hoover * (Hoovert, Huber, Hueber, Hover, changed from Huver in 1830)wls.htm
Hraereksson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hrimnirsdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hring (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Hringsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hroarsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Hrolfsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Hrolfsdatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Hubbardnance.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Huckstep/Huckstepe/Hucstepesutton.htm, huckstep-hatch.htm
Hudsonnance.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Huffman* (Also seen as Hoffman)mar.htm, ap.htm
Hugleville (de Hugleville) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Hülff (Hulff)schworm.htm
Huntington (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
Hyfaidd (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Hywel (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
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Iago (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, owain-madog.htm
Idwal (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, owain-madog.htm
Idwallon (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Ifor (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Igorevich (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm, kiev.htm
Imgel (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Ingerina (speculated) (unverified per Research Note)lothair-constance.htm
Ingjaldsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, olafgudrodsson.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Ingleton ?quarles.htm
Ingvarsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Iorwerth (if research can be verified)scotland.htm, owain-madog.htm
Ironside (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Ithel (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Ivarsson ?capet.htm
Ivarsdatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Ivy (Ivey/Ivie)ebkj.htm
Iwrch (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
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Jaeger (Yaeger, Yeager)?jlab.htm
Jans ? (if research can be verified)skeen.htm, nyssen.htm
Johnson (possibly Johnston)root.htm, whj.htm, ahj.htm (origin of name)
Johnston/Johnstoneskene.htm, and possibly lassiter.htm
Jokulsson/Jokullsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Jorundsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Jost (Jest, Jeste, Joce, Joyce, Jose, Joist, Jost, Joust, Joost, Just, Yost)cn.htm
Jung ?Research Note es.htm
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Karasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Kauffman (Coffman)coffman.htm
Kearns (Keerans, and likely Kerns, Carns, Currins, Currans)whj.htm, wehmac.htm
Keith (De Keith, De Keth, Keth)deskene.htm, keith.htm (if research can be verified), hamilton.htm (if research can be verified)
Ketilsdatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Kiesling (Kiessling, Kissling, Kisling, Keslin, Keisling)awsk.htm
Kinarde/Kinnaird (de Kinnaird)deskene.htm
Kinewarton (de Kinewarton) ?bruley.htm
King ?ebkj.htm
Kinriksdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Kiser* (Kaiser, Kayser, Kaӱser, Keiser)hjef.htm, jk.htm
Kjarvalssdatter (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
Kneisley/Knicely (Knicley, Nicely, Knüssli)coffman.htm
Knolles (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Knyvet (Knevet) ?danvers.htm, knyvet.htm
Köhler (Kohler)kuchler.htm
Kolodzie (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Kols ?luther.htm
Krahenbühl (also Krahenbuhl, ancestry of Crabill, Craibill, Creybill, Grabill)ccms.htm, uk.htm
Küchler/Kuchlermar.htm, kuchler.htm
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la Lee (de la Lee) ?danvers.htm
la Zouche (la Zusche, Zouche, Zusche) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, zouche.htm
Labrainne (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Ladrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Lamar (also seen as Lemar, Lemore, Leamar, Lemare, Lemaire, LaMare and Lamarr)skeen.htm
Lamb (Lamm)* (Also Lam/Lamm, changed from Lamm in 1832)hjef.htm
Lancaster (De Lancaster) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm, deferrers.htm
Landen (De Landen) (unverified)charlemagne.htm
Lassiter (Lasater, Lasiter, Lassater, Lasetter, Laseter, Lester, Leister)wehmac.htm, lassiter.htm
Laughlin (Loflin, Lochlin, Laughten, Loflan)whj.htm, loflin.htm, wehmac.htm
Lautenschläger (Lautenschlager)jbr.htm
Lawhir (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Lawton (being researched as a possibilty instead of Haughton)newby.htm
Layman (Lehman)cff.htm, cs.htm
Le Goz (Goz) (if research can be verified)davranches.htm
Le Meschin (De Meschines, Meschin, Meschines) (if research can be verified)bruce.htm, davranches.htm, declare-fitzrobert.htm
Le Poure ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Le Riche (Riche) ?maule.htm
Lebarre ?quarles.htm
Lehman (Layman)cff.htm, cs.htm
Leinfnisson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Lessley (Lesley)(if research can be verified)hamilton.htm
Lewes ?lassiter.htm
Leybourne (de Leybourne)aucher.htm
Liechti (Liechty, Lichdi, Lichty, Leichty, Leighty, Leichti, Liechti)ccms.htm
Liègarde (unverified)carolingians.htm
Limesi (De Limesi) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
Lindsay (De Lindsay) (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
Lingel (Lingle)jk?, and awsk.htm
Livingstone (if research can be verified)deskene.htm
Lles (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Lludica (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Llywelyn (Llewelyn, Llywelyn) (unverified per Research Note)braiose, wales-mercia and if research can be verified, scotland.htm and owain-madog.htm
Llywarch (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia, and if research can be verified, also owain-madog.htm
Lodbrok/Lothbrok (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Lofdasson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Loflin (Laughlin, Lochlin, Laughten, Loflan)whj.htm, loflin.htm, wehmac.htm
Loígde (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Londoniis (de Londoniis) (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
Longsword (Longue-Épée) (unverified)capet.htm
Lorc (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Lorcáin (mac Lorcáin) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Lorens (if research can be verified)keith.htm
Löw (Low)kuchler.htm
Luaigne (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Lucas ? (if research can be verified)skeen.htm, nyssen.htm
Lucombe ?danvers.htm
Luder ? (see Luther)luther.htm
Lusc (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Luther (which is verified but seen in unverified ancestries also as Luder and Von Ludder and Von Lutere)wehmac.htm, luther.htm
Luyster ? skeen.htm
Lyne (de Lyne) ?maule.htm
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Mac Cináeda (mac Kenneth)stewart-de-angus.htm
mac Crínáin (Crínáin)stewart-de-angus.htm
mac Dáire (Dáire) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
mac Demal (Demal) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
mac Diarmata (Diarmata) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
mac Domnaill (Domnaill, Domnail) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
mac Donnchada (Donnchada, mac Duncan, Duncan)Verified at stewart-de-angus.htm, unverified at leinster.htm
mac Finn (Finn) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
mac Kenneth (Mac Cináeda)stewart-de-angus.htm
mac Lorcáin (Lorcáin) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
mac Máel (Máel) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
mac Maenach (Maenach) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
mac Maíl Coluim (mac Malcolm)stewart-de-angus.htm
mac Main(Main) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
mac Malcolm (mac Maíl Coluim)stewart-de-angus.htm
mac Rothechtaid (Rothechtaid) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
mac Uchtredbruce.htm
MacCearbhall (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
MacDunghal (Viking/Irish legend)scandinavia.htm
Macfearghal (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm, scandinavia.htm (Viking legend)
MacMurrough (Mac Murchada, mac Murchadh, McMurrough) (unverified per Research Note)braiose, leinster.htm
Máel (mac Máel) (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
Madog(if research can be verified)scotland.htm, owain-madog.htm
Maelgwn (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Malbank (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
Malet (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm (Research Note), malet.htm and if research can be verified, bruce.htm
Mallow (Mallo) ?Research Note mar.htm
Mallowes (if research can be verified)hearne.htm
Mandeville (de Mandeville)aucher.htm
Mannesson (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Már (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Mar (de Mar)scotland.htm
Maravia (De Maravia)deskene.htm
Maredudd (Maredydd) (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, also owain-madog.htm
Markett (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Marshal / Marischal / Mareschall scotland.htm
Martel (unverified)charlemagne.htm
Martiniakoi (speculated) (unverified per Research Note)lothair-constance.htm
Maud(if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
Maule (De Maule, Mile) ?danvers.htm, maule.htm
Mauser* (Müser/Müsser)ps.htm
Mawr (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Mayenne (de Mayenne) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Mayer ?Research Note es.htm
Mayopritchard.htm, culpeper.htm
Mercerskene.htm, deskene.htm
Merfyn (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Meriet/Meriet/Merriott (de Meriet/De Meriet/De Merriott)newby.htm
Meschines / Meschin (De Meschines, Le Meschin)bruce.htm, Still being researched for being at davranches.htm, declare-fitzrobert.htm
Meulan (de Meulan) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Meurig (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm, and if research can be verified, owain-madog.htm
Mile (Maule, De Maule) ?danvers.htm, maule.htm
Millerowf.htm, mar.htm ?Research Note
Mills ?wehmac.htm
Molbthach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Molle (De Molle) (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
Molwynog (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Montanolier (de Montanolier) (if research can be verified)davranches.htm
Montfort (de Montfort) (unverified per Research Note)zouche.htm and bruce.htm (if research can be verified)
Montgomery/De Montgomerynewby.htm (possibly) and bruce.htm and fitzhamon and if resarch can be verified, deferrers.htm
Montifex (de Montifex)deskene.htm, drummond.htm
Mór (Mor) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Morda (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
More (Mure) (if research can be verified)scotland.htm
Morganeu (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Morien (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Mormaer (if research can be verified)comyn.htm
Mortaigne (Mortagne, De Mortaigne) (if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
Mortimer (unverified per Research Note)malet.htm
Morvois/de Morvois (possibly fictitious)carolingians.htm
Mucna (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Müller (Muller)cn.htm, coffman.htm
Munchain (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Munfode (if research can be verified)douglas-dunbar.htm
Mure (More) (if research can be verified)deskene.htm
Musgraves (if research can be verified)hearne.htm
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Naegel ?luther.htm
Náir (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Nance (also seen as Nantes, Nantz, Naantz)wehmac.htm, nance.htm
Nashowf.htm, jn.htm
Neiniad (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Neit (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Neuenschwandermepf.htm, ccms.htm, cn.htm
Neufmarché (de Neufmarché) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Newby (also seen in records as Neuby, Neubi, Newbie, Nubi)bm.htm, newby.htm
Northwode (de Northwode)aucher.htm
Norsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Norton (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Nose ?capet.htm
Nuadat (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Nyssen (De Nyssen, De Nyse, Denyse, Denyce) ?skeen.htm, nyssen.htm
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O'Braenain (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
O'Olaf (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
O'Toole (Ní Tuathail) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, leinster.htm
Obliger (Oppliger)cs.htm
Odinsson (Viking legend)vikings.htm
Oilly (d'Oilly, d'Oyly, Oyly, d'Ouilly, Ouilly) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Olafsson/Olavsson (if research can be verified)capet.htm, brusse-brittany.htm, scandinavia.htm (Viking legend), olafgudrodsson.htm (Viking legend), sigurdragnarsson.htm (Viking legend)
Olcháin (Olchain) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Ollamh (Olum) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Olmucaid (Olmucada) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Olofsdotter (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Onfror (if research can be verified)davranches.htm
Onundsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Oppliger (Obliger)cs.htm
Opswell ?danvers.htm
Orleans (d'Orleans) (unverified)capet.htm
Osbern (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Osborne (Osbourn, Osbourne, Osborn)skeen.htm
Ottarsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Owain(if research can be verified)scotland.htm, owain-madog.htm
Owie (Eye/Au)* (Also seen as Awe, Aue, Auge, and possibly Auer, changed from Au to Eye in 1845)ap.htm
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Paen (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Pagnel (Paynel)newby.htm and if research can be verified, bruce.htm
Paske (if research can be verified)hearne.htm
Paveley (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Paynel (Pagnel)newby.htm and if research can be verified, bruce.htm
Pearl (Pearle) (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Peverel (Peverell)(if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
Pfeiffer (see next 2 surnames)See below
Pieferin (also seen as Pfeiffer)awsk.htm
Pifer (Pfeiffer, Pfeifer, Piper, Fifer)owf.htm, mepf.htm
Pill (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Pitlesden (de Pitlesden) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Pitres (de Pitres, de Pistri, Pistri) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Pitman (Bittmann)cff.htm
Pitmmilly (de Pitmmilly) ?maule.htm
Plumsted ?quarles.htm
Ponteaudemer (De Ponteaudemer) (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
Powys (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Preiser ?luther.htm
Priest ?quarles.htm
Pritchard (Prechet)bm.htm, pritchard.htm
Propst* (Probst, Props, Propts, Prospts, Propstin; Proops noting the German "oo" pronounced as a long "o" per Brobst, p. 4; Brobst - not to be confused with the Swiss Brobst/Probst family; Brofpts/Brospts)hjef.htm, awsk.htm, mar.htm, ap.htm, ae.htm, email-from-jeff-carr-to-glenn-huffman.htm
Puchbachin ?luther.htm
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Quarles (de Quarles, Qwarles, Querueles, Warfles, de Warfles, also see Charles) ?newby.htm, quarles.htm
Quartermain ?danvers.htm
Quincy/de Quincy (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, zouche.htm, and if Quarles ancestry can be verified, maule.htm
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Radbartsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Ragnarsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Ramsey (if research can be verified)bruce.htm
Randulph (Randolph)(if research can be verified)hamilton.htm, douglas-dunbar.htm
Randversson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Randversson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Raumsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Rechtmar (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Réoderg (Riab nDerg) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Regenwaldsdatter (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
Rersson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Rexrode* (Rixrer, Rixroth, Rixrod, Rexrod, Rexroad, Rexrodt, Recksrodt)hjef.htm, ap.htm, wls.htm
Rhodri (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Rhun (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Rhys (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Riche (Le Riche) ?maule.htm
Riddick ?lassiter.htm
Ridley (if research can be verified)hearne.htm
Rígderg (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Rigsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Ringelheim (unverified)carolingians.htm
Riurikovich (unverified per Research Note)kiev.htm
Roberts (if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
Robbins ?bm.htm
Rodes (Roth), also seen as Rhodes and Roadsmepf.htm
Roesch (Rösch)ps.htm
Rognvaldsson (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
Rognvaldsdatter (if research can be verified)capet.htm
Roper (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Rothechtaid (mac Rothechtaid) (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Roucy (Rouci, de Roucy, de Rouci) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Ruad (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Ruleman/Ruhlman/Ruhlmann/Rhulmann* (Rollman, Roleman, Ruhlmann, Rolman, Ruhleman, Rubman)ae.htm, ap.htm?
Russell ?danvers.htm
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Sáeglach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Sales (Sayles/Seals/Seales - English, but also transcribed Celes per Dutch Records at New Amsterdam) (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Samford (De Samford) ?quarles.htm
Sander ?luther.htm
Sandwich (de Sandwich)aucher.htm
Say/Sai (de Say/de Sai)aucher.htm
Schmidt* (maternal Smith surname changed to Smith in 1831source)hjef.htm, ap.htm, wls.htm, esjl.htm
Schnepp/Schneppff (Snapp)cff.htm
Schonauermepf.htm, zuppinger.htm
Schwormjpbp.htm, schworm.htm
Scefing (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Seals (Seales/Sales/Sayles/Celes) (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Sedley (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Seferws (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Segamain (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Segersèll (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm, vikings.htm
Seibert* (Seybert) ?Research Note mar.htm, es.htm
Seisyll (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Seton (De Seton) (if research can be verified)keith.htm
Shattuck (Shattocke, Shattock, Shaddock, Shadduck, Shaddick, errantly written as Shatluck in recent genealogies)bm.htm
Shawwehmac.htm, luther.htm
Short ?wehmac.htm
Sigarsson (Viking legend)vikings.htm
Sigmundsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Sigtrygsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Sigurdsdatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Sigurdsson (Viking legend)brusse-brittany.htm, sigurdragnarsson.htm
Simmons* (Sieman, Siemon, Simon, changed from Simmon in 1836)hjef.htm, wls.htm, esjl.htm
Simons (Symons, Symonds)bm.htm
Simpson (Sympson)newby.htm
Sinton (Synton, De Synton) (if research can be verified)keith.htm
Sírchréchtach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Skaanoyskjelmer (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Skeen (also seen as Skene, Skein, Skeine, Skain, Skaine, Scheen, Skean, Skeyne, Skeene and ancestors as De Skene)ahj.htm, skeen.htm, skene.htm, deskene.htm
Skötkonung (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Skjoldsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm, grimhjaldursson.htm
Skelfisson (Viking legend)grimhjaldursson.htm
Skulasson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Smith* (maternal Smith surname changed from Schmidt in 1831source)hjef.htm, ap.htm, wls.htm, esjl.htm, wehmac.htm
Snaersdotter (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Snaersson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Snapp (Schnepp/Schnepff)cff.htm
Soals (Soales/Soles/Sole) (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Solfasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Solgasson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Sommerland (Sommerlade)jk.htm
Sordis (de Sordis) ?maule.htm
Spengler ?Research Note es.htm
St. Clare (de St. Clare) ?braiose.htm
St. Hilary (De St. Hilary / St. Hilaire)declare-fitzrobert.htm
St. Valéry (de St. Valéry) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Stafford (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, hardreshull.htm
Starksdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Stauffer (Stouffer, Stover)mepf.htm, ccms.htm, ns.htm, stauffer.htm
Stephens (Stäffen, Stauffen, Steffen, Stephen, Stephan)ps.htm
Steward (if research can be verified)douglas.htm
Stewartdeskene.htm, douglas.htm, scotland.htm, douglas-dunbar.htm
Stickley (Stöckli)strickler.htm
Store(if research can be verified)hamilton.htm
Storràda (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Stouffer (Stover, Stauffer)mepf.htm, ccms.htm, ns.htm, stauffer.htm
Stover (Stouffer, Stauffer)mepf.htm, ccms.htm, ns.htm, stauffer.htm
Stricklermepf.htm, strickler.htm
Strongbow (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Studley (de Studley) ?bruley.htm
Sucree ?wehmac.htm
Supinger (Zuppinger)mepf.htm, zuppinger.htm
Sutton ?newby.htm
Surratt (Suratt, Surratee, Sarratt, Sarrat, Serratt, Serut)wehmac.htm
Suttonsutton.htm, newby.htm
Svaflamasdatter (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Svegdasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Sviatoslavich (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Svidrasson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Swadley (unlikely)ap.htm
Symons (Simons, Symonds)bm.htm
Sympson (Simpson)newby.htm
Synton (De Synton, Sinton) (if research can be verified)keith.htm
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Taillard ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Talemasche (Thalmasche, Talmadge, de Talmadge) ?danvers.htm, danvers-talemasche.htm
Talvas (if research can be verified)fitzhamon
Techtmar (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Tegid (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Temrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Thommen, a Swiss name, patronymic from a short form of Thomasstrickler.htm
Thorfinnsson (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm, davranches.htm
Thorrasson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Thorsteinsdottir (if research can be verified)brusse-brittany.htm
Throndsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Tickenham (De Tickenham/DeTickenham)newby.htm
Tilden (Tylden)sutton.htm, newby.htm
Tinsleynance.htm This line needs verification. Still researching.
Titus (Tites)skeen.htm
Toeni (De Toeni) (unverified)If research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm and detoeni.htm
Tolgrach (likely fictitious - Irish legend)ireland.htm
Tonges ?luther.htm
Toot (See Dutt above)ps.htm
Toste (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Totnes (Totenais, de Totnes, de Totenais) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Trahaearn (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Troup (if research can be verified)deskene.htm
Troyes (de Troyes) ?maule.htm
Tryffin (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Tuathail (O'Toole) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, leinster.htm
Tuntematon ?maule.htm
Turdur (if research can be verified)owain-madog.htm
Tynedale (if research can be verified)comyn.htm
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Ufford (De Ufford, d'Ufford) ?quarles.htm, ufford.htm?
Ulfhamr (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Ulfiusson (if research can be verified)stewart-de-angus.htm
Uppsale (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Urchadh (unverified per Research Note)leinster.htm
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Valdarsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Valognes (de Valognes, Valoynes, Valoniis, de Valoniis) ?maule.htm
Van Brunt (if research can be verified)nyssen.htm
Vanlandasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Vatnarsson (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm, grimhjaldursson.htm
Vaullibus (de Vaullibus) ?maule.htm
Vaux (De Vaux) ?maule.htm
Veltin? (theorized)ps.htm
Vermandois (de Vermandois) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm, carolingians.htm
Vermundsson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Verney ?quarles.htm
Vidfamne (mythical - Viking saga)vikings.htm
Vieilles (de Vieilles) (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Vikarsson (Viking legend)grimhjaldursson.htm
Vikingsdatter (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
Visbursson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Vitre (De Vitre) (if research can be verified)deferrers.htm
Volsungsson (Viking legend)sigurdragnarsson.htm
Von Ludder / Von Lutere ? (See Luther)luther.htm
von Spoleto (unverified)charlemagne.htm
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Waggy*, Wege, Wagey, Wagy, Waga, Wage (changed from Wage in 1839)hjef.htm, ap.htm, awsk.htm
Waiet (De Waiet) (unverified)If research can be verified, declare-fitzrobert.htm
Walerie (de Walerie, Wallbee) (unverified per Research Note)braiose.htm
Wallingford (de Wallingford) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Waller (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Warfles (de Warfles, Quarles, de Quarles, Qwarles, Querueles, also see Charles) ?quarles.htm
Warenne (de Warenne)stewart-de-angus.htm
Warwick (de Warwick) ?danvers-talemasche.htm
Warwickshire ?bruley.htm
Webb (Web, Webs)ebkj.htm, skeen.htm
Weberzuppinger.htm, ps.htm
Weiss (Weis, Wise, Weisz, Weese, Wease, Weaze, Wies, Wees)awsk.htm
West ?bm.htm
Wether (Viking legend)scandinavia.htm
White ?bm.htm
Wise (Weiss, Weis, Weisz, Weese, Wease, Weaze, Wies, Wees)awsk.htm
Wledig (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Woodcock (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm
Worms (de Worms) ?maule.htm
Wright (if research can be verified)skeen.htm
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Yaroslavna (unverified per Research Note)beaumont-vermandois.htm
Yngvasson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Yngvi-Freysson (Viking legend)olafgudrodsson.htm
Ynyr (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
Yrth (unverified per Research Note)wales-mercia.htm
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Zaoutzaina (speculated) (unverified per Research Note)lothair-constance.htm
Zorn (Zornes)
Note: This surname is questioned, but circumstantial evidence makes it likely.
Zouche (Zusche, la Zusche, la Zouche) (unverified per Research Note)culpeper.htm, zouche.htm
Zuppinger (Supinger)mepf.htm, zuppinger.htm

* Surname found in St. Michael's Lutheran-Reformed Church, Pendleton County, West Virginia, Church register/baptismal book.

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James Arthur Johnson - DNA Information from and elsewhere.

I am 99.9% European according to 23andMe. Here is the breakdown:

Northwestern European 95.0%
British & Irish 36.6%
French & German 29.3%
Scandinavian 3.0%
Finnish 0.0%
Broadly Northwestern European 26.1%
Southern European 2.3%
Italian 1.2%
Sardinian 0.0%
Iberian 0.0%
Balkan 0.0%
Broadly Southern European 1.2%
Eastern European 0.9%
Ashkenazi 0.0%
Broadly European 1.7%
Unassigned: 0.1% (discovered to be from my mother's DNA having 0.6% Sub-Saharan/West African)

However, Gencove suggests I am 88% Northern and Central European, 10% Eastern Mediterranean and 2% Finnish. And FTDNA suggests that I am 97% European, less than 1% East Middle East, less than 1% South American and less than 2% Southeast European. And MyHeritage suggests that I am 100% European with 86.5% North and West Europe (50.4% North and West European, 34.3% English and 1.8% Finnish), 7.6% South Europe (Iberian), 5.9% Ashkenazi Jewish and 0% Eastern Europe.

Here is my paternal make-up according to 23andMe:

Northwestern European 48.7%
British & Irish 20.6%
French & German 17.2%
Scandinavian 0.6%
Finnish 0.0%
Broadly Northwestern European 9.1%
Southern European 0.4%
Italian 0.0%
Sardinian 0.0%
Iberian 0.0%
Balkan 0.0%
Broadly Southern European 0.4%
Eastern European 0.0%
Ashkenazi 0.0%
Broadly European 0.7%
Unassigned: 0.0%

Here is my maternal make-up according to 23andMe:

Northwestern European 51.2%
British & Irish 16.0%
French & German 12.1%
Scandinavian 2.4%
Finnish 0.0%
Broadly Northwestern European 17.0%
Southern European 1.9%
Italian 1.2%
Sardinian 0.0%
Iberian 0.0%
Balkan 0.0%
Broadly Southern European 0.8%
Eastern European 0.9%
Ashkenazi 0.0%
Broadly European 0.9%
Unassigned: 0.1% (discovered to be from my mother's DNA having 0.6% Sub-Saharan/West African)

According to Gencove, I am 88% Northern and Central European, 10% Eastern Mediterranean and 2% Finnish.

According to FTDNA, I am 97% European, less than 1% East Middle East, less than 1% South American and less than 2% Southeast European.

GEDmatch and other DNA users: Generations list to help with MRCA (most recent common ancestor with lists for paternal line from my father and maternal line from my mother)

Time frame based on genetic distance for Y-DNA 67 test results. Also see my Y67 Tool!

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